Heavy Is the Head that Wears the Tapioca

As the morning sun casts its first shadows across the arid savannah, the young lion cub awakens and surveys his domain.

From birth, it has been his destiny to be admired and served by his loyal subjects. For this sake, he must always maintain an aloof and regal composure.

It is a sacrifice demanded of all who would lead: to abandon childish folly and stand instead as the embodiment of poise and dignity. Or, y’know, maybe not…

Via Mikael Tigerström.


  1. Omg! Pic 2! So tinee!!!!

  2. Aww, even with a tapioca face s/he looks so dignified…. :)

  3. Well, good golly, if the human servant would only hold the spoon Properly, I wouldn’t Have all this stuff all over my face!! Just can’t find good help these days–Downton Abbey hired them all away! grrrr! (little lion roar)

  4. And pray tell what are they feeding her?

  5. it looks like gruel from here…….(don’t tell the bebeh lion)

  6. Ice cream and yogurt and cheese, of course! My cats love all three!

  7. I love them. You can feed them to me.

  8. “Ice cream and YOgurt and Cheese, oh MY!!!” — aka:

  9. with a last name like Tigerstrom, you know he’s going to be working with big gatos :)

    also, this is Sebastian, I thought you guys would like to see this picture from the Rescue where I volunteer

  10. Now THAT’S a lion.

  11. Look at the size of THOSE toe beans ! You have my deepest sympathy Tracylee!
    To be soooo close to that belleh & never be able to snorgle it. that mist hurt like the dickens !

  12. it is my lifelong dream to give a lion a bellehrub

  13. He’s awesome. Do you get to play with him?

  14. unfortunately, no… it’s against the rules. they’re not tame animals, and I would get eaten.

  15. I like your priorities, Tracylee: 1. It’s against the rules. 2. I would get eaten.

  16. if I break the rules, I lose my volunteer job… if I get eaten, I lose my volunteer job and, well, I’m eaten… so… y’know…

  17. hey tl, ask yer Rule People if *I* could pet Sebastian.
    He’s welcome to munch on me; I’m willing to take one for the Team!!!

  18. Fird, If you’re gonna break the rules, you should consider breaking them with <a href="http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/560351_10100852990566979_482879072_n.jpg&quot; Roman, or as I call him, Lion Fabio

  19. HE IZ FABIO. OK sure. I’ll bite (so to speak)

  20. What EEEZ EEET?? And note the mini-ears, peeps!

  21. Whoops, this went in the wrong place!

  22. “Hey GUYS!!!!! Watch THIS!!!”

    It’ll happen EVERY time …..

  23. Theresa, obviously eet eez a BEEG KEETEH.

  24. HOLY CARP!

  25. my sentiments, exactly!

  26. AWW :D What a cute sweet little kitty :D

  27. Aw man, I’m always a sucker for a Siamese. I’m sitting here literally with my jaw hanging at the cute/dignity of this little guy.

  28. You woud feed moi with a platic spoon?? No no my good woman, I only eat from silver spoons!!

  29. And only drinks from porcelain:

  30. I’m sorry. That almost sounds like a dog.

  31. Or mother-of-pearl, like with caviar.

  32. I am now so ded I can never be deder–but deth by wee tiny lion is a nice way to go….SPLORT

  33. That really a lion? it looks too small.

  34. All cats are lions, jaguars, pumas, cheetahs, or tigers. Sometimes all at once. At least, that’s what my cats tell me. ;)

  35. Only a meezer could still manage to look (halfway) regal with schmutz all over its face.

  36. Somebody needs to give him a spit-bath.

  37. “Calling Thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesa[‘s DAD]”

  38. Aww! Toooo cute!

  39. The upside-down-Y mouf gets me every time.

  40. thank you for remembering the keerect pernonciashon of “mouf” :)

  41. Turns out Geisha is a Burmese — check out the photostream to see the incredibly gorgeous cat she grew up to be!

  42. What a beauty!

  43. EARS AT 9 AND 3!!!

  44. Exactly.


  46. KNEW IT WUZ A MIKE-izm b4 I luuked. But Ah luuked jist to say “HA!!”

    And then, I barked out, “HA!”

  47. oh dear, do we have Opposable Thumbs in that second pic? World domination guaranteed, I for one bow down to our new leoine overload.

  48. I meant to say what kind of keetty ees thees? A Siamese, but what kind?

  49. a few comments above, patc mentions Burmese and says there is photostream???? !!

  50. joools in PDX says:

    Click on the link at Mr. Tigerstrom’s name, then on the tag for Geisha, for that is her name. Beautiful indeed.

  51. I bow before my future feline king. (And holds out a napkin to help him wipe his leetle mouth)

  52. Waitress: Did someone ask for earses on the side?

  53. He looks slightly disapproving in that first pic. Can’t his royal subjects get anything right?

  54. In feudal China, emperors and generals were advised to keep a demeanor described as “intimidating even when not angry (不怒自威)”. The idea was joking, smiling, and looking happy all the time indicated lack of seriousness and maturity, undermining the subjects’ admiration and fear of the leader.

    This kitteh obviously takes his royal duties seriously, unlike his three (younger?) siblings who are casually piled together on a bed, oblivious to the world.

  55. AWWWW! Iz a ‘lil bebe kitteh …*dies *

  56. Mike hits another home run, outta the park!

  57. They shouldn’t even bother making him come to the ballpark.
    They are ALWAYS homeruns.
    The crowd ALWAYS goes wild.


  58. true dat

  59. His Majesty needs a napkin.

  60. Text/hovertext for first pic is purrrfect. Totally looks like a lion surveying his domain.


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