Daisy is back! As Adora-bowl As Ever!

I Dream of Jeansie Daisy

Daisy tripper. Daisy tripper, yeah.

Daisy is ready to roll!

A-tisket, a-tasket, a Daisy in a basket.

Bad hair Daisy.

Seize the Daisy, Ben T.!



  1. That is one gorgeous kitteh. I lurve her eyes.

  2. I been keeled ded ba teh cute. *falls off chair and thuds to the floor-DED*

  3. I just realized that Daisy’s nose is so teeny! I would have to give her the teeniest “boop” ever!

  4. So that’s where I left my hat. *grabs hat and kitten and runs*

  5. *gives the teeniest ‘boop’ ever*

  6. I think her M must stand for “Mmmmmmmwah!” because I have an insatiable desire to keess eet.

  7. I must know…what sort of kitteh is she? Besides being a heaven sent ball of floofie fantabulousness here to torment us mere mortals who cannot snorgle her of course 😥

  8. Aww iz a cutie lil’ Kitty. 😀 *dies*

  9. Bad hair Daisy? Actually I think everyday is a Good Hair Day for Daisy!

  10. Daisy is insanely cute!

  11. Cat in the Hat, or maybe a Tortie

    It must be June. Everything is coming up Daisies.

    I just cant stand the cute, it’s killing me. The cuteness is worse than the sweetness on Easter when you eat all your candy and wash it down with a glass of Corn Syrup.

  12. What she said. I’m about to lapse into a diabetic coma!

  13. This photographer is ridiculously good. Helps to have such an adorbs kitteh for a subject!

  14. Methinks Daisy is taking ECLs or Extreme Cute Lessons from Maru. Wise to start ’em off early, I understand.

  15. concur on both counts.

  16. hey wait though — is there enough sugar available
    for me to be in a d. coma at the same time??

  17. *engages Googy Eyes, to convince Daisy that she and I are soulmates, made
    to spend our lives together*

  18. ooooh now THAT’s a less-predictable tactic, sugitomo 🙂

  19. but pyrit? what’s the point of bringing Daisy back here to haunt us wen we’re still *ded*ded*ded*
    from the LAST invasion of Daisy’s cuteness???

  20. I think Daisy is ringer — she’s gotta be a professional model! Or her hooman is a pro photographer. These pictures are just astonishing.

  21. Beep beep beep. Ekstreem cute warning. Please take care that you do not melt into a puddle.

  22. That kitten is sucking out our souls with her blue blue eyes.

    None of us are safe.

  23. Matchingks on the eyeses and the pantses!

    Anyone know how to keep the kittehs that small and cute forever?

  24. Man, what a life…..all the “pitcher” takin’ of such a beawowtiful baby kittizzzz. How do I land this gig?

  25. Clairdelune says:

    Agree wholeheartedly. Daisy could NEVER have any kind of bad day. She is the essence of gorgeousness. Those eyes! That fur! *overcome by emotion – thud*

  26. Emmberrann says:

    Urrp. *Makes weird “ick!” face, because cannot fathom a glassful of corn syrup*

  27. Daisy is keelingk me!

  28. SlaveToCat says:

    Plenty of sugar to go around. I stopped at Costco and picked up a holiday bakers pack for the mod lounge, 50 lbs bag of sugar, 25 lbs of chocolate chips, 50 lbs bag of flour, and 1 gallon of vanilla extract. I didn’t get any dairy since I thought CO might have a couple of happy cows and handsome chickens roaming around out back.

  29. lisaLASSIE says:

    Yes, Stef. Makes this suspicious mind wonder if: 1. photographer is a professional. 2. Daisy is a professional model/actress/spokeskitteh. 3. Or both.

  30. lisaLASSIE says:

    *must learn to read all comments first before adding my own. Sowwy*

  31. She is so cute that hurts to look at her.
    This is insane!!!!!!!!

  32. Catwhisperer says:

    The wizard who figures that out will be a gazillionaire!

  33. this is kitty p0rn. Let’s just be honest.

  34. AND IT’S SOFT (and fluffy) kitty pOrn!!!!

    Shameless Hussy in Red.

  35. true about hurts to look at her. I admire your wording: I wouldn’t have thought of it that way, but it’s SO true. I have heard the phrase “achingly beautiful “” and that rather fits too

  36. entirely agree.

  37. not to worry lL
    We’re all in shellshock anyhow wif Daisy.

  38. lisaLASSIE says:

    ty 🙂

  39. Yes, we all have a problem, we can admit that, can’t we?

  40. OK, my head just exploded… boom

  41. *grabs back had and kitten and runs from sugitomo*

  42. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle and snorgle Daisy 😀 *I know I sound like a broken record but with cute kitties like Daisy I am*

  43. I, for one, welcome our new Cute Overlord.

  44. Panda Rosa says:

    After yesterday’s tragedy, we all need Daisy to help us through the day. An important job for such a sweet widdle kitten.