What If I’ve Been Naughty?

I have some concerns that presents may not be forthcoming.

Tamara R. says, “Maxwell is our pride and joy. We rescued him. He is now 
a very happy little guy. He is eleven weeks old here. Photo courtesy of 
me, his proud owner.” Oh, Maxwell, there will be presents.



  1. Awww…he is so cute and I hope that you are very happy together.

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    Poor Maxwell! There, there, kitty, Santa will bring you lots of presents, whether you’ve been naughty or nice, just because you are so pretty and such a good blend with the soft furnishings.

  3. Sweetie, there is nothing you could do that would make me not give you presents. And love. And belleh rubs. And ear scritches. And whatever your leetle heart desires.

    God bless Maxwell’s hoomans for rescuing this nugget of joy.

  4. don’t worry maxwell! something tells me you’re going to do just fine.

  5. I’m sure you’ll get lost of presents at Christmas Maxwel but I’m certain that you’ll agree that getting a permanent home is the best present you’ll ever get.

  6. Speaking of permanent homes, how’s Boo doing,Gigi?

  7. Maxwell looks juuust like our own rescue, a little double-jointed runt we called Willow. He’s massive now, and the most fascinating, brilliant, hilarious, loving cat I’ve ever seen. I wish you the same with Maxwell! What a cutie… nom-nom-nom…

  8. Yay for rescues!!! Mine are a gift to me every day of the year. 🙂

    Maxwell has hypnotic eyes…such a beauuuutiful cat!!!!

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    Sitting on all those pretty pillows this handsome kitty has to be a Rajadharma of India. I’m sure all of the CO followers will be sending you gold, pearls, and precious gems. For those of us with a budget maybe some poached chicken and tuna juice.

  10. What I really meant to tell Maxwell is that, as a cat, you are expected to be naughty. It’s in your contract.

  11. What a gorgeous creamsicle. He looks like a Norwegian forest cat.

  12. Awww, he looks so worried. And fluffy. And gorgeous.

  13. Who could deny presents to that face!

  14. For a minnit there Gigi I thought you were writing about Maxwell’s curly hair when it looked as though your sentence had the phrase “Home Permanent” in it !!!!

  15. true. true. and true.

  16. not I; that’s Fer Dang Skippy!!!

    [Note: that did not intend to be directed to skippymom. I just meant the phrase
    “dang skippy”. Carry on, troops.]

  17. THAT’s the truth, Ruth aka Rachael. At a less busy moment, I would advise anybody to just ask the QueenofDork….However Her Wonderful Imperial Dorkiness has been Dang Bizzee lately. Her daughter, the P of D, is spinning around Nevada, changing the world….all is productive and well but they are BIIIIZZZZZeEEEE

    (this week, at least …)

  18. I think I could manage the tuna juice. Sign me up for that part, ‘kay??

  19. oooooooh I already LURVE willow trees and I’ve never heard anyone use that as a name. Verr’ nahce name-ification, theah, Wolfie & co~~

  20. aaaaaand for an earworm/ eyeworm related to naughtiness vs. pride and joy, I offer the following: I cannot claim that the audio is really a pretty copy, however it is particularly very early, black/ white performance footage of Mr. M Gaye; so for that reason, I selected this copy. There are surely copies with prettier audio. However here goes:

  21. skippymom says:

    Firdie, have you been smoking Doritos again?

  22. skippymom says:

    But that is how the Skipper got his name, years ago when I heard that phrase the first time, used by a caller to Car Talk!

  23. skippymom says:

    Maxwell has the sweetest face I have ever seen.

  24. I’m gonna try this again. I think the Big Green Moderayshun Machine rejected me,
    or maybe the Innernet belched or sump’n, a few min ago.

    Above with the pic it states that puppeleh is the pride and joy of Tamara. Hence, I decided to visit Mr. Marvin Gaye. Among several choices, altho’ the audio is surely not ideal — my apologies — it IS a quite early black/white footage of him in performance so I thought that might have some appeal. There absolutely exist links with 300% nicer audio to them. I just rather enjoy locating something archival-ish.

