It’s a Fair Trade

Relationships are all about give and take.

I give adorable looks and they take pictures.

C C says, “Hello, this is my cat, Olivia, doing what she does best, ie: act adorable.” Olivia is so adorable it makes me a little mad.



  1. heh heh… mad as in angry, or mad as in insane???

  2. heeyyy isn’t that what I said about the corgi puppeh a few days ago? I think that only puppehs are anger-inducingly cute, but that’s just me..

  3. What a beauty! And she’s a giver, too.

  4. C C your Olivia looks exactly like my dear departed Bootsy, right down to the black line around the cute little pink nose. I don’t know if Olivia is the same but Bootsy was the most dog like cat I ever had. He would follow me around like a dog and would come when called by name, even when it was for his insulin injection. He’s been gone about 3 years now but I still miss him a lot.

  5. Wow, Olivia looks almost exactly like our cat Boo–in other words, absolutely adorable! I frequently tell Boo that it shouldn’t be legal to be as cute as he is.

  6. Olivia is such a beauty! And doesn’t she just know it?!

    I tell my doglets it can’t possibly be legal to be as qte as they are and to please tone it down just a tad. 🙂

  7. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about your dear sweet kitty, Bootsy, Gigi 😥 I hope another kitty or two or more come into your life.

  8. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle and snorgle Olivia 😀

  9. Give and take,like when your mom decorates the guest bedroom for your cat to sleep in..Does that count?

  10. Picture no. 2 prompts the Upside-Downy-Head song.
    “Upside down,
    Upside-downy head,
    Upside down
    Upside down
    Upside downy head”

    Sung to this tune:

  11. Bootsy? Was he funky?

  12. Awww, that was an amazing cat. So affectionate.

  13. Clairdelune says:

    Theresa, THANKS for the video!! For some reason it disappeared before I could play it again, was the name Jack Kaufman? I love tha aria by Flotow, and the singer’s voice gave me chicken skin. You reminded me I have been spending too much time working and not enough listening o the music I love.. or playing with my wonderful kitty…

  14. I assumed it meant insane. As when I tell Chloe that she is so unbelievably adorable I think I am going to go crazy every time I look at her.

  15. Yeah, really!
    I also tell my cats that I love them more than it is legal to love anybody. (Well, I don’t actually say this to Eddy….)

  16. Work, work, work! What a life!

  17. They need to tone it down so that YOU won’t be arrested for harboring them, right?

  18. phred's mom says:

    My Ben-him was a dog in a catsuit, too.
    Played fetch, came when called, hung
    at the front door when he heard our car
    pull in, and super loving. After twenty-two
    years, I still get teary, I miss him so.
    (Had him longer than I had my husband,
    who shall remain tearless.)

  19. phred's mom says:

    Didn’t understand the lyrics, but he could sing
    this to me any old time. He wouldn’t by any
    chance be a candidate fr the Men of CO
    calendar, now, would he? No, I guess not.

  20. Do we get moderated for saying “arrested”?

  21. I just learned a new mod lounge password: the word for when police take a person into custody.

  22. Arrest?

  23. hahaha… I just guessed right, and am now in Mod Lounge with you. PAR-TEE!!

  24. *high-fives ceejoe, rustles through the cupboards for refreshments*

  25. That’s kind of ironic, since we have some protesting/tear gassing/police taking people into custody action going on today here in Lovely Mid Michigan…

  26. OH NO! Don’t let them tear gas you!

  27. Oh hayle no, I am staying far away… I did go outside just to see the helicopters… 😯

  28. Must be why my little babies love to lie down and sleep so much. Too much cuteness.

  29. Jonas Kaufmann. Yes, he’s quite the opera-stud. 😀

  30. He could be in your ISRDH. 😛

  31. Whoops, should have been ISEDH. 😀

  32. My heroes.

  33. The helicopters are your heroes, Theresa?

  34. Barihunk material. He is a baritone, right? Or a hunkentenor?

  35. Tenor. A lesser form, IMHO, but quite passable, quite passable. 😛

  36. Yes! Whoooosh!

  37. 😯

  38. Not to be picky, but…it should read LIE down, not lay down. sugitomo got it right! yea!

  39. I was just going to post how mush she looks like my late Steve. She even used to lie around with her head upside-down like that.

  40. Clairdelune says:

    Just purchased a couple of CDs by the opera stud/hunkentenor…he does sound more like a baritone, though. Love his voice. Hmmm, should have looked for a DVD… 😀

  41. D’awwwwww!!!!!

    R.I.P. Mademoiselle Steve.