Tiny Jimmy Durante Spotted at St. Louis Zoo

Whoops! That’s not Jimmy Durante, that’s baby Colobus monkey, Kivuli. My bad.

Here she is hanging out with her mom, Jimmy Durante Cecelia.

Via Zooborns, photo by Ray Meibaum, St. Louis Zoo


  1. Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash :)

  2. Wherever you are.


  4. Ya took da woids right outta my mouf!

  5. ha cha cha cha

  6. What a beautiful monkey. I hope mama’s happier than she looks.

  7. Mama munkeh is one striking lady, a vision in black and white. The face mask reminds me of the coif and veil worn by nuns when I was in parrochial school, while the delicate, floating white hair down her sides remind me of an egret’s wings… There is such wistfulness in her deep set eyes, though… I wonder if she misses romping through the forest, wild and free…

  8. Beautifully said, Madame X.

  9. Naw, she’s thinking “Hmpf. Gotta smack that kid’s knuckles with my ruler. Or maybe rap him on the head with my rosary.”

  10. Ha, cha, cha, cha. :-)

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    Speaking of zooborns, we here in the Portland, OR neighborhood have welcomed a new bebeh elephump today! Mom and daughter doing fine, last I heard. I will try to link something in case y’all want to check it out.. here goes.. (crossing fingers)..


  12. Elaine From L.A. says:

    Wow, a fellow Portlander here on CO~~hello! :~)

  13. I think there are a few of us Portlanderers here! :)

  14. the new baby is so fuzzy and tall and all “what are these ‘legs’ things?” I’m excited to learn her new name!

  15. You remember Jimmy Durante? I thought it was only me, who comes from the age of dinosaurs. Well, OK, the age of giant mammals, or whatever it was called. I loved him.

  16. That’s a lot of inter-generational monkey disapproval, right there.

  17. Jimmy Durante or Squidward..?..hmmm….

  18. HOW ees hee Jimmy Durante? He has a leetle schnozz!

  19. PS:


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