Where Do We Draw the Line?

Is it really a cute kitten if it’s only a picture of a cute kitten? Can a picture be “real”? That’s a tough concept to wrap oneself around; I just can’t put my finger on it…

From Sin Amigos via Flickr.



  1. Now I want cute kitten pictures to leap off the page — and come alive and be real, snuggling, hand-grabbing, hypoallergenic kittens!!!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    I see thumbs. 🙂

  3. “Ceci n’est pas un chaton.”

  4. 260Oakley says:

    From Hallmark’s new line of Magrittte-ing cards.

  5. That is so cute!

  6. HAW!

  7. I second that! And could mine be a little scruffy tabby please.

  8. ThirdShift says:

    Beat me to it. CO readers, smarter than the average bear.

  9. Je ne suis pas un ours. 😛

  10. If it’s cute, it’s real.

  11. ThirdShift says:

    Pas un ours, plus intelligent qu’un ours. 🙂

  12. lisaLASSIE says:

    I third that. Any color will do.

  13. “WOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHH maaaan…….” 😯

    Also: never thought I’d hear Yogi Bear’s tagline, en francais!!!!

    Espesh under a post with a trompe-l’oeil piece of a kitty-cat!!!

    *does the word “l’oeil” have enough vowels in it? Are they the correct vowels???*

    “My ‘ead ‘urts!!!’/ Monty Python

  14. It’s real cute!

  15. nice solution to Existentialist Philosophy!!! (or perhaps Anti-Philosophy …)

  16. I use to watch Yogi in French when I was a kid the tag line was: Yogi l’ours est plus malin qu’un ours moyen.

  17. Yes, yes, yes — awesome!

  18. It’s like a weird kitten marmoset hybrid!

  19. I fourth that! I really want a female black kitty or two or more 😀

  20. LE YAY

  21. I want to cuddle the kitten!

  22. Will it come alive like in A-ha’s “Take On Me” video?!

  23. :O

  24. Only if you hum the song really well 😉

  25. Love that song, LOVE that video… would love to see this kittie get that treatment! 🙂