Any Fan of the Marx Brothers would Recognize this Facial Expression Anywhere

It’s a Gookie!

Little grey Margaret Dumont kitty is nonplussed.
Katherine P. introduces us to “Gu (pronounced Goo) and Giblet. Gu has the squishy face, and Giblet is the little grey kitten.” Now if we could just get Gu to play the harp and honk a horn! Unfamiliar with Harpo Marx and the Gookie? go here.



  1. Who ever bread that poor cat should be shot.

  2. rescue gal says:

    Figures- that comment will never make it through moderation jail.

  3. “Say the Secret Word and win $100”.

  4. acid re-flux…I know that feel

  5. “I hate wakin’ up.”



  7. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    That fluffy creamsicle cat swallowed the gray one!

  8. but would he ever join a club that would have someone like him as a member?

    I know, I know, wrong M. Bro…

  9. You’re right, cats should not be breaded. Most of them are crusty enough without a crispy coating.

  10. Ahem. I believe that’s pronounced “woid”.

  11. Kari Callin says:

    “Buuurp! Ugh. I think that out dated milk is coming back on me.”

  12. SlaveTocat says:

    My kitty looked just like that when he had an abscessed tooth.

  13. SlaveTocat says:

    The breading part isn’t too bad. It’s giving the kitty a dunk in the egg bath and a dusting of flour that gets their dander up.

  14. SlaveTocat says:

    OH NO Run away it’s it’s it’s the GOOOKIE MONSTER.
    He’s gonna eat all your chocolate chip gookies.

  15. I always thought gookies were the cruft that accumulated in the corners of one’s eyes during sleep.

    But I love this scrinched-up look and wonder if big orange just doesn’t like teh kittenz!

  16. Breading is a must if it’s panko! Panko makes everything better.

  17. use less flour, then they’re not so crusty, just a little intempurate…

  18. Alice Shortcake says:

    Gu should get together with Colonel Meow and Tard – the Holy Trinity of Feline Disapproval!

  19. With a little bit of tandoori seasoning in the breading…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  20. That’s the face I make when I clean the cat box! 😆

  21. Theresa wins! ❤

  22. I’m a Marx Bros. fan and even an Animaniacs fan, but I was unaware of the term.

  23. I’d forgotten about it. Now I feel the urge to pull out my Marx Bros DVDs!

    Also, props to your username. I love Diablo!

  24. *corrected, correctly!!* 🙂

  25. ehn she’s fully accustomed to being in the Winner’s Circle!!!

    Enjoy the Circle of Roses, Theresa!!

  26. I bet Giblet’s a cuddler.

  27. AWW 😀 Is Giblet a boy kitty or a girl kitty, Katherine P.? 😀 Is poor Gu a boy kitty or a girl kitty? 😦 I worry about kitties with squishy faces not breathing or eating normally 😦

  28. Hi! I’m Kate, Gu and Giblet’s mommy. Giblet *is* a super-cuddy (and super-hyper) little boy kitty. Gu is actually both–I know that’s odd, but she was spayed, I was told she was a girl by vets and so on, but she also has…a boy part. We call her a girl anyways since that’s how she started out. In spite of the squishy face, the underbite, and so on, she is *very* healthy. She has no trouble breathing, and in spite of looking very grumpy is a very happy cat. We have long conversations (although neither of us understand each other), she’s very playful, and very affectionate. She has a little trouble eating, but we have a couple of dishes for her so she can easily scoop up food with her underbite. The vet just told me how healthy she was the other day, and how impressed they were a squishy-faced cat was thriving so well.

    Giblet just joined our home two months ago, and is quite active. He and our other kitty Gravy chase each other around a lot. As you may be able to tell, my husband and I adore them. He was delighted to find them today on cuteoverload (I hadn’t told him I sent in the picture)!

  29. If I remember correctly, Gu is transgender. She’s lived life as a girl, but Kate P. discovered, years after owning her, that she also has boy parts.

  30. tommygirl says:

    Them some sour apples!

  31. I’m sorry, but “In spite of the squishy face, the underbite, and so on”? She can’t even eat properly! If she is otherwise healthy, that’s a good thing of course, but please people remember that most squishy-faced cats or wrinkle-faced dogs are this lucky. They may look cute to some, but is a cute pet really better than a healthy one?

    I can’t help but feel sorry for the cat. Not knowing her personally makes it very hard to believe she’s doing okay. This photo just hurts me.

  32. I can vouch for both Gu’s viability and Kate’s extreme care for all her pets. And, I’m not sure what you are suggesting here. It sounds at first like you are advocating against breeding these animals as many do have health problems, but then it also sounds as though you are somehow implicating Kate. As she said, Gu is fixed. Kate is not breeding Gu. What she and her husband ARE doing is taking very good care of their pets.

  33. Believe it! She’s a sweetie and very well taken care of by Kate and her husband. You have a point about breeding, but as Kate mentioned, Gu is fixed. And spoiled. And probably the cutest cat other than my late Jasper ever.

  34. Well, that’s your prerogative. She is a very happy cat, and since I saved her from being destroyed at the humane society, I’m pretty sure she’s a lot happier getting treats, little bits of cheese, hanging out on the porch, and getting tons of pets and cuddles than…dead.

    I’m guessing you were assuming I got her from some breeder by your tone. Nope. She and her brother were dropped off at a shelter by an old lady who couldn’t care for them anymore. The biggest regret of my life is that I couldn’t take them both in.

  35. Who wouldn’t appreciate a loving home, with Giblets and Gravy on the side? I’m just surprised you didn’t call her “Stuffing.” 😉

  36. I guess that would make Kate trans-parent.

  37. Crazy Pants says:

    Thank you Kate P for being a good person and a good parent. I’m glad Gu got to come home with you.

  38. Somebody slap a Rescutie tag on this. I have issues wih certain breeding practices too but thankfully someone was able to take in this furry enigma and give them a good life.

    Not surprised that Giblet’s a real cuddler, so soft and attached to their big, uh, sibling.

  39. “furry enigma” 10/10!!

  40. Patricia Shapiro says:

    I learned something from this “string” of comments – that sometimes some of us (and I include myself) are perhaps a little quick to judge. I too thought that the big cat was an example of bad breeding but did not realize the current owner had rescued it from a shelter. So thanks to that kind person!!

  41. doomchild says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Kate, missed the part that she is a rescue kitteh. It still is hard to believe that a cat like that could be healthy, but clearly this one is.. which is good of course 🙂

    Oh, and Alanjblair: I am absolutely against breeding sick animals.

  42. This face so reminds me of my all time favorite Marx brother scene where Harpo invades a punch and judy show;

  43. The soundtrack is very odd… Harpo isn’t the same without his noises.

  44. Ha, great trivia! Loved learning about the “Gookie”.