Max’s HolidayOverload© v1.0

santa maxMax Stubbular here- let’s check out our first set of HolidayOverload© Picks! All of the Sender-Inner Hoomins receive the 2013 CO Calendar, available here, though supplies are dwindling! Send your HolidayOverload™ photos in- click here! Good Luck and Season’s Greetings to all Peeps!


Holly & Sophie untangling lights, from Hoomin Abby W.


Jessica M., we thank thee for the “Pigture” as well as the hover-text!

Santa 4


Santa 13

Santa 14

Nathan G. with another set of classic shots o’ Magilla Glub Glub, The Kigali Kitteh.



  1. Merry Christmas Magilla Glub Glub!!
    I just love saying that name 😆

  2. I love Magilla Glub Blub….ditto on the name, Gigi!

  3. roguerylla says:

    er, Glub Glub:)


  5. My three year was showed the bottom pic : “Now that’s a PROPER christmas kitty!” Not sure what an improper one is… Happy christmas all!

  6. Mods: Please don’t forget to tag Magilla Glub Glub accordingly, for our viewing pleasure 🙂

  7. If there’s anybody out there who doesn’t love the name Magilla Glub Glub, I don’t even want to know them. 🙂

    Love the kitteh, love the piglets, love the puppers. Now THAT’S holiday spirit!!

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love the face in the neck hat pic. “Why do you do these things? Why haven’t I killed you yet?”

  9. michelle b adams says:

    Ees that a white Shih Tzu and a maltese? maltipoo? I don’t know, but I WANT them both. And the blue lights offset their beautiful matchingk coats just so. Artfully beautiful! Now let’s make arrangements – can they be here by the end of next week?

  10. One Skunk Todd says:

    It’s not a collar, it’s an ascat. 🙂

  11. Is a Kigali a special breed of kitteh? Magilla looks just like Snowflake, a beautiful rescue kitteh my family adopted when I was a kid.

  12. Kigali is the city in Rwanda where Magilla Glub Glub lives. 🙂

  13. I am in love with Magilla G.G.’s wee nosey. I wants to kiss it and kiss it and kiss it.

  14. Catwhisperer says:

    MGG is growing into quite the handsome young man! My fave shot is the second-to-last one — although I think he looks more resigned than tie-tie. 🙂

  15. emmberrann says:

    OMG, it’s MGG! He’s very beautiful, and will be beautifuller still. I can’t stand that he’s so far away. And he’s so grown up!

  16. I know! He’s getting huge! What a sweetie.

  17. oh, i thought that kitty looked familiar. i said to myself, those crazy eyes look like what’s his name, magila godzilla’s….

  18. eees thees guy I theeenk you meeeean:

  19. delightful

  20. Santy Paws!

  21. Hi Magilla! Delighted to see recent shots. Hang in there–the Xmas humiliation will end soon! Your Canadian adoree, RR.

  22. Holly is a shih tzu/maltese mix and Sophie is a bichon/cavalier mix (cavachon). Sorry, but no can do no the delivery arrangements! 😉

  23. I also love saying that name, Gigi 😀

  24. AWW 😀 I would give Magilla Glub Glub lots and lots of cuddling for being such a good kitty at Christmas 😀