They Are Correct.

My Modern proclaims Miss Xuxu as the “Cutest Little Puppeh In The World.”

They are correct. Images from Thai Hoa Pham, photographer extraordinaire.


  1. What a cutie pie!!!! Those eyes will just keeelll you every time… :)

  2. The schnozzle is too moishe for me!

  3. I likes me some black/ white photos. Often they help me to perceive other details better/ both in the image and about the mood of the photo.

    and it’s a cute furry being there, too :)

    Also in the News:
    HOW are Goose, Tha Meg and the Two Newest Megs????

  4. The pigeon-toed front feet in the last pic killz me ded. i believe the interweb is done now. there is nothing left.

  5. I want to kiss that wee face! *SMOOCH*

  6. I concur–this is indeed the cutest little puppeh ever!
    Just wait until Tracylee sees those floppy ears…


    jeez we’ll NEVER see the puppeleh AGIN if’n tracylee gits ahold t’it !!!

    (JK tl :) JK)

  8. skippymom says:

    I don’t think she’s real.

  9. I think you are right, she a robot! The little pink vest is there to hide the batteries :lol:

  10. What breed is this? something about those broad shoulders and wide paws make me think this thing’s going to be huge.

  11. Cue the various adaptations from the orig one-liner:

    “We’re gonna need a bigger ___________”

    [fill in tha blank folks but humor me?
    Keep ’em under a PG rating???
    I think it’s more imaginative when folks keep it clean, usually.
    Mebbe I”m wrong …
    resriechan aka Fird Birfle aka L. Thomas/ Jax, Fla]

  12. We’re gonna need a bigger heart for this one!

  13. I love that one eye is lined in black and the other isn’t. I’m thinking I might try that look to up my own cuteness quotient.

  14. We’ll back you up.

  15. Does this cutie pie have one eye bigger than the other?

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    I think it’s an illusion. She’s got guyliner going on around the one eye and not the other, which makes it look bigger.

  17. I thought I was seeing something cutely wonky about her eyes as well. Hope it doesn’t change her outlook on life.

  18. what I thot I saw — ??

    wuz perhaps WHITE eyelashes??? anybody else??? Bueller?? Ferris Bueller??

  19. OMG! *ded *

  20. pupfanatic says:

    Excuse me, all but….OHHHHH. MYYYYY. GOOOOOOD.
    What type of puppeh is that?
    What type of puppeh is that?

    Help! Help! HEEEELLLLLP!!! Going, going, gone. *Thud*

    I leave all my belongings, my innards, and my soul to this pup.

    Oh, and again, *THUD.*

    Don’t bother w/ the revival attempts. Useless. Thank you, COers.


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