Chicago, Chicago, That Puppyin’ Town…

Chicago, Chicago that Puppyin’ town
Chicago, Chicago I’ll sniff around – I love it
Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose your bones in Chicago
The town where the best grass can be found [paw gestures over field]


In Chicago, my home town!

Sender-Inner Sigrid N. says “Pictured is our prosh Miss Holly (officially Miss Holly Golightly!) who, after spending her first 9 years down south, has recently relocated to Chicago. She’s enjoying her new life in the city (and our fingers are crossed she’s still a happy pupster after her first winter!) Here she is posing with the cityscape and showing off her chic new wardrobe! Photo credit goes to Linda N.”



  1. Smartypants says:

    …and the coat is a HOUND’S-tooth pattern, naturally!

  2. nice choice, houndstooth

  3. Your Holly is just as cute than the original Holly Golightly. Does she also sing Moon river? Or does she prefer to howl at the moon instead.

  4. I was gonna say…houndstooth seems oddly appropriate. 😀

  5. *Rapturous Applause*

    *swoons due to Holly’s Uber-Qteness*

  6. as well as bein’ Pretty Darn Qte 🙂

  7. Miss Holly G is very prosh!!!

  8. Good golly, Miss Holly…you iz some kinda qte!!

  9. Adorable puppeh, but why would ANY southerner move to the People’s Republic of Chicago?
    Until the spring of 2011 me and my husband(and 2-now 3-kittehs) lived in the far south Chicago ‘burbs. We escaped to west Texas almost two years and haven’t looked back. While I miss the food and the change of seasons, I don’t miss the crime, high taxes, politics, and over-all lack of respect for individual rights. My kittehs are happier in TX as well.

  10. perhaps they were missing windy conditions. And yay for your joy!!
    I’ve got peeps at Dripping Springs. Enjoy!

  11. Yeay! My home town featured with what is one of a bajillion uniquely cute anipals living here!!! We have a bazillions actually. (That’s more than bajillion, right?)

  12. oi. i thot i was fritz potz but you timewarped ahead of me. this system is dyspeptic.

  13. Welcome to Chicago Missy Holly!! This is one of the most dog friendly towns around.

    Sure, the winters here can be cold and long, but that just means you get to wear lots of cute coats and sweaters, and maybe even booties!!! Plus, you’re gonna love playing in the snow!