Humbug, Definish Of

Kelli S. says “Lilly (the early years)… thrilled to be Santa!!!” You sure on that, Kell?


  1. Here’s another one that feels the same:

  2. 1: now THEM THERE are some sincere EARS.
    2: “we [les chats] are NOT amused.” “harrumph” :)

    (but I AM; thankx fer sharin’, wuyizidi!!)

  3. Sweetie, I would expect something in your stockings and shoes; it’ll be worse than coal.

  4. :lol: Yep :lol:

  5. WARNING: For those of you wishing to put a cat in a Santa hat, make sure to read this first. (Includes simple video instructions.)

  6. fleurdamour says:

    Santa Claws Your Eyes Out

  7. For the win!! :)

  8. “There never was such a goose …”

  9. Santa’s little yelper

  10. “Cratchit” was not what I read in the hovertext…

  11. He looks more smug than humbug to me. :mrgreen:

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    “Okay, you got your picture, now take the hat ofe or there’s gonna be blood…”

  13. :lol: I think I will see that on “LOLCats” if I have not already :lol:

  14. looks like the grinch in how he stole christmas

  15. Oh, you were first, so congratulation! I thought exactly the same the moment I saw this picture.

  16. I always thought the words “have yourself a merry little Christmas” sound a bit passive-aggressive. This is how I picture those words being said.

  17. YES

  18. @ wuyizidi: IN PAUL LYNDE’s voice !!!! ….

  19. I second that emotion kitty. Christmas! Bah humbug!
    Singed: The Scrooge of the North

  20. If you look closely, he really starts to look like the (non-green version) Grinch!

  21. :lol: You are going to get it, Kelli S., from your dear sweet kitty, Lilly :lol:

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    Lilly?? Looks more like Lillith!! ;)

  23. Oh cats…

  24. Very content looking face! Bet Santa looks like that when he finishes his sleigh ride! :)


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