Mitt in a Box

Allie M: “Hi, This is a picture my sister took of my mom’s cat, Mittens. I love her big eyeballs! I like to call this picture, “It’s my Mitt in a box.” I hope one day my cute animals will make the cut for my most fave cute site ever!!”

Picture 077
Wait no more, Allie, wait no more.



  1. Step 1: Cut a hole in the box
    Step 2: Put your Mitt’ in that box!
    Step 3: Make her open the box.
    And that’s the way you do it!

  2. That looks just like my cat, Emile. He likes boxes too.

  3. Please call me Mittens,not Mitt like that awful Republican guy…signed your cat, Mittens.

  4. snoopysnake says:

    P.S. I would vote for Mittens the Cat.

  5. Nonsense – cats and kittens are never too big for any boxes, bowls, sinks, pots or any space they claim.

  6. I think there’s an unwritten CO law that we don’t get into politics. But, yes, I would also vote for Mittens The Cat.

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    Awww he’s so cute. Peek-a-boo hehehehehe, I see you. hehehehehe

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    I don’t know but I always thought Mittens would try to stuff the ballot box. I see we now have photographic evidence of it. ;P

  9. I like to assume that Mitt Romney’s real first name is Mittens.

  10. Looks just like my cat, Sammy:

  11. I lurves black kitties!

  12. During the campaign, somebody did a poll, and something like 14% of Americans believed that was his name. I am not making this up, it was in the news.

  13. Probably would’ve won him Wisconsin.

  14. Looks like a hidden cache of Susuwatari

  15. Teh eye ballz! :O

  16. Me too.

  17. My year is made.


  19. Wow, and these people get to vote in the presidential election.

  20. What a little cutie patootie!

  21. no one mentioned boxhab! although mittens appears to be fitting into this particular box juuuuussssst fine!

  22. this is a delightful reakshon, stc 🙂

  23. If there isn’t such a law, there ought to be.

  24. Looks like a Totoro Dust Mite! So cute!

    (previously on CO: )

  25. I was just about to bring that up. Perhaps there should be a tag?

  26. I am going to catch Santa Clause this time …….
    Going on the steakout – but, Before I fall asleep – again –
    I am waiting in the box for these Christmas Gifts to destroy.
    Please wake me up for the milk and snack treats.
    I dont want to miss Santa Clause – I have special wishes.
    Love you – the furry favorite one.

  27. YAY for Aaron & Sammy!!!

    *shakes pompoms*

  28. Man, I love America!

  29. I am consistently blown away by youse guys’ knowledge of popular culture. What a bunch of smartie pantses! *wild applause*

  30. Me four. (I have four!)

  31. OMG, Mittens looks like identical twin sister of my Topcia, the supermodel kitty! I wish I was less “technologically challenged” and could provide you with a picture 🙂

  32. Ryan certainly didn’t.

  33. I second that, hilz!

  34. Stressfactor says:

    Lurkinsproingin in 3….2….1…..

  35. What a gorgeous beast Sammy is!

  36. Has Mittens got mittens?

  37. fleurdamour says:

    Well, we’ve had a Socks in the White House, so there would be a certain symmetry if we had a Mittens, too.

  38. WIN! 😀 😀 😀

  39. Those eyes bore into my soul and command me to give cats lots of noms.

  40. oooooooooooo T.U.M. wot a nice bit of uber-logique, suh!!!

  41. *waves the ‘mericun flag*

  42. huge eyes!

  43. According to the all-knowing internet/wikipedia, they’re Susuwatari. I have no clue if that’s singular or plural. Or collective.

  44. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Amen. To both.

  45. Thank you! He knows it, too. He’s very vain. Especially about his tail.

  46. Thank you!

  47. AWW 😀 What a cutie, Sammy, is, Aaron 😀

  48. Same here, Kate 😀 I would just LOVE to have a black kitty or two or more 😀

  49. AWW 😀 Mittens is such a beautiful black kitty 😀 I so want to gently snorgle and cuddle her 😀

  50. I have read the hoover text and would like to say, on behalf of Maru, that Maru could most certainly fit inthat box!

  51. Good to know. 🙂