Baby Navann Gets a Bigger Bathtub!

Still not big enough for mom.

Fave Frame™

I love a good sequel, Mindy P. We’ll be sure to check in at Save Elephant Foundation to keep up with Navann’s hijinks!



  1. Totally anthropomorphising, but doesn’t it look like mum is checking the temperature of the water at the beginning, before Navin gets in?

    Also, “Merm! Don’t pull my trernk!”

  2. I would truly love to hug this wet, slippery, totally lovable and enthralling little bebbeh; but alas!! I cannot: I’d never be able to catch him— so fast does he scoot around; Guess I’ll just have to watch Mommeh Lolafunt lead him around by grasping his trunk with hers (kinda like holding a kid’s hand…… 😆 😆 …. that will have to suffice instead of a hug!!)


    (and Mom is kinda crampin’ Navann’s style, hoggin’ tha whole new tub
    the minnit it’s filled up, there….)

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Love the “peanut gallery” watchers on the other side of the fence.. enjoying watching the bebeh? or wishing they had a pool? who knows….

  5. When momma pulled him out by his trunk, my heart just stopped and now I am ded. Holy smackeral!

  6. lisaLASSIE says:

    You can go there as either a visitor or a VOLUNTEER!!!!! I am already packing. For some reason, those who know me well said “Do not bother to pack a giant double wide white lab coat to wear….you will NOT be able to smuggle bebbeh trunkster home with you”. As if I’d ever think such an evil thought. Hmpph.

  7. lisaLASSIE says:

    I’m surprised they are not all together: they are incredibly social and the aunties all help raise bebbehs.

  8. Oh my goodness, this video MADE my day!!

  9. I love how mom is all: That’s enough playing in the water for now Navann, come out of this pool this minute!

  10. Adorable, but I am confused about the subliminal pics in the beginning and the hilarious burlesque music starting at :34 and I literally lol’ed at the drunken elephant wallerin’ at 1:11.

    Another good choice for sexy elephant bathing music? Joe Cocker’s: You Can Leave Your Trunk On.

  11. Oh, no, mod lounge. Was it “sexy”?

  12. The manufacturer of that kiddeh pool needs to use Navann and his mamann to be in a commercial: “Tough enough for use by an elephant family! Surely YOUR kids won’t destroy it!”

  13. They do look a little jealous, don’t they?

  14. I was thinking the same thing! I couldn’t believe that it didn’t pop with mama standing in it & baby stomping all over it.

  15. I was thinking the same thing. I can’t believe it didn’t pop with mama standing in it & baby stomping all over it.

  16. I loff baby heffalumps! LOOKIT! The first longer video of Rose-Tu’s two day old calf is online! The naming ritual starts soon – one of five the Oregon Zoo’s whittled down. I can’t wait until she’s big enough to play with her 4 year old brother Samudra!

  17. I think we can shut down the InterTubez now. Does it get much cuter than this???

  18. The baby was adorable, but am I the only one that noticed mom’s bloody and mangled looking front left foot? Is this a happy place for elephants? Left feeling more troubled than overloaded with cute…

  19. Is there anything that is pure joy, enthusiasm and sheer happiness like that baby trunkster in that kiddie pool? I think not.

  20. “trernk”


  21. nope. “cocker”

    notice how few we see around here?

  22. lol! it got me in the mod lounge! and i was kidding!

  23. i’m amazed they don’t just have a dent in the pen where they can put enough water for splashing all the time.

  24. Crazy Pants says:

    Hi Shelly!
    Elephant Nature Park is a refuge for elephants (but also dogs and cats). These are all rescued animals. I’m sure if mom was injured the vets and staff are looking after here. Please read Sri Pae’s (Navann’s mom) whole story on their website blog:
    Thank you so much for being concerned! We do our best here at C.O. to tell happy stories involving people doing good things for animals.

  25. Hi LisaLASSIE,
    You’re right, elephants are extremely social. But, it takes some time before a mother elephant is comfortable enough to let another female become an auntie. In this case, Mae Kham Paan (she’s in the peanut gallery) was finally accepted by both mother Sri Prae and baby Navann just last Friday! 🙂

  26. Hi Shelly,
    Like many Asian elephants, Sri Prae stepped on a landmine while logging near the Thai-Burmese border. It took 6 years for her wounds to heal and be ready to spend the rest of her retirement at ENP. There are full-time vets who care for all our animals, and Sri Prae gets her foot cleaned twice a day to prevent infection. It’s actually really cute how gentle Navann is when checking out her foot! 🙂

  27. HOORAY FOR elephants and for animal recuperation people at the ENP!!
    Hooray for Mindy!!

    *shakes pompoms for everybody involved, except for whoever placed those landmines*

  28. If I could start every Monday with baby elephants playing in a pool my week would be nirvana. *sigh* I am a puddle of contentment now.

  29. Was it just me or was there a little bit of trumpeting going on by this little wet baby? I thought I heard some little “toots” while Navann was dancing around. Such fun!!

  30. Sharon Wilson says:

    MOOOOM! Get outta the pool! I wanna get in!

  31. I loved when momma was in the pool and Navann was like Momma! MOOOOVVVEEE!!!….so tots adorbs 🙂

  32. So, Sweet. Thank you for the compassionate work ENP, And thank you for sharing the hijinks of this sweet elephant baby~! I would so love to see more videos of her.

  33. The baby is cute. How great must be the bathtub for the mom?