I’m Just a Wee Lad from Bonnie Scotland

Nice tae meet ye! Dinnae lit ma brill tartan ‘ere mak’ ye go swoonin’ aboot the hoose noo.

Toby does bear a certain resemblance to Sean Connery, Sarah L.!



  1. skippymom says:


  2. phred's mom says:

    Dinna fash yersels, folk.

  3. lisaLASSIE says:

    You take te low road and I’ll take the high road,
    And I’ll beep his nose long ‘afooooooor ye.

    Then I’ll brush his ears and kiss away his feers,
    On te bonnie bonnie pages of Cute Oooooverload.

  4. Its the accent that gets to me, its always the accent

  5. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Oh my gaw, what an adorable dog. I wants to kiss him & softly ruffle his curls.

  6. Is he perhaps a golden doodle? Whatever he is, he’s incredibly adorbs! WANT!!!