It’s a Fair Trade

Relationships are all about give and take.

I give adorable looks and they take pictures.

C C says, “Hello, this is my cat, Olivia, doing what she does best, ie: act adorable.” Olivia is so adorable it makes me a little mad.


  1. heh heh… mad as in angry, or mad as in insane???

  2. heeyyy isn’t that what I said about the corgi puppeh a few days ago? I think that only puppehs are anger-inducingly cute, but that’s just me..

  3. What a beauty! And she’s a giver, too.

  4. C C your Olivia looks exactly like my dear departed Bootsy, right down to the black line around the cute little pink nose. I don’t know if Olivia is the same but Bootsy was the most dog like cat I ever had. He would follow me around like a dog and would come when called by name, even when it was for his insulin injection. He’s been gone about 3 years now but I still miss him a lot.

  5. Wow, Olivia looks almost exactly like our cat Boo–in other words, absolutely adorable! I frequently tell Boo that it shouldn’t be legal to be as cute as he is.

  6. Olivia is such a beauty! And doesn’t she just know it?!

    I tell my doglets it can’t possibly be legal to be as qte as they are and to please tone it down just a tad. :)

  7. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear about your dear sweet kitty, Bootsy, Gigi :cry: I hope another kitty or two or more come into your life.

  8. AWW :D I so want to cuddle and snorgle Olivia :D

  9. Give and take,like when your mom decorates the guest bedroom for your cat to sleep in..Does that count?

  10. Picture no. 2 prompts the Upside-Downy-Head song.
    “Upside down,
    Upside-downy head,
    Upside down
    Upside down
    Upside downy head”

    Sung to this tune:

  11. Bootsy? Was he funky?

  12. Awww, that was an amazing cat. So affectionate.

  13. Clairdelune says:

    Theresa, THANKS for the video!! For some reason it disappeared before I could play it again, was the name Jack Kaufman? I love tha aria by Flotow, and the singer’s voice gave me chicken skin. You reminded me I have been spending too much time working and not enough listening o the music I love.. or playing with my wonderful kitty…

  14. I assumed it meant insane. As when I tell Chloe that she is so unbelievably adorable I think I am going to go crazy every time I look at her.

  15. Yeah, really!
    I also tell my cats that I love them more than it is legal to love anybody. (Well, I don’t actually say this to Eddy….)

  16. Work, work, work! What a life!

  17. They need to tone it down so that YOU won’t be arrested for harboring them, right?

  18. phred's mom says:

    My Ben-him was a dog in a catsuit, too.
    Played fetch, came when called, hung
    at the front door when he heard our car
    pull in, and super loving. After twenty-two
    years, I still get teary, I miss him so.
    (Had him longer than I had my husband,
    who shall remain tearless.)

  19. phred's mom says:

    Didn’t understand the lyrics, but he could sing
    this to me any old time. He wouldn’t by any
    chance be a candidate fr the Men of CO
    calendar, now, would he? No, I guess not.

  20. Do we get moderated for saying “arrested”?

  21. I just learned a new mod lounge password: the word for when police take a person into custody.

  22. Arrest?

  23. hahaha… I just guessed right, and am now in Mod Lounge with you. PAR-TEE!!

  24. *high-fives ceejoe, rustles through the cupboards for refreshments*

  25. That’s kind of ironic, since we have some protesting/tear gassing/police taking people into custody action going on today here in Lovely Mid Michigan…

  26. OH NO! Don’t let them tear gas you!

  27. Oh hayle no, I am staying far away… I did go outside just to see the helicopters… 8O

  28. Must be why my little babies love to lie down and sleep so much. Too much cuteness.

  29. Jonas Kaufmann. Yes, he’s quite the opera-stud. :D

  30. He could be in your ISRDH. :P

  31. Whoops, should have been ISEDH. :D

  32. My heroes.

  33. The helicopters are your heroes, Theresa?

  34. Barihunk material. He is a baritone, right? Or a hunkentenor?

  35. Tenor. A lesser form, IMHO, but quite passable, quite passable. :P

  36. Yes! Whoooosh!

  37. 8-O

  38. Not to be picky, but…it should read LIE down, not lay down. sugitomo got it right! yea!

  39. I was just going to post how mush she looks like my late Steve. She even used to lie around with her head upside-down like that.

  40. Clairdelune says:

    Just purchased a couple of CDs by the opera stud/hunkentenor…he does sound more like a baritone, though. Love his voice. Hmmm, should have looked for a DVD… :-D

  41. D’awwwwww!!!!!

    R.I.P. Mademoiselle Steve.


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