How Many Red Bulls™ Did You Have, Sherman?

Something got Sherman The Peeg pretty revved up.

Video submeesh from Esther H.



  1. This is the first thing I thought of watching this video –

    I hope he does win some type of cute pig award. 🙂

  2. They have a big white dog AND a big brown dog AND a peeg!
    Colour me jealous!

  3. Red Bull gives you PEEEEEEGS!

  4. Two big dogs and a crazy peeg that obviously lurves plastic grocery bags? Oh my!

  5. emmberrann says:

    Reeeeeeeelllly? Twuly? I wudda nevah thunk it!

  6. and a really tacky galvanized bucket

    which the peeg is there to distract me from which is good

  7. Is that a giant pee spot in the doorway with the red folding chair? How does their carpet survive?

  8. kibblenibble says:

    As I watched, every time Sherman attacked a bag, I found myself involuntarily saying, “Rawr!” 😆

  9. I also noticed that Mr. Sherman seems to be having rather an intimate relationship with the carpet anyhow …. maybe there’s pignip in the carpet or something
    (Since catnip exists, I’m presuming that pignip exists also …)

  10. I thought the same thing—somebody’s been into the pig nip…

  11. lisaLASSIE says:

    Ok there are so many redonk things in here. Plus, how come that house with 2 big dogz and a PEEG is a thousand times neater than my dogless and peegless abode? And how did that white plastic bag middle-ish of vid magically turn blue (NO I don’t mean the blue plastic bag at the end). And most importantly: how come I DON’T HAVE SHERMAN??????????????????????

  12. lisaLASSIE says:

    The Daaaaaays, of swine and roses,
    Snort and run away, like a peeg at play.
    Through a lovely room, through which porkies zoom, a door marked “holey moley” that wasn’t there before.

    The happy room discloses, just two leggy dogs, and a tiny hawg,
    And a rug whose contents we have to determine,
    The room that introduced us, to Shermaaaaaaaaaan.

  13. I support you on all these issues, lL 🙂

    I’ll be glad to address the envelopes, for the Give Sherman to lL Movement.

  14. *applause from the bleachers*

  15. lisaLASSIE says:

    You have always been my Fav, dear Fird!!!!!!

  16. So he’s clearly the result of a marriage (and I use the term loosely) between a peeg and a doglet. Either that or being raised with puppers has really confuzzled him. So much dog behavior there. 🙂

  17. WOW.

  18. Sherman runs through his Five Hour Energy in three minutes.

  19. Amy Bianco says:

    Sherman…don’t you know, these are NOT toys!

  20. Do they make catnip for pigs (pignip?) or has Sherman been hanging out with sproingy lambs and bebeh goats?

  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    Isn’t ANYONE concerned that Sherman’s playing with plastic bags? They need to be kept away from ALL little ones–two- and four-legged. Our zoo lost its polar bear years ago because someone threw a plastic-lined glove into his exhibit. Plastic is dangerous! For the first time I wanted to cringe at a CO video.

  22. *snuggles wif Warm Fuzzeees* 🙂

  23. Ah, to criticize is human; to nuff, divine.

  24. This looks exactly like my baby Doodle Bug. Young peeglies will run and play like that although both my grown pigs are afraid of plastic bags. Leetle peegs are deceptively fast. The thing about most pigs is that they will not try to eat plastic like dogs will. I’m sure he was well supervised…I mean the camera was on him!

  25. I’m pretty sure he was being supervised. Someone had to be holding that camera.

  26. Question. Is Sherman full-grown? If so, WANT.

    Comment: It’s the durned grocery bags, I tell ya. My opinionated little parakeet will attack them in exactly the same way as Sherman if provided the opportunity. If not provided the opportunity, he just sits in his cage and gripes at them at the top of his lungs if they are within his sight.

    PS He just attacks them, doesn’t try to eat them. As it looks to me as if Sherman does as well.

  27. Pup-pig!!! It thinks it´s a doggie! 😀

  28. There’s a reason for that efficiency, Theresa. To wit:

  29. I was worried too. I know he was supervised while they were filming, but in the meantime he’s learning that plastic bags are an acceptable toy. But Sherman sure is a snappy little piggy! Alas, we are missing the snorfles and gruntles that I am assuming would accompany such a play session had music not been dubbed over the video. Sigh….

  30. Excellente’!

  31. Sorry, you can’t have my pig. Sherman is a real attention getter in the house. He chases the cats (who don’t like him) and regularly has mad-ons in my office. BTW, the “pee” spot on the floor was from the previous owners. Not sure if it’s pee or coffee. Didn’t have the $$ to get new carpet. And with a pig running loose, it’s probably not a good idea until he’s better potty trained.

    If you want more of Sherman, you can find him here:

    Pig shaming video to be posted- what bored pigs do to pillows…

  32. I kept a close eye on him. I never let him eat any.