Three Not-Pug* Night

True fact: According to Wikipedia, the classic rock group Three Dog Night took its name from indigenous Australians, who curled up with dogs at night for warmth. Most nights, one dog would do, but on the coldest nights three dogs were needed.

Joy to the world, Joyce K. (via

* OK, so they’re French Bulldogs.


  1. lisaLassie says:

    OMG, that woman had the cutest quadruplets. Identical it seems. Pug noses..;check. Bulging eyes…check. Short stubbular appendages…check. No neck…check. Except one of them seems to have a hair loss problem. And only that one has a pacifier. I guess it’s to get him used to looking a little funny being bald and all. At least his flat ears keep him safe from Tracylee.

  2. heh… I’ll *snicker* at it too…

    even the funny-looking dog is still pretty cute, despite the non-nommable ears

  3. *snicker* *cough*

  4. Pugcifiers

  5. I love these people.

  6. Man, loose skin on the one on the top left… Hehehe.

  7. Maybe it’s a handle for easy carrying?

  8. I was thinking his pyjamas were kinda bagging up around his neck…

  9. actually baggied-up jammies/skin on both top level bebbies

  10. Lucky bebeh is sleeping under luxury sheets with a high shed-count.

  11. How the hell do you do that?

  12. Nobody knows, trixandsam. It’s a fundamental mystery of the Universe.

  13. they look like french bull dogs to me.

  14. Um, I’m not one to ruin a good pu(g)n – but I think these cuties are French bulldog pups…

  15. That’s what I thought. Those are not pug ears.

  16. Definitely frenchie pups.

  17. yes, french bull dogs!

  18. Are they pugs? Look like French bulldogs.

  19. I came here just to say that.

  20. NOMTOM has literary license to be creative.

  21. I myself often experience six-cat nights.

  22. LOL! me too… well, five or six, not all of them like to cuddle.

  23. Now that is a blankie I would never, ever, ever (did I say EVER?) outgrow.

  24. frogdog330 says:

    Definitely Frenchies! Look at those ears ^ ^ : )

  25. Sleeping with three dogs is the best thing EVER on a cold winter’s night. Especially when you’ve got a fluffy one who likes to wedge up behind you with his nose in the back of your neck… blowing warm air as he snores. :)

  26. Clean up, aisle 4! Grab a mop and bukkit, I’ve been turned into a puddle.

  27. This is so sweet I’m gonna need to go to the dentist!

  28. wot, all these comments and nobody is outraged over the two-legged bebbeh???
    Have you all lost your sensitivities to possible commentroversies?????
    O the infanity!!!

  29. I for one am disgruntled, Fird. The human baby is cute & all, but think of the drool and other “substances” he/she could get all over those poor defenseless petit chiens (sp?)! It’s just too frightening to think about! ;-)

  30. :)

    (and, by the way, your Frawnsche was 99.7 % parfait. Just needed one little “s” on the adjective “petit” to go with the plural “chiens” !!!)

  31. Definitely Frenchies. Look at those nonexistent tails! So much cuteness though

  32. those are french bulldogs, not pugs. But i guess pugs works for the title

  33. I think my head just exploded. Anyone else?

  34. OH yeah. Good thing I have at least 9 lives cuz I just used another one from death by cuteness. I mean, for realz???! This is off-the-chart keeyooot!!

  35. me 2. brains cellums all over the ceiling!

  36. This might just be the cutest thing I have ever, ever, EVER seen.

  37. Matchingks!

  38. . . .
    All the boys and girls
    Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
    Joy to you and me!

  39. YAY Three Dog Night Myuzik!!!

    The Bullfrog

    A Good Friend of Mine.

  40. Why not just call it Three French Bulldog night, or Three Frenchy Night? I don’t quite get the Three Not-Pug Night. They ARE French Bulldogs aren’t they? Well, three of them…

  41. I can explain. The original title was “Three Pug Night,” but several readers noticed that in my zeal for a clever title I had misidentified the breed. So I