Thumpity-Thump-Thump, Indeed

Hope you weren’t planning to use your brain for the rest of the day, because here come some puppies romping in the snow as they search for Frosty the Snowman. (Spoiler alert: They’re romping in him.)



  1. umm… *ahem*

  2. LOL!

  3. The tails, people! The leetle waggy tails!!!!!

  4. thank goodnes it’s the end of the work day!

  5. Floppity flop FLOP floppity FLOP! It’s the EARS! Perfect little puppeh dog ears!

  6. DaytimeDeb says:

    Wow only 3 comments and yet, you’ve already beat me to it. It’s all about the floppy little ears. Oh, OK… and the snow on the nose. Gah! I’m not getting any work done.

  7. I just had to shovel for the first time this winter 😦 it would of been a lot more fun if I had these guys with me.

  8. The only thing that could have made this video MORE perfect is seeing all the puppies napping in a puppy pile after their romp in the snow

  9. Chloe's Mom says:

    Between this video and the Daisy pics from earlier, I am officially *DED*!!

  10. wannadance says:

    my cuz in texas breeds these adorable babies. says she is too ole to chase them (is 70)

    note: i fell on my haid and was in ICU for weeks then in rehab for more weeks. try not to do this…

  11. Well, WD, the fact that you lived to tell the tale must mean you have a very hard head! Welcome back. Please enjoy the virtual therapy puppies and kittens. 😉

  12. NOMTOM, you did warn us about trying to do anything afterwards. Oh, the sweetness. I’m officially ded too. That was unbelievable.

  13. Why on earth did you want to fall on your head when your other end is more padded. Just kidding, hope you’re back to a 100% now.

  14. The snow stuck on their little nosies! Eeeeekkkk!

  15. lisaLASSIE says:

    laughing so hard I can hardly stand it.

  16. lisaLASSIE says:

    Why is it that you peeps missed the danger in the video? The slow motion attacks on the vidiograficy….videirgrater….vidalligator….video-taker: the stalking of the little girl first by one then by three vicious ( :o) pupsters: the little girl lying helpless on the snow with one of those brutes standing on her! Once again for the Protection of Society Cute Overload Overlook must confiscate every single one of those incredibly adorable…er, dangerous…puppehs! And there was one scene of the mommy dog lying around: better take her too.

  17. My only saving grace is that for some reason CO does not load properly at work so I only come occasionally to grab a picture I must have for my desktop slideshow (because I can’t decide on just one…though for a while it was the “Reluctant Thumbs Up” organgutan because s/he personifies (orangifies?) how I feel at work).

  18. The slow mo. The puppeh tailios. The snow on teh nozes…. DED, I tell you, I am ded.

  19. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    How did you get footage of my Happy Place ™?


  21. I’m sleighed…

  22. @ tl: BWA HA AND HA

    tl is an internet MAVEN

  23. VERY VERY nice. (please to ‘scuse the shouting)

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    In front of a roaring fire, with empty hot chocolate mugs nearby and wrapped in red plaid blankets!

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    I want the one with the snowy nose. What…they ALL have snowy noses? So be it then…I’ll take them all.

  26. I may not get anything done today but I’ll do it with a big sappy smile on my face. 🙂

    Where is this magical place with romping golden puppers and majestic vistas? And why am I not there right this moment?!

  27. michelle b adams says:

    Could we have a fave frame? I know it’s not the same but I need at least a leetle taste of what I am missingk! Thank you!

  28. And full bellies from cookies!

  29. *Helps Lisa confiscate* Puppehs that bound like bunnehs… holy snorgeling axis of cuteness…CHAOS…chaos! Someone must think of the children! *scoops up nearest pup and gentleh nomms velvety earsicle*

  30. Yes, the snowy nosicles are what got me.

  31. Bravo!

  32. Based on your comments, I just added “Reluctant Thumbs Up” orangutan to my desktop slideshow. What a face!

  33. You guys are true humanitarians, if nothing else. How very self-less of you both! I hope the sacrifice doesn’t prove to be too moishe for you. 🙂

  34. that wet puppy smell!!!

  35. lmao. We may have just put Tracylee into nomming overload. Although clearly she can’t nom ALL those earsies at once. Tracylee…allow me to help you. You know it’s for the best 😉

  36. OMG golden retrieve puppehs!!!!! CO, you SAVE me, every day!!!!

  37. LOVE yer initial sentence!!!
    CO should print that as its motto, at the top of the page!!!