Splittin’ Kitten Headache

Sure I look tired! I’ve had this kid on my back all day!

Via Rudomi.pl.


  1. Oh I can’t tell if there’s a kitten tongue sticking out! We need a COPTSOXCU (Cute Overload Possible Tongue Sticking Out Extreme Close Up)

  2. There is indeed KTSO (Kitten Tongue Sticking Out). Plus Wackadoodle Kitten Eyes, and Martyred Maternal Look.

  3. :)

    LUV tha MML. You might wanna go trademark or copyright symbol on that one!!!

  4. I saved and enlarged the picture, and don’t think there’s a KTSO here. But I’d still love a COXCU because, seriously? It’s a mini-marmie!

  5. I lurve the term “wackadoodle”. It’s second only to “lurkensrpoing” in my book!

  6. erm I think I spelled “lurkensproing” wrong…..

  7. fleurdamour says:

    Martyred marmie mommy with marmie mini-mew

  8. Magnificent!

  9. no no it’s Marvelous !!! Magical!!! (etc.)

  10. He’s like a Marmie Megillah Glub Glub with the tongue action.

  11. Good call, Hilz!

    Also: Theo, this post is marmelade-riffic! When are you coming home!?

  12. it’s ginger marmalade yam sweet potato carrot butterscotch-errific is what it is.

  13. Now with extra marmie. :D

  14. Oh, Mama Marmie is sporting a fantastic “put upon” look. Ha.

  15. What a perfect little marmie-mini-me!

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    Marmie alert!

  17. Space saving stackable marmies! Get yours today!

  18. YAY Gigi!! You oughta go into marketing/ slogans!!!

    *shakes pompoms*

  19. Mama needs a cocktail and a girl’s night out, stat! I’ll babysit…

  20. I will help you babysit the cute little kitty, Kar :D

  21. Why do I wonder whether “babysit” is a euphemism for “kidnap”?

  22. shhhhh!!

  23. *snerk*

    to skippymom: because you’ve met victoreia!!

    (alll love, victoreia!! just kidding….mostly ;) )

  24. :lol: Typical kitten behaviour :lol:

  25. emmberrann says:

    Mommy marmy sporting not only typical patient mommy behavior, but much put upon look seen on the faces of mothers of rambunctious and obstreprous chilluns everywhere.

  26. ooooooooooh NICE emberrann !!!! “Obstreperous” !!!
    I haven’t seen/ read THAT one, anywhere, in YEARS!!!! :)

    *HOME RUN*

  27. Matchingks!

  28. Truthiness. Well-spotted.

  29. Oh Waiter…… I’d like an open-faced Marmie sandwich with extra butterscotch & a side of tongue please.

  30. On the side?

  31. ALWAYS, Gigi!!

    See the following
    [about descriprtions of actual personal habits and relationships, from which much of the story in the film “When Harry Met Sally” was written]:

    [Author & Screenwriter] Nora Ephron, herself provided the inspiration for
    one of [ film character] Sally’s most distinctive character traits.
    [The film’s producer Andrew] Scheinman and [its director, Rob] Reiner had noticed Ephron’s habit of placing complicated orders in restaurants, though she herself was oblivious to its comic effect.

    Reiner insisted that she put it in the script. Ephron’s ordering idiosyncrasies became Sally’s hilarious fixation with having everything provided “on the side” .


  32. There should be a Mom Taxi tag.

  33. Also truthiness here!!

    Everybody is TUNED IN to CO Radio today!!!

  34. Typical teenager, the marmiely-dramatic kitten is doing the pouty, disappointed part of the “mom, are we THERE yet?” routine.

  35. Which is the best band name? Splittin’ Kitten Headache, Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster, or Screaming Pug Rocket?

    I can’t decide what the CO band should be called.

  36. I think the CO band should be called Two Chinchillas, One Shoe. Course, royalties would need to be paid, but perhaps they could be in marmie kisses.

  37. *snerk*

  38. I think Screaming Pug Rocket wins, but I think the first single should be Splittin’ Kitten Headache! Heavy metal, with a interspersing of mewing.

  39. What is it about kittens and valhalla that slay us?

  40. oneskunktodd says:

    Kitten should be named Monkey-me.

  41. Is the mar-mini-me sporting an extra toe (left paw enhancement please)?

  42. I, too, was thinking that I detected feets of undue hugeness. If so, kitteh will probably be a mush-hearted sweetheart of a kitteh! My polydactyl boy is just a mushpile of sweetness.

  43. I dunno, but the rest of his paws are HUGE! He’s gonna be a Liger, for sure.

  44. My son used to wear this expression when his baby sister would sit on HIM! lol It used to melt me how patient a 3-going-on-four-year old could be with a 1 year old. Good memories. :)


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