IN SOICH OF: The Lost Carrot!

The middle of the night.

You’ve got the munchies.

The fridge is empty.

You know you left a carrot in the living room somewhere.

But where?

[The smooshy little coive of the back tapering into perfect ‘tocks, + the GRAY ROUND TAIL BALL- just a bonus. -Ed]

“Attached you will find a photo of my sweet little bun, Stormy Omaha, shot by Susie Phillips. This one is of a naughty bun trying to eat my palm tree! Hope you enjoy!” -Stephanie K.


  1. Never mind the ‘tocks. Look at that soft belleh!

  2. Clairdelune says:

    Just perfect for gentle rubbing and scritching!

  3. And those adorable front paws!

  4. And teh fuzzeh ears!

  5. “Hmm, if I don’t solve this mystery soon, I’m going to have to call Hare-cule Poirot.”

  6. *waving pom-poms, crazy dance kicks, high decibal trilling, glitter showers and ticker tape throwing* I liked it…..and I think I’ve hurt mineself… *limping away*

  7. gives her a band-aid and a bwankie.

  8. Thanks Fird. You takes good care of us.

  9. ;)

  10. ~this Agatha Christie fan bows to you~

  11. Hare-Cule Carr-oit?

  12. Unbelievable, but that line’s even better!

  13. he prolly got confused – the plant/pot combo looks a bit like a carrot itself…

  14. Excellent observation!

  15. Poor little rabbit has lost his carrot. Well you know what they say:
    Hare today, gone tomorrow.

  16. “hare, hare”

  17. Everything about this bun is just insanely cute. I want to nom on him/her. Also, Stormy Omaha? Can we get an explanation of that name?

  18. Stephanie K says:

    Thank you, she is quite nomable. I brought her home on a dark and stormy night (creative, right?) and Omaha is the hometown of my favorite band, 311.

  19. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    Maybe the rabbit is a weather forecaster.

  20. Oh, gosh. Teh FLOOF…

  21. Well, if her peeps had simply left several carrots out and about, she wouldn’t be nudgin’ around under that palm tree, now, would she???

  22. I concur.

  23. be careful…many palms including sago palm are very toxic!

  24. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I can sympathize with not being able the carrot. My bun has laid down on his carrots before, only to express confusion when he could not see them. Maybe he was keeping them warm.

  25. Ehn!!

  26. He left it right after making that right toin in Albakoykie…or is that Al-ba-ker-KAY?

  27. Is he standing on his tippy toes? Awww

  28. That IS a very pattable bottom!

  29. There ain’t no butt like a bunnybutt!


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