Where the Wild Things Are

And now, let the wild rumpus begin!

Fave Frame:

Polka, the baby Corgi, all riled up! Spotted on Buzzfeed.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    That corgi has an adorable rumpus!

  2. daammit, corgis are the frickin cutest. so cute it almost makes me angry.

  3. I want to be attacked by a corgi!!!!

  4. I know exactly what you mean tracylee.

  5. My brain is melting from too much cute.

    (I also watched a video that popped up as an option when this one ended, of two corgis in baby swings -pretty cute.)

  6. just as an aside, the queen is looking pretty foin these days

  7. looking at how clean that floor is, and how it gets that way, they must be the rumpus roomba

  8. POLKA! Her name is POLKA!!??? *thud*

  9. AND it’s a corgi too. JUST ENTIRELY UNREASONABLE, huh??????


    busted out laffing like a madwoman.
    (fortunately I live alone so nobuddy knows. ‘Cept you.ssssshhhh)

  11. A VERY VERY sweetly selected hoovertext on the Fave Photo Still.

  12. Corgis in swings is too moishe for moi! 🙂

    Here’s what a maroon I am: I used to wonder why the Queen (who obviously has the money, the space and the resources to have any breed on earth) would “settle” for corgis. Now all I can think is, “Why don’t I have even one corgi???” 🙂

  13. Who’s a good girl?? Who’s a good girl?? Who’s a very good girl?? That’s right! You are! And your dog’s pretty great, too.

  14. Exactly my thoughts. 😀

  15. Totally excellent name.

  16. I’m imagining Queen Elizabeth II being very amused by this.

    Royal family needs a smile at this time.

  17. Corgis are pilivorous?

  18. Love how they get confused when the fighting action is broken for a some hugs and snorgles.

  19. Doesn’t seem like they are complaining though. I wouldn’t! 🙂

  20. Not sure who I’d want to be in that video…her or the doggie 😉

  21. Fuzzular furbabies are the finest!

  22. Total cuteness! I would so do this in a heartbeat. Want!! 🙂

  23. As a lustful male, let me note how cute the woman is, and admit that I kept hoping for her pants to slip just one more inch so we could get some bottom cleavage.

  24. *snicker*

  25. A little eye candy is good for the soul. You must live to see the “cats ‘n racks” tag. 🙂

  26. I love how his little stubbules are all flappy when she flips him over for some belly-rubbins. NOTHING is better than playing with a baby corgi.

  27. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I just lurve people who get down on the floor and really play with their animules like this.


  29. It seems like this sweet baby has a very nice human. That makes me happy 🙂

  30. I assume the boyfriend/hubby is operating the camera. Lucky guy to have a cute mate and a cute dog.

  31. He’s actually herding her. That side to side chase and the nipping is how corgis herd. And they will. Mine would herd the bigger dogs and the cats. And succeeded. iwantshimsobad

  32. He looks so huggable and fluffy! ❤