Top Fifty Nosevember Schnozzles 4.0: The Finale!

After a frantic and massive load of Cute-Mails from y’all (thank-you!)..we’ve arrived at Nosevember’s conclusion. [Insert Sadness Emoticon Here. -Ed]

But hey! 🙂 We’ve some 2013 Cute Overload Calendars to give away! We’ve received a HUMONGOUS DELUGE OF TOP QUALITY NOSES, and we’ve been poring over every little, well, pore– trying to decide which are the best. And ya know, it’s TUFF! They’re all FAB and we appreciate everyone taking the time to send ’em in.

We know your little critter is prosh to you, and they’re prosh to us, too.

And you know, we’d really like you to you keep sending us your photos! You put the “u” in Cute Overload! We like this site to be a reflection of You, Our Loyal Peeps!

Remember, JPEGs in a decent size are best. Sharp, clear images and good lighting so we can see all the REDONK DETAILS. Can’t be teeny like a thumbnail, and some big ol’ honkin’ 50mb video file that crashes GMail won’t work, either. (Anytime you send a video link, make sure it’s a YouTube link, k?)

The top three get our new calendar! Boy Howdy!

1. Numero Uno: Reilly’s Freckled Nosicles

Alaidh for the #WIN!

2. Bear

Becky T. got RIGHT UP IN THE SNOOT for thees one.

3. “Mr. Eraser Nose”

“Attached is Alex, aka Mr. Eraser Nose. He’s a big fan of CO and would be so thrilled to make the Nosevember parade of Noses. Their dad Chris took the photos, and proud mama Candace K. passes them along.”

4. Our Bison Buddy! (Yes, A Bison!)

From Gail & Steve R.: “We love our bison! Especially up close with warm grassy breath flowing all over us in big, billowing waves.” [I bet! -Ed]

5. Lucy From The Great White North, Eh?

Via Matthew A.

6. Minnie, ALSO from The Great White North, Eh

From Katia B.

7. The…Schnozzle O’ Shame?

Cello goes to the vet, from Jessie S.

8. “At Least Its Schnozz Is Booger Free”

“The Green Sea Turtle is being checked for health, it’s a young-un from San Diego Bay. At least its schnozz is booger free. I can’t say the same for the eyes.” -Trisha G.

9. Navann Da Bebeh Trunkster W@W

“I’m submitting a nose pic of smiling Navann from Elephant Nature Park. An employee at Elephant Nature Park took this particular one. He’s now 25 days old, and it’s amazing how quickly he’s learning to use his trunk! I work for the foundation at their main office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.” -Mindy P.

10. The Oatmeal

CutePorter Jayme L. checks een: “Oatmeal says, my nose may be small but it still smells big! Happy Nosevember, Cute Overload! Now can I go back to sleep?”


From Erin W. [Speedo! These names kill. -Ed]

12. Bob, King Of All Indoors

“This is our handsome Bob, the shelter told us he was a mess when he came in: broken toe, ripped up nose (see scar), he just couldn’t cut it on the mean streets of Norwalk, CT but now he is thrilled to be a gentle indoor guy, and we are glad to promise him ‘you don’t have to go out there anymore.’ -Jessie G.

13. ‘Allo Olly & Nush!

Alexis M. is the *HIC (*Hoomin In Charge) for Olly (top) & Nush (bottom.)

14. Don’t Dunk OREO In Meelk

Oreo submitted by Kell L. [Try a little dab of peanut butter on an Oreo- fab. -Ed]

15. A Nosevember Camel? Get OUT!

From Brook S. at the Giraffe Ranch in Dade City, FL.

16. RIP To Bow-Wow

“This is Bow-Wow, a dear friend’s Rottie who passed away about 3-4 years ago. We took care of him during Christmas for a whole week while his parents were away- at that point his front left leg has already been amputated due to cancer. Six months later it had spread to his chest. He was special.” [We agree, Sandra L. -Ed]

17. Manzo, Cover UP, Dude

“This is a picture of my Australian Cattle Dog, Manzo, sleeping. He always sleeps on his back, legs spread! So Adorable, not to mention his big nose!” -Louise D.

18. People, Send Some Loves to GINI STAT

Melinda says: “She is Gini, a Shar-Pei Girl. Now 5 years old, but this pic was taken in 2007. She is now very ill, has something with her kidney. So please send her some energy to get well. But I hope this nose make you cheerful.” (Eet does, and ‘specially how the PAW sticks RIGHT OUTTA the FOLDABUHL MUZZLEPUFF!)

