It’s a, It’s a, It’s a

It’s asleep!

What could be cuter than a sleppeh chinchillacheen? Two! Two sleppeh chinchillacheens!

Turn it up for Chinchillacheen chatter chatter chatter!

Chin chin anee, chin chin anee, chin chin aroo, Karen ChinTubeHD



  1. schweet!

  2. Wow. Just wow.
    I… no, I’ve lost the power to express myself in words. Why should I when chirrups and peeps do so well? Chirrup, peep peep peep. Peep. Peeep.

  3. chinchillaree, chinchillaree, chinchincharoo
    chinchilly is lucky as lucky can be

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Two Chinderellas trying to fit in the same slipper is bound to end badly.

  5. they sound like a teeny, tiny Teddy (the porcupine) …

  6. I’ll blow them a kiss (mwah)
    And that’s lucky too!

  7. MinglesMommy says:

    OMG those precious little squeaks…

  8. I concur. And furthermore, cheeep.

  9. eep! I didn’t see the last bit of text after the video – GMTA, I guess, pyrit!

  10. How nice of their hoomin to give them such lovely slippers.

  11. Where can I get a hoomin size slipper like that? For sleeping in, that is. Man that looks cozy!

  12. OMG I barely made it through this video… the floof, the earses, the wheeskers, pawses, eyes, and noses… I think i’m ded…

  13. Holy meeping chinchillaronies!! Why did no one ever tell me they sound so cute?

  14. I’ve always wanted a pair ChinChilla slippers. Now more than ever.

  15. however I am willing to presume and to intimate that they might be MUCH sweeter-tongued than Teddy …..8-O

  16. Heart-shaped noseies! *faint*

  17. (grrr at computers I SAID 8-O)

    (willitwork that time?)

  18. (no. sigh)

  19. lisaLASSIE says:

    Because they are his cousins! (Rodents all.) And has anyone noticed that not only are they redonk adorable, they are bebbehs!!!!!

  20. savvy_geek says:

    That looks so cozy! And the squeaks….and the whiskers……it’s almost too much!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s almost enough whiskair action to send me into a coma … one of my favoritest parts of critters .. *sigh*

  22. They sound like sad puppies, I’m dying here!…

  23. Tigerheart says:

    Oh the squeekingks…they keeel me!

  24. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Is that bruxing, like rats do, usually when they’re happy, but sometimes when they’re not?

  25. DewiCasGwent says:
  26. I was wondering where this magical place was, where chinchilla’s pre-warmed your bedtime slippers…. when the chinny-chatter gotsted me, and now I am ded, and don’t need no slippers warmed for me no more….

  27. I agree, a teeny sounding Teddy the porcupine!

  28. MaggieBee says:

    Nope, not bruxing! Those are baby chinnie squeaks – they have a variety of calls, and those were the happy/content/companionship noises. 🙂 They may have also been looking for Momma 🙂

  29. I am always so happy to see chinchillas on C.O. 🙂 The ultimate in chinchilla cuteness is when they yawn. I’ve been trying to catch that for two years now and I’ve only ever been lucky enough to see my Luna yawn once!

  30. Move over! I’m ded too and you’re hogging all the slipper!

  31. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) says:

    They are just adorable! Hugs