Daisy and her loyal attendant, Camera

[Royal fanfare] Daisy has arrived!

Please meet the Cutest Little Kitten in the World…Daisy.
Posey Daisy.

Lazy Daisy.

Upsy Daisy.

Donesy Daisy.

Camera will never stray far from Daisy, AKA the Cutest Little Kitten in the World, who first appeared on CO here. Photos by Ben T.



  1. Re pic 4: It may not be safe for her to pose in something that looks a bit like a picnic basket, because I already have a strong urge to eat her.

  2. Now pyrit I wuz all prepared to be argumentative, when I read your claims of cutest kitten, when we all know that the cutest kitten ever is/ was — oh gosh I’ve forgotten the name of that little exotic tricolor fluffie kitten who posed in a teacup I think….anyway….

    ….if you’ll ex-queeze my almost use of a vulgarity??

    DAHY-umm this IS quite a cute kitten there: Lots ‘o fluff & stuff!!
    Nice earnest facial expreshions, well-chosen name…..

    OK I give.

  3. 🙂

    sk’mom wins, yet again!

  4. AAAAAAAAAKKKK! *thud-d-d-d-d-d!*

  5. Iz so floofilar.

  6. Clean up in Aisle Birdcage, please …… Bring a mop.

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    I think the world ran out of cute after making this kitty.

  8. As they say, “The Camera loves her.” Who wouldn’t?

  9. i wanna boop that nose. boop.

  10. I think you need to wash that mouth out with soap, Missy.

  11. Those eyes are like sapphires.

  12. Fird, are you, talkin’ ta me? 🙂

  13. well… all I can say is… you know a kitten is cute when even I (confirmed non-housecat-person) melt into a little puddle of goop…

  14. Peeps, raise your hand if you agree that tracylee needs to give up this pretense that she does not like house cats. C’mon, girl, admit it already, you’ve been converted. There’s no shame in it!

  15. What tracylee said.

  16. I used a naughty word again! When am I going to learn? *wanders over toward mod lounge bar*

  17. Oh, I so want to gently pick up sweet little Daisy and cuddle, kiss and snorgle her 😀

  18. humminbirdie says:

    i can’t believe the disheveled fuzziness… and the sticky-uppy tailio: so dern kuh-ute!!!

  19. I agree. I could get lost in those eyes.

  20. *hands skippy a sammich and a libation*
    Here you go. *goes back to nap on the couch*

  21. Mmm, delicious–smoked salmon on an onion bagel and a Campari and soda. Thank you.

  22. Even Garfiled would agree. that is the cutest kitten in the world, eat your heart out Nermal.

  23. Nah, I just want to put her in my mouth and nom on her for a few minutes. Then I would let her out, floof covered in spit and all.

  24. Skippymom, you are so norty.

  25. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:


  26. what kind of redonk kitten is this? a breed or just “super-cute”?

  27. It’s Ridiculously Photogenic Kitteh™.

  28. If skippymom didn’t already win, then wuyizidi WINS

  29. wow the Lounge is really going UPSCALE these days!!!

  30. NO, pyrit, wut Ah’m DOOin’, is Ah”M “TAW-KIN ” tah youse!!!

  31. If luvvin’ Daisy (and tawkin’ smack) is wrong, I don’t WANNA BE right.

    *goes to Walgreens to buy some Irish Spring soap*

  32. oh darn. wuyizidi, would you mind sharing a win with sk’mom?

    Two co-winners??

  33. who’s alive on the ward?

    Is there a live human here to bring a mop to Aisle Birdcage??/

  34. um….Daisy?

    Where does yo’ Daddy live? I don’t mean a Sugar Daddy; I mean your actual Daddy.
    ‘Cuz I’m about to ask him for yer paw in marriage.

    *swoon/ collapses onto Fainting Cowsche*

  35. It’s Cowlick Kitten.

  36. That is one very fuzzular kitty.

  37. Reminds me of Cricket.

  38. *both hands in the air* Ain’t no shame in lovin’ on all God’s creatures…unless of course you take up kitcapping like I wanna with this little cutie.

  39. Moderashun? Me? WhatdidIsay??? Any of those bagels left?

  40. I wanna bury mah fave in dat floof and snorgle her, and then pop her in mah mouth.

  41. (I think Iva’s keyboard moved over under her hands. I think she wants to bury her
    *faCe*…those two keys are right next to each other on the keyboard….Keyboards are KNOWN to be EBIL)

  42. Were you humming the song “King of the Road”??

    (sung by Roger M///er, which sets off the Big Green Mod. Machine)

  43. *raising hand as sk’mom suggests*

  44. agreed

  45. Yes, that is what I was thinking!

  46. Raises hand!

  47. Catwhisperer says:

    *hand raised a la Horshak (sp?)* My hubby also insists he is strictly a dog person, but I ain’t fallin’ for the banana in the tailpipe!

  48. ♪ ♫ Daisy, Daisy, ♪ ♫ give me your answer true,
    I’m half crazy all for the love of you!
    It won’t be a stylish marriage,
    I can’t afford a carriage. ♪ ♫
    But you’d look sweet upon the seat
    ♪ ♫ of a bicycle built for two! ♪ ♫

  49. Of course not 🙂


  51. Whoopsies


  52. loribelle says:

    That profile! Those eyes! thunk.

  53. True.

  54. 🙂

    stooopid, MEAN keyboards…..*grumble*

  55. 😆 “the banana in the tailpipe 😆 I will have to remember that one, Catwhisperer 😆

  56. Those pics are a year old. Daisy is all growed up now. She looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat.


  57. Patricia Martin says:

    Where can I get music notes?!?

  58. April's Nana says:

    I lurv CO!

  59. ALL HAIL DAISY — and Andy, too??? Are you her loyal house servant???

  60. eef yew REELLY meen that you’d like the data, I think I can manage that.
    I don’t have an instrument with me at the moment to check this link’s accuracy, however….
    I got this item/ link FROM the main article, about the song in Wikipedia.
    I had also found another webpage with a really nifty little “play the audio” thing and nice big lyrics (the full thing has a lot of verses!) ….but I thought you mostly want the notes written down. Hopefully this does that. Have fun Peace~!

    The Research Kid

  61. Ha no, I just followed the links to his Daisy’s hooman.