19. His Name Is..Get Ready..TOBY SPEEDBOAT

Kaitlyn M. sent this maniac in. What a name! [Alright, enough! Just stop. -Ed]

20. Sprocket The Rocket!

“Loving the Nosevember photos! Here’s one of my whippet, Sprocket, who has the World’s Longest Nose….:)” -Sascha G. speaketh the twoof.

21. Slender Snoot + Donut Radar Lock Acquired!

Claire Z. with the 411: “Here’s our boy Briscoe from his 5th birthday a few years ago. You can see how excited he was. Photos by Steve.”

22. Oh, Henry!

From Gina: “This nose belongs to our kitty Henry. He and his sister Kella were found as feral kittens in our backyard and are now living happily as indoor cats.”

23. Lotti Is Busy Now, Can She Call You Back?

“She is Lotti the cat, taking a nap in the garden. Kitty noses rule! :)” -Erika V., Transylvania, Romania. [Wow, gotta look that one up on Google Earth. -Ed]

24. Tibbeh The Kitteh AKA Baboo

Megan S. sent thees photo een, and adds “My cat Tibby (who also goes by the nickname Baboo.)” [Like when Sally calls Linus her “Sweet Baboo?” -Ed]

25. See Ya In a Few Weeks!

“Sasha is the love of my life. A 14 year old Siamese/Persian cross member of our family whom I left behind when I moved to Singapore for my career. I miss her every day and can’t wait to see her at Christmas!” -Joanna C.

26. Corgi Schnozzle + Bonus Grasshopper Action

From Donna B.: “I named her Piper so that when she jumped on people, they would have to say, “Piper Down!”, preferably with a Scottish accent, a la’ Mike Meyers in “So I Married An Ax Murderer.” And they do say it. And it is funny. Every time.”

27. Cone O’ Shame

Puppeh is Ten-Ten, with photos by Janice P.

28. It’s Black, It’s White, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Izzy The Kitteh from Tammy C. Post title concept from MJ.

29. They Don’t Really Need These

Top photo from Marisa F., who sez: “This is Rafiki, aka Ra-FRIKI-Friday, who would make the best librarian ever. I would not mind having to pay all of my library fines if it meant that I was able to pet this adorable little book worm.” Bottom image is of one Baxter Napoleon, by Megan L.

30. Tortoise The Tortoise

From Ellie S.: “This is my tortoise, his name is Tortoise. And just look at that overbite.”

31. Ruble The Miracle Kitteh!

Mira C. sez: “Ruble is officially a miracle kitty now – he fell from a 12 story window about November 9, but magically emerged with hardly a scratch!! OMG I love him!” [Next time you buy lottery tickets, I’d haul him with you. -Ed]

32. Doodle Nom Nom

“His name is Sheriff, a 2.5 year old Golden Doodle,” adds Lisa L.

33. Rosco Da Peeg!

Alexandra G.: “Behold the awesomeness that is Rosco, the Vietnamese Potbelly Pig. No one can resist that cute nose.”

34. !New Word! “Snoozle!”

Jen & Curtis tell us: “We recently adopted her from Milo Foundation and couldn’t be happier she chose us to be her doggy parents! She’s super sweet lab/terrier mix with the funniest, scruffiest beard ever! What a great way to show off her cute snoozle!” [Toby Speedboat..Speedo..Snoozle. Killing me, I swear. Wonder if HuffPo is hiring. -Ed]

35. Ma Nose Smells Like Turkey!

Liza L. says: “This is my 9 year old border collie mix, Philo. He’s a former shelter dog. He’s named for Mount Philo, a terrific hiking spot near our home in Vermont. Important detail: Philo’s nose has a distinctive smell. It smells like leftover turkey. Not kidding.”

36. I’m Warm To The Max

“The temperature recently dropped here in TX. Max was prepared,” says Brandee S.

37. Bebeh Trunkster Schnozzle

Martin V: “Here’s a picture of my sister Laura, who is currently volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, and is getting plenty of quality time with baby Navann! She says he’s very sweet and loves to play with his ball! Best hug ever right??” [Yes. -Ed]

38. Supah ZOOM IN

From Gabriella W.

39. To-Fiiiiiiiiii

Nikki Y. checks in: “Tofi, a 5-year-old Siamese was adopted from Humane Society after being given up by her original owner whose sister developed severe allergies to cats. Our lives were made exponentially more adorabuhl by this blue-eyed sweetie! We love you Tofi-nator!”

40. Mrrmph?

Emily from hoomin Diane B. in SoCal.

41. Hola, Tai-yi

“Tai-yi makes sad puppy face at the camera,” reports Shanna T.

