Here’s A Question For You

Is the ratio of cats who sleep on their backs directly related to the level of FLOOF on their bellehs???

And, does a floofeh belleh cat who sleeps on its back assume all responsibility for snorgle attacks?

No? Hey, you catch on quick!

Roly-poly Monkee makes Erica G. late for work almost every day.



  1. While y’all ponder the questions, I dash in quickly and snorgle the belleh.

  2. He looks exactely like my T-Two except my cat’s tail is even fluffier!
    All those white cats look the same, I don’t know if it’s a breed or what. I’ve had two of them and my sister in law had one, they were not related but they all looked alike and they are all big!

  3. I don’t have a white kitteh, but the kittehs I do have pretty much make me late for work most days. Unfortunately, my boss does not look kindly on that excuse.

  4. My Maine Coon cat Harry sleeps on his back, or just lies there awake, all the time. He is made of floof. I’ve often thoughg he does it to cool off, putting his tummy in the air.

  5. My dear departed Maine Coon Missy used to do the same.

  6. It kills me the way they fold their little front feet in when they lay like this.

  7. Fluffy marshmall kitteh. Awww…

  8. YUMmmmmmnomnomnom

  9. i am SO sleepy at work – i want to cuddle up with that kitteh right now and take a nap on its sweet tummeh. my cat gray who has spindly legs but a round belly lets me rest my cheek against it while we nap together. her little purr-snores and fur… its heaven.

  10. Privacy floof

  11. Patricia Shapiro says:

    Since a cat on its back is in its most vulnerable position, we figure that cats who lie or sleep like this are saying that they feel completely safe and loved.

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    When my kitties lay on their backs they want to be brushed. If I want to give them a nice surprise then I just open their cabinet door and hold up their pink handled brush and they go wild. They push and nudge each other out of the way trying to get under neath the brush for the next pass.

  13. His floof even parts to give you a little pink snorgle target!

  14. Aw! Yes, I agree – my big fat Tessy cat does this too. But she’s learned it’s also an attention grabber – if she wants fussin she just lies on her back and I come running…. I’m so well trained!

  15. “does a floofeh belleh cat who sleeps on its back assume all responsibility for snorgle attacks?” Of course not. Cats don’t assume responsibility for anything!!

  16. My dear departed Manx used to stretch both his front and hind legs all the way out while sleeping on his back, earning him the nickname “Superman”. And among other places, he’d do this in the middle of the driveway with no people around to protect him from interlopers (none of which ever showed up, thank goodness.)

  17. ooooooooo RIP Missy.

    Wuz Missy tout en blanc, comme Monkee, T.U.M.??

  18. 🙂

  19. *I think that’s even MORE FABU, than a privacy tailio;
    kinda like an elegant feather boa, no??*

  20. skippymom says:

    The smile, people. The SMILE!!!

  21. YES, it is! YES, they do! That looks just like my fluffy puff and he sleeps on his back all the time!

  22. Yep, I feel the same about my Maine Coon cat Harry, who is utterly trusting.

  23. skippymom says:

    “their cabinet” I love it.

  24. My Lily often sprawls out like this. She’s quite the fat cat (and I love every ounce of her!) and I’m convince she does it when her back needs a break. ;o)

  25. I am glad I am not the only one who is late to work because they are too busy snorggling their kikis.

  26. Not sure why, but this pose reminds me of the Kitty Cat Dance!

  27. Ah Monkee looks just like my Pinky, who also flops (tis a technical term) for belleh snorglin.

  28. With me right behind you, edmundh 😀

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    Good point!

  30. AWW 😀 Is Roly-poly Monkee who makes Erica G. late for work almost every day a boy kitty or a girl kitty? 😀 I would help you be on time for work if I could snorgle Monkee’s belly for you, Erica G. 😀

  31. 😆 Me too 😆 Now we all know where you got your name, SlaveToCat, SlaveToCat, but are we not all slaves to kitties 😀

  32. 😆 Don’t all well loved kitties have their owners so well trained 😆

  33. No, she was one of them there tuxedo affairs.

  34. comme c’est genereux, Teresa!!! 🙂

  35. Ahhhhhh.

    *nods and seems to be thinking profound thoughts*

  36. Awww, purr snores, I know JUST what you mean! I am sleepy now, too! :/

  37. SlaveToCat says:

    It’s their house. They just keep me around to pay the bills, prepare meals, and clean. Ohh but it is soo worth it to be in their presence. 🙂

  38. This kitty is the counterpart to my inky floofer, who loves to sleep in this position too.

    But alas, my other boy is short haired, and both my cats sleep on their backs all the time.

  39. I have two floofeh kittehs who do this also! My tuxie boy, Gus has a delicious pink belleh visible under white curly belleh fur, while his “sister” Merris, is a tortie mix who’s floofeh belleh is just as snorgalicious. 🙂

  40. Peanutcat says:

    Um, you can’t snorgle that belleh ’cause you’d sufficate!

  41. Two points:

    1. I’m angry at my computer screen for blocking my snorgle attempts!

    2. My kitty is much smaller than this fluffster, but also entirely made of floof. Every time she throws up a hairball, she roams around the apartment eating all the fuzzies off the carpet she can find. My theory has always been that she is replenishing the floof that she just lost. Either that, or she has pica.

  42. IZ A FLOOF!!!!!!!

  43. ME TOOZ!!!!

  44. New term for the Official Cute Overload Lexicon:


  45. Maybe it should be spelled “Bellehhawk”?

  46. Monkee is a girl kitty! And she loves a good belly snorgle.

  47. Confession: one of my favorite things about working as a vet tech was that I had pretty much daily access to kittehs under anesthesia, and therefore their floofy bellies were just there for me to snorgle as much as I wanted and they couldn’t fight back. Often I’d have to shave those bellehs, though, so I had to get my snorgles in as quickly as possible, obv.

  48. My boy cat bono does this, except he tucks his feet and legs up a bit. And then he tweets when we touch him. He is a brown and orange and black boy. And then there’s kissy who only lays on her back when she’s wrestling with something.

  49. In my house, someone lying like this gets some Sharpie-tattoo action, knowwhatI’msayin?

  50. Bellehauque?

  51. Oh, I want to floof him until the cats come home!!:D Floofy McFlooferson. Mmmm FLOOF!

  52. Wait for MEEZ!

  53. lol 😀

  54. Gesundheit!

  55. We use the term “flop” too. The technical term is “Trixie-flop.” 🙂 (I’m owned by a cat named Trixie.)