Ultimate Encore Presentayshe!

You know, there’s…cute. Then there’s…cute. Then…there’s thees. OMGPLAYITAGAIN.

Parry Gripp #UltimateWin.


  1. :D

  2. elizabeth says:


    Also, if I’m still singing that song in 12 hours, there will be hell(a cute) to pay!!!

  3. *Shakes fist*
    Damn you CO! That song…that infernal song has collectively bored its way into all of our heads. :)

  4. theamypalooza says:

    The song. OMG the song.

  5. Mimzysmom says:

    my new ringtone

  6. phred's mom says:

    my new earworm.

  7. fleurdamour says:


  8. That song OMG! That SONG! It has turn my brain to mush!

  9. How did I miss this vid the first time around???

  10. joools in PDX says:

    My question exactly.

  11. That is just so awesome on so, so many levels.

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    “Backwards on a pig, Babeh Monkeh”! Someone should win a Grammy for this!! And possibly a Nobel Prize! *heads off to work humming*

  13. zosterops says:

    somehow I don’t think I’ll like the story behind this vid. if a monkey baby is not with its mum and clings desperately to an equally small pig something is not rigt in that monkeys life

  14. Yeah, I’m kind of wondering what happened to both mamas and why those babies aren’t with them.

  15. Both babies lost their mothers and weren’t doing well until they were put together, whereupon they bonded instantly. Well, bonded in a piggeh-monkeh way.

  16. Same.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    I thought the same, that bebeh looks more frantic for someone to cling to, than having fun playing with a friend..

  18. I tend to agree… As cute as the wee monkey is and as cute as the piggylet (possibly a wild boar?) is, I don’t think the monkey is having crazy funtimes here. When s/he falls off and runs after the pig to get back on, it looks less like playing and more like “Come back! I am all small and lost and need comfort snuggling.” Possibly the pig needs snuggling too, but s/he looks a little more frisky and a little less vulnerable.

    Come over here, wee munkee… You can cling to me all day with no unnecessary bounding-about.

  19. 4leafclover says:


  20. One of my favorite vids in the history of the interwebs.

  21. Amandaish says:

    Mine too Rachael.

  22. Uh, why did they just let out a baby wild pig with a baby monkey desperately clinging to its back into what seems to be some public place??? Somehow this setup just doesn’t ring right to me…

  23. Hairy Potto says:

    When I woked up this morning, I didn’t this was gonna see a monkey agoin’ backwards on a pig. That’s for dang sure.

  24. warrior rabbit says:

    I believe this should also be tagged ‘encore,’ no?

  25. Warning – never, ever, ever show this clip to a partner or family member who has a tendency to sing about the house. My BF is now having an uncontrollable “BEBEH MONKEY! BEBEH MONKEY!” afternoon.

    I may have to move.

  26. fleurdamour says:

    I have discovered through trial and error that I can do a creditable impression of the exact “Bebeh Monkeh” vocal stylings. I’m self aware enough to feel sorry for my neighbors, but apparently not enough to stop singing.

  27. Why do I have a vison of Pheobe from friends singing this in Central Perk?

  28. joools in PDX says:

    Smelly Cat FTW!


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