Put the Kitty on the Record

Whenever Bob Marley sings about “Three Little Birds,” you can bet this kitty will try to catch them. But after a few spins on the turntable he’s feeling irie, mon.



  1. This needs a “Duuuuuuuuude” Tag 🙂

    Otherwise, sheer perfection on a stick.

    Also: anybody who doesn’t understand the “equipment” Kitteh is Macking — it came BEFORE either CD’s OR mp3’s.


  2. Needs moar 78.

  3. Scratching in a new league

  4. Qteness personified!

  5. and cowbell !!!

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Believe it or not, lots of indie, electronic, and black metal artists still put out albums on vinyl.

  7. And for those who don’t want kitty to ruin all their vinyl LPs there is the Cat Scratch DJ Turntable! (I am seriously tempted to get this for my kitties, though Flora will probably continue to claw the stuffing out of our couches.)

  8. 😆 😆 😆

  9. I still have a stereo with turntable and cassette decks. What?! – it still works, why should I replace it??

  10. Put the needle on the record

    Dance, dance!

    (Contemplates adorable round kitteh tummy)

  11. Ah, the days of the LP (Long Purring) record!

  12. YAY

    Hey Oak; you do know that there are peeps collecting vinyl, yes??
    I have links about a few peeps who have more vinyl discs than fud in their howses ….

  13. I’ll buy it!! My old bookshelf unit the cassette deck still works. Actually my audiocassettes are MUCH sturdier and lots of capacity than all of my scratched-up cd’s …..Wonder what will be the next almost-obsolete media storage thing.

    I never have quite gotten over the hurdle of using a computer to load up an mp3.
    So I’m still carrying around a small transistor radio for days on the busses.

  14. Not so much a vinyl fanatic, but if you’ve got a link for the Walkman fan club page…

  15. ..and before 8 tracks. 🙂 I always loved listening to Cat Stevens on 8 track.
    “I’m being followed by a Mo- CLICK -on shadow…”

    ‘mon’ is ‘nom’ spelled backward…. Maybe dizzy kitteh got confused… 😀

  16. Ooh, watching the last bit of that clip made my stomach go ‘glurpsshhh’. Wonder how kitty got off there without throwing up! (o:

  17. I was screamed at so much about not scratching the record when I was a child that I feel guilty enjoying the cat doing it 😆

  18. I’m with you Gigi – this made me cringe and wonder why these peeps would let the cat scratch up their album. Still enjoyed it though 🙂

  19. Yes, I was just thinking that someone is going to have a “Kitty Barf Clean-Up On Aisle 33” moment, very soon!

  20. fleurdamour says:

    Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Mewgent

  21. fleurdamour says:

    Bob Meowrley likes noms.

  22. For the record, that kitteh is making me dizzy.

  23. Gen-Xer here, parents had a turntable when I was very young, wasn’t allowed to touch it. So I have a very basic question: if you want to say, play the 9th song on the album, how do you find it (don’t think the tracks were marked)?

  24. Oldster here – Oh yes, the tracks are marked by little blank spaces between them. 🙂

  25. lisaLASSIE says:


  26. As an old, when I watch this I cringe. Poor needle!

    Back in the day, getting a really good turn-table was a financial goal of mine. They could be very expensive and would spin the table directly, not with drive bands, so you could put songs together without having to spin-up the table. We called it “Mixing.”

    I know what your imagining and you’re right! We’re talking full on thumping, Quadraphonic surround sound, 30 minutes at a time, Disco Wonderland, right in our very own TV room. Plaid couch, shag rug, console, 13 channel, TV and all, GET DOOOOWN!

    Good times.

  27. With avocado or gold appliances in the kitchen! 🙂

  28. If the light hit the record just right, you could easily spot the gaps between tracks. Most records never had more than 5 or 6 tracks per side, so finding a specific song wasn’t too difficult.

  29. Kitty was looking for “Three Little Birds”! That ‘s his favorite track, natch!

  30. But how did this end? I kept waiting for kitty to go flying off.

  31. This song always reminds me of “Shark Tale” – when the Will Smith fish encounters the Rasta jellyfish. “That’s not the way to sing that song, Mon.”

  32. Kitten: wow, this roomba sux!

  33. I know – and have used – that piece of “equipment”. AND I know what that tiny red light on the bottom left corner is for. (It’s a strobe light to help you fine tune the speed of the turn table)

  34. Betty Pickett says:

    MUST WATCH! A possible solution for Chloe!

  35. Okay, that makes sense then, because counting those gaps would be a pain.

  36. Well, Oak. I came across a few tidbits.

    1: You do *NOT* want to see the newest press release from Sony dated — I KID YOU NOT — specifically TODAY about the Walkman. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

    2: Here is this:

    Forums / The Walkman & Personal Stereo Message Board / Walkman Photo Gallery / My little walkman collection

    My little walkman collection
    dahlbeck / Newbie

    December 6, 2011 10:15 AM

    Hi all

    Here is an link to my little walkman collection. I started collecting this summer after finding an wm-f5, so this is what i got so far. It is not even close to what you others got.

    Sorry that the pictures are a bit dark, but it hard to find good lighting here in Sweden this time of year



  37. AWW 😀 I hope that kitty will be okay after that spin 😀

  38. This is why we had dust covers for our turntables back in the day. There was also a crank on the side to power them up.

  39. Yes, more cowbell…….

  40. I sense a huge hairball coming up…..

  41. *Cringing* Oh no, kitty! Don’t scratch the vinyl, man.

  42. OMG, my mom had the avocado and the shag was orange/brown/rust. BARF! What where we thinking?!

  43. Made me laugh.

  44. The cat on the record goes round and round, round and round, round and round, the cat on the record goes round and round, all day long.

  45. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Hands up if you ever weighed the arm of a record player with a coin taped on so that the needle would play through the skips. 🙂


  47. *blink* *blink*

    “coin? Wot’s a coin???”

  48. *snerk*

    well-done 🙂

  49. can you imagine, post-hurricane, if your 78’s hadn’t been destroyed, you could still play music w/o worrying about the electricity and/ or the lack thereof

  50. this is the first time I had a chance to watch the vid all the way thru (I know; today has been an INSANELY bz day for moi) ….THAT kitten has GOOD balance, man!!!
    To stay on thru (I saw) at least three revolutions around on the spinning table!


  51. I’ve got the next part!
    Pukes on the carpet after that, after that, after that, pukes on the carpet after that. Eww what a smell.

  52. I screamed with delight…..and screeched out laughter…..people in the house came to see if I was ok. I just pointed to the video as I was having laughing sezures on the floor. They then understood. Outstanding!

  53. Halo!!! Stop the world, I want 2 get orf!

  54. OMG….you made a black metal reference!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH…on cute overload…i’m not the only one 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  55. 🙂

  56. No matter what the content, my favorite vids are the ones with the humans suppressing their laffs in the background!