Either Way, You’re Done for

Is this pup achieving maximum admiration or demonstrating extreme disapproval?

Even if she objects to everything, I would do her bidding.

Chilli the beagle also exhibits Rules of Cuteness #27, #28 and #31, Becca and Bethany!



  1. It just doesn’t get cuter than a beagle puppeh… especially one who does Princess Di eyes that well. Please give Chilli a nose boop for me, Becca and Bethany!

  2. A. Carpet in first picture looks like a skirt I used to have.
    B. Blue and purple blanket in second picture looks like a scarf I have.

    Conclusion: This pup rightfully should belong to ME.

  3. I dont think that look is admiration or disapproval it looks more like aprehention to me:
    # 1 Why are you pointing that thing at me?
    # 2 Are you going to take my lamb away?

  4. OMG, beagle puppy!!!111!!

    I’ll try to calm down now, though it won’t be easy. Just sayin’.

  5. I can’t believe I actually used the actual word for a bebbeh dog and ended up in the Mod Lounge. What the heck is wrong with me??

    Pass the chips and dip, please.

  6. matchinks, puppeh coat/carpet coloring

  7. *passing Rachael football-helmet-shaped chip and dip dish and a frosty Yoohoo*

  8. I agee with you, Gigi.

  9. Your logic makes sense to me. Can I come and visit?

    P.S.–How’s Skippy doing?

  10. skippymom says:

    Of course you can come and visit, even if they don’t give me the puppeh.

    Skippy is holding steady, I would say. I’m finally getting the medication into him consistently (I learned that if I stay calm he does too–duh). I’m taking him for a shot tomorrow and will have them weigh him and hope he has gained a few ounces. I’ve been stuffing him with Fancy Feast.

  11. phred's mom says:

    I have a nice stash of Devil Dogs here
    for ya!

  12. Nothing beats Princess Di side-eyes on a goggie.

  13. Poops on the rug? Forgiven.
    Eats the last bowl of ice cream to be had while I answer the phone? Forgiven.
    Chews up my favorite pair of shoes? Forgiven.
    D@mn those eyes, and those paw-paws, and that tail, and those ears, and…
    Just d@mn! How cute can one super-sniffer be?

  14. I’m overcome with cuteness. I can feel the chemicals change in my body.

  15. And there is no antidote.

  16. What? No link to the Rules of Cuteness for those of us over 40 who cannot commit them to memory? But seriously, I generally prefer the large breeds but this pup has turned me into a floor puddle.

  17. Clean up on aisle Squee!

  18. pupfanatic says:

    And on top of that out of this woild face, look at the back feets!!!!

  19. Witch mop?

  20. *ded ded ded *