Memo To All: Missing Paper Shredder

Everyone would you please check to see if you have the spare paper shredder around your desk. It has gone missing again.

Lindsay H. found it, and named it Mable!



  1. I hear the George Washington do is in again for 2013.

  2. S/he could also be a rubber stamp.

  3. Excuse Mr. Lundberg, but I believe you have my paper shredder

  4. Mebbee weez can train Mable to function as a stapler as well;
    when she has that nailed down (hah!), then perhaps the stringing of paper clip bracelets and the manufacturing of rubber band balls, large or small, could be next on her training agenda…….. 🙄

  5. Wow,, that’s way cuter than our paper shredder–and I bet the shredding sound is much less obnoxious.

  6. AWWWW! Iz bun bun. 😀

  7. IK, R???

    She can also function as the Disapproval Dept. at Headquarters.

  8. Wins!

  9. If Mable eats paper does her poop come out gift wrapped?
    (that’s from my inner 5 year old, she going to bed now)

  10. tell yr inner 5 year old she’s pretty Dang Funneh.

  11. Your inner 5-year-old is a gifted child to come up with such a notion!

    Bunny poop can be (and has been) spray painted gold and silver and strung as necklaces for holiday giving. Also nice for garland on tree.

  12. o.O

  13. Glorious muzzle powshes!

  14. Sticking-uppy bunneh earses are pretty qte but floppy bunneh earses are devastating! I’m not sure I can remain conscious much longer. *thud*

  15. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Many years ago, my dad’s home office shredder broke, so he gave his sensitive documents to our lab puppy. Didn’t shred as finely, but it had the benefit of dividing the documents between the trash can and the back yard.

  16. Bunneh shreds all TPS reports that are missing the cover sheets.

  17. Martha Stewart: the Early Years.

  18. Must. Have. Bunny.