    W/o further ado, the Right Honorable Mr. Gaye [qui, RIP]:

  25. NO KIDDING??? a Car Talk source??? well, if THAT ain’t a Kick in tha Haid.

    In Related News — I LITERALLY JUST THIS MOMENT got done looking up earllest (internet/ version, so …????) use of phrase Hunky Dory. If the source
    (which wuz NOT the Oxford Dictionary) can be believed, it referenced all the way to a few yrs before 1900!!!! I wouldn’t have thought it to be so early!!~!

  26. You use the most superlatives that I have ever heard.

  27. Q of D’s ex-cat [SamKitty, RIP either 1 or 2 yrs ago; I’ve lost track of when it was exactly] had an extraordinarily detailed Manual of Ownership of him owning HER and with many many chapters on her debts to his maintenance and the expected household standards. She described particulars of it to me and us many times. SamKitty had a law degree, which he had QoD pay for . He also carried around a briefcase with documents in it.


  28. Oceanview says:

    Very good!

  29. skippymom says:

    ceejoe is the cleverest person I have ever known.

  30. ooooooh sk’mom you’ve got a career at the UN awaiting you, YOU have!!!!

    aka: “Diplomacy; I haz it!!!”

  31. Fird, are you implying that I’m not really clever? 😯

  32. I’m seeing more and more pictures with no hovertext on CO. 😦

  33. Crazy Pants says:

    My sincere apologies, Deckard Canine! I have remedied the error in this post. We will all do our best to make sure the hovertext is visible in future posts. Have a super cute day!

  34. We LUFF the hover texts!

  35. I feel, frankly concerned, for each and every one of those throw pillows.

  36. He’s doing great, there has been no fights at all with the other cats. If he has one fault it’s that he’s a greedy gut and begs for table scraps. My soft hearted husband can’t resist and feeds him pieces of whatever he’s eating, chicken, fish, even roast beef! And I caught him feeding Boo pieces of cold cuts and pork chops! As a result, Boo has gained 1 1/2 pound in 2 months!

  37. I luvs me some Marvin! Thank you, Fird, for that flash from the past.

  38. I miss Sam. And his boyfriend Loretta.

  39. sotadragon says:

    110% agreed! We DO lurves the hover texts, we DO, we DO! 🙂

  40. 😆 Sounds like Boo knows he has got it REAL good, Gigi 😆 He knows he just has to look starving for your husband to keep feeding him table scraps 😆

  41. AWW 😀 I am so glad to hear that you are able to give dear sweet Maxwell a loving forever home, Tamara R. 😀

  42. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Yes, we do, although we wish there were alternative means of seeing the hovertexts for when we read CO on our Kindles.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    Maxwell’s gorgeous!!

  44. That face precludes him from ever being judged naughty. EVER!

  45. megamissystar says:

    I’m still reeling from the pics of the darling l’il hedge. I don’t think I can take much more.

  46. Thanks, Fird Brfle! I love the movie Willow, whose main character is a courageous dwarf. Our Willow was so tiny but wonderful that we thought it would be an appropriate name for him. We also call him Willie, Willein, Willeen, Wilby, Wilbean, etc., etc. etc.! I lurv heem.

  47. Glad to helps.
    If I coulda tweaked the audio to be better but still had an archive-y clip, I woulda !!!

  48. NO NO NO NO AND NO ma’am!!! NOT no way, never no how. !!!

    Just that skippymom saw and made use of a wonderful opportunity to express her appreciation of your intelligence . Interpersonal acknowledgement, like that, can ONLY enhance the morale of all member nations of the UN.

  49. I K, R??

    Nurse Steffie still gets fairly torn-up if his name comes up accidentally; and I totally understand that. 😦

  50. who–*hic*– ME???? occifer??? — *hic*

  51. I have a big, fluffy black cat named Bubba, and he has eyes like this. A friend of mine said he has “tragic eyes” because he always looks sad or devastated or worried. Pretty funny. He IS very dramatic and runs away at the slightest difference in his routine.

  52. I should clarify. He WALKS/SLINKS away.