They Are Correct.

My Modern proclaims Miss Xuxu as the “Cutest Little Puppeh In The World.”

They are correct. Images from Thai Hoa Pham, photographer extraordinaire.



  1. What a cutie pie!!!! Those eyes will just keeelll you every time… 🙂

  2. The schnozzle is too moishe for me!

  3. I likes me some black/ white photos. Often they help me to perceive other details better/ both in the image and about the mood of the photo.

    and it’s a cute furry being there, too 🙂

    Also in the News:
    HOW are Goose, Tha Meg and the Two Newest Megs????

  4. The pigeon-toed front feet in the last pic killz me ded. i believe the interweb is done now. there is nothing left.

  5. I want to kiss that wee face! *SMOOCH*

  6. I concur–this is indeed the cutest little puppeh ever!
    Just wait until Tracylee sees those floppy ears…

  7. skippymom says:

    I don’t think she’s real.

  8. I think you are right, she a robot! The little pink vest is there to hide the batteries 😆

  9. What breed is this? something about those broad shoulders and wide paws make me think this thing’s going to be huge.

  10. I love that one eye is lined in black and the other isn’t. I’m thinking I might try that look to up my own cuteness quotient.

  11. Cue the various adaptations from the orig one-liner:

    “We’re gonna need a bigger ___________”

    [fill in tha blank folks but humor me?
    Keep ’em under a PG rating???
    I think it’s more imaginative when folks keep it clean, usually.
    Mebbe I”m wrong …
    resriechan aka Fird Birfle aka L. Thomas/ Jax, Fla]


    jeez we’ll NEVER see the puppeleh AGIN if’n tracylee gits ahold t’it !!!

    (JK tl 🙂 JK)

  13. Does this cutie pie have one eye bigger than the other?

  14. We’re gonna need a bigger heart for this one!

  15. I thought I was seeing something cutely wonky about her eyes as well. Hope it doesn’t change her outlook on life.

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    I think it’s an illusion. She’s got guyliner going on around the one eye and not the other, which makes it look bigger.

  17. We’ll back you up.

  18. OMG! *ded *

  19. pupfanatic says:

    Excuse me, all but….OHHHHH. MYYYYY. GOOOOOOD.
    What type of puppeh is that?
    What type of puppeh is that?

    Help! Help! HEEEELLLLLP!!! Going, going, gone. *Thud*

    I leave all my belongings, my innards, and my soul to this pup.

    Oh, and again, *THUD.*

    Don’t bother w/ the revival attempts. Useless. Thank you, COers.

  20. what I thot I saw — ??

    wuz perhaps WHITE eyelashes??? anybody else??? Bueller?? Ferris Bueller??