Here to Steal Your Soul, People

We get a lot of simply fantastic photos sent to us here at Cute Overload. (BTW, send ’em here, STAT!)

This first one might be the single most devastatingly cute photo in the history of……history. And the ‘tocks at the end (pun intended.)

Angela C., You & Kodie are giving Boo a run for his cash moneh.



  1. Incredible lightness of being personified!

  2. (don’t tell Meg but this lil’ — guy? Kodie — is lots cuter to me, than Boo is.
    Boo is cute. And Meg Rules the Universe and is Way Cute.

    But I like THIS cute, BETTER than Boo cute. But don’t tell Meg.)

  3. Thought this was already over the top, and then I spy the monkey shirt. *sigh* I am done..done, I tell ya!

  4. I have to agree with Firdie; this is the absolute cutest and I am now among the ded. Wait, I’m only mostly ded; I’m feeling much better, really.

  5. I have been devastated by the cuteness of this pup, he has stolen my heart and soul and left me as an empty shell that only his cuteness can fill.

  6. Cut. It. OUT! Holy crow. This may just be the cutest little pupster I have ever seen. The waterfountain ponytail is just about killing me. SUCH a cutie pie!

  7. OMG SO CUTE! I’m in LOVE

  8. Oh, GET OUT!!! *shoves anyone handy*

  9. Ditto everything Fird said.

  10. 😉

  11. (either the Net or Youtube behaved strangely to post this. It does work though if you click on it. I went through steps about three times to get it to embed here)

  12. *hands the black beatnik beret to Gigi so she can wear it for her funeral*

  13. 4leafclover says:

    And now that that’s taken care of–let’s do the “Elaine Dance”!!

  14. you remind me of Stacey London, from the TLC show What Not to Wear.
    In a GOOD way, ‘course ….

  15. Handing pup a snausage, STAT!

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    I third Fird. 😀

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    How much do I love the kind of people that lay the sofa cushions on the floor for the bebeh to play on because the puppeh is too little to jump onto the couch and the floor is hard? How much ??

  18. This dog is like, “Girl, I am FAB and I KNOW it!” I love it!

  19. Tell me this lil cutie wasn’t designed by Dr. Seuss. (I know he’s no longer with us, but I imagine that he left a vault full of sketches, etc.)

  20. 🙂

  21. a whole bunch???

  22. It’s ok little pupper. I didn’t need my soul. You have it now.

  23. The Cone of Shame ™ has snowy-forest scenes on the inside? Learn something new every day!

  24. I must concur with those of you who deem this puppeh even more adorbs than Boo. Okay, it doesn’t have to be a contest – they’re both meltingly qte. But given the choice, this leetle one with the redonkulous top knot, the boopable nosicle and the soul-sucking eyes – I’m goin’ with thees girl. How her hoomans get anything done is truly a mystery.

    And her heffalump is bigger than she is! Isn’t that a Rule of Cuteness? If your toy is bigger than you, it’s cute?

  25. Ummm… with all your heart and soul? Cuz that’s how much I love those people too.

  26. She’s keelingk me!

  27. michelle b adams says:

    I second the suggestion for a new rule (unless it already exists, and then, well, never mind) that ‘If your toy is bigger than you are, it’s qte!)

  28. Meh. I prefer Teddy the talking porcupine over a toy dog any day.

  29. WendyLady says:

    I am yours to command. Whatever your wish, will be granted with all due haste my master.

  30. that is the prettiest cone of shame.

  31. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    It is indeed! (the ponytail), It is in the perfect shape of a flower. Needs a little pink bow!

  32. HA! Nikki, you brought back a very old memory. When I was a little girl (and it’s been a long time since I was little, believe me) my mom used to put my hair up like that and my siblings decided it looked like a water fountain, and they would pretend to ‘drink’ from it.

  33. As much as the ocean is deep? As much as there are stars in the sky? That’s what I tell my kittehs about how much I love them…

  34. That was a bit existential wasn’t it? 😆

  35. I can see a Book deal coming….he is the cutest indeed. Sorry Boo you know I love you and I have your toy and all. It’s not that bad to be the 2nd cutest!

  36. Shut the front door!

  37. That face would get away with murder at my house. MURDER!!!!…what a cutie patootie.

  38. C.O. – come for teh cute, stay because you Kant leave

  39. Oh that’s deep tracylee.

  40. fleurdamour says:

    It’s the Snow Cone of Shame

  41. fleurdamour says:

    Complete with the Snow Conifers of Shame

  42. fleurdamour says:

    1. It’s very hard to believe that this being is descended from a wolf.
    2. I am cracking myself up by imagining this little floof with a very big, basso deep bark.

  43. Oh my gosh. Cutest dog ever. What is this, a yorkie?

  44. I concur, with the Caveat that any “Toy” / and the description of them,
    remain G rated …..

  45. *goes to the front door and obediently shuts it*

  46. kodie's mom says:

    Kodie is a Yorkie, will be 5 years old in two months.