42. Sea Blorpitude!

“Photos from Gardner Bay, Española Island, Galapagos by me and my husband Charles!” -Virginia S.

43. Birman Sky The Blue Point (In Macro Mode!)

Zoomed to the Max by The Blue Rose.

44. OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! 2

“Thank you for filling our lives with schnozzles, corgies, Marus and all the other furry fluffy things. I might have something for Nosevember for you. This is me with the love of my life: Debby, a 20 year old grandma. She is officially retired from work now and just enjoys her life. Lots of love from Berlin, Germany!”- Danke Schön, Natascha K., Danke Schön!

45. Mökö Magic!

“Chinchilla snozzle and some pawz action,” says Riikka K. [Yeah, the Pawz just put eet over the top. -Ed]

46. Happy Snowsvember!

Snows-vember! Geddit? Anyway- Karen S. sez that her doggeh Marvin loves him some Canadian snow. NO, really?

47. What’s Happening, Yakish?

Efrat W. was the sender-inner here.

48. G’Day To Aussie Noiscles, Mate!

Beth M. says, “The finest in Australian noses!” [At least no “Shrimp On The Barbie” cliche’ this time, whew. -Ed]

49. Behold, The Epic Noseness Of The Moose

Bri S.: “For Nosevember, my basset hound Moose and his epic schnozz.”

50. And THAT Is A WrapSchnozz™

Piglet The Wonder Hedgie, presented by Abby S.!

The Super-Deluxe Top 50 Nosevember Schnozzles 4.0 Finale was powered by a single pint of Graeter’s Raspberry Chip Ice Cream. All at once, a straight shot. Burp. Audio inspiration by my Jimmy Buffett iTunes playlist. See y’all next Nosev-

-ember. -Wait! -Where’d YOU Come From? We Wuz Done!

Elaine M.: “Found this little guy on a nearby path and I thought he was dead … but when I went to move him I discovered he was still breathing. Popped him in a shoebox and he perked up in the coolness of the kitchen. This is him trying to make a break for it while waiting for the wildlife rescue volunteer to collect him. His name now: Lazarus.



  1. Jasper's Dad says:

    I think Lucy wins by a nose!

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    Good heavens. What an epic collection of schnozzs. How to choose the best?


  3. Good heavens, I’m exhausted just getting all the way through them – thank you Brinke and all the CO staff! 🙂 My overriding takeaway is that there are wonderful peeps all around the world that love their critters! 🙂 Makes me happy. 🙂

  4. I’m ded from an cute overnosed.

  5. I love the schnozzle o’ shame and the cone o’ shame. They always look so embarrassed! The chinchilla schnozze is super petite schnozzular cuteness!!!

  6. I am . . . overwhelmed.

  7. Seconded, thanks for all the hard work everyone put in, especially all the “models” and the photoagraphers….
    CO truly rulezz!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. I won’t even try to pick a favorite but I must say, baby heffalump Navann makes my heart go pitty pat.

    Thank you, CO staff – there’s a special place in the heavens for youse guys.

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    Wonder how many photographers were sneezed on to create this cute post.

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    The post was worth every lens tissue.

  11. Horse nosies are the best!!

  12. Love ALL the kitties, but the eyes and markings on Olly are exceptionally gorgeous! If I am not mistaken, #38’s name refers to the show Invader Zim. The show’s namesake, Zim, has an addle-brained robot sidekick named GIR. #48 made me immediately exclaim “ROCKO!” I… watch a lot of cartoons.

  13. For some reason, I got Navann confused with Peter — too many amazing resQte Asian heffalumps. Peter the elephant likes musicians, giving smooches, and his favorite song is Maple Leaf Rag:

    Multitalented nose for Nosevember.

  14. And the winner is,
    and winning by just a nose:
    the Schnozzle O’ Shame

  15. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    Now THIS is a Nosevember countdown I can get behind. Lotsa kittehs and other non-doggeh critters representin’. The pups are cute too, I just like some variety. 🙂

  16. Gabriella W says:

    Yup! She’s named after GIR the robot because of her… um… “personality”.

  17. OMG, that is one of the greatest vids I’ve ever seen! Aren’t heffalumps just the best?!

  18. HOW am I supposed to survive all this schnozzular cuteness?? I’m ded, I tell ya’,its kilt me!

  19. Frito feet and popcorn paws everyone talks about. But I thought I was the only person who smelled left over turkey on the top of my dogs head. And not just on one dog but on 2 of the 3 I have had. So occasionally I call her my Turkey Dog.

  20. Ta, Olly’s a Snow Bengal and he loves a bit of a fuss.

  21. I agree……
    Except for kitty noses and elephant trunks and tortoises’ beaks!!!

  22. AWW 😀 I just LOVE all of the kitties here 😀 Where in the “Great White North” does Minnie live, Katia B? 😀 I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 😀

  23. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    51 1/2 days hath Nosevember…I don’t know how to finish the poem.

    Thanks a million for all the noses and the people the noses are attached to, well, not directly, but you know what I mean.

  24. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’m marinating, er, in moderation right now. Don’t know what I did…I’d be remorseful, but I don’t know what I did wrong. Sorry.

  25. fleurdamour says:

    #37 – Trunksicle?

  26. joools in PDX says:

    can anyone tell me please, what flavor of kitty is Olly in #13? those turquoise eyes are mesmereyesing!

  27. He’s a Snow Bengal, from Suntouched Bengals. Has a beautiful temperament and a little pink schnozz!

  28. I live with Minnie and five other cats in St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec !! 🙂

  29. Are there any more fun theme months? I know we have Tocktober and Nosevember, but are there more? I want some Frogust or Januhairy or Febmooary! The short-named months are just not as fun.

  30. joools in PDX says:

    Thank you Alexis! Googling them now!

  31. The bison schnozz came complete with breath scented like lawn clippings and bonus noogie drippin’s! My sweetie took the photo!

  32. Hahahaha! I love those names! We NEED those months! 😀

  33. Shaz aka Alaidh says:

    Teresa, Reilly’s freckled schnozz is very close to you. We’re in Surrey, and he’s a VOKRA kitty. 🙂

  34. Shaz aka Alaidh says:

    Thank you so much for choosing Reilly! He’s come a long way since I adopted him. About 5 years ago, a couple in a nearby city brought home two fluffy orange Maine Coon kitties and did not get them altered. They reproduced until there were around 40 cats and kittens, all orange and all related to that very first two.

    The SPCA had to raid the home, and were thinking they might have to put many, if not all, to sleep. The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) was able to take over care of the cats. Most have been adopted into loving homes. There are approximately ten left in foster in a building at a riding stable in Vancouver. The building is outfitted especially for them, and volunteers, plus the stable owner, come in several times a day to care for them.

    I adopted my two boys – Reilly and Finlay – two years ago. The most I’d seen of Reilly, before bringing him home, was his big fluffy tail disappearing into a hiding place. Finlay would cower in one of the cat beds on a shelf in the building at the stable.

    It took a long time, but both boys now love to cuddle. Reilly loves tummy scritches and snorgles!

    I hope it’s okay to post this. Here is a photo of some of reilly’s brothers and sisters, right after rescue.

  35. Shaz aka Alaidh says:

    Oh, and I should mention that his full name is Reilly Seamus O’Fluffington.

  36. bob drummond says:

    I’ll take the turtles and hedgie noses anytime , thank you !!!

  37. is it BEFcember yet?

  38. lensaddiction says:

    Ooooh I finally got an image accepted and posted!!!! YAY #43 is me

  39. Mökö says thanks for the compliments on her chinchilla snozzle! She and her sis are currently nesting in my hoodie, another fave thing of theirs to do. 😀

  40. Um….skoose me….but why are there no ferret nosicles? I don’t want to come across all grumpy with you guys cos I think the line up is excellent but I was sure a slinky-pants would be able to squeeze in there somewhere, they get in everywhere else I can tell ya! I have some pictures and videos of some fine ferret snozzles if you are running short? 😉

  41. YEE HAW and YAHOO!!!! *shares victory dance with lensaddiction*

  42. YAY for bison schnozz & lawn bref & sweeties!!!

  43. I’m Philo’s person– turkey nose indeed– the only other dog I’ve met who has a similarly odiferous nose was my friend Wendy’s sweet collie, Livvie. It’s a wonderful, gamey smell.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Hmmmm. Fantastically nosical. I love #33, Rosco the Peeg because what’s going on there in front of the nostrils conjures up fond memories of beaded curtains hanging in doorways.

  45. yaaaay #25 is my big fatty, sasha. only 18 days until i fly back and give her a big cuddle! to which she will do the typically stuck up cat thing and wriggle out of my arms and ignore me for a day or two in protest.

  46. Are there no Aussies in the house? How could a koala nose miss?

    Needs to boop a koala nose.

  47. misscrisp says:

    Ruble Kopeck the Miracle Kitty is sending a victory nose-bump to the other 49 schnozzles. We are honored to be #31! And fully recovered from that little 12 story flying attempt. Thank you CO ❤

  48. thank you for including my camel nose (#15). 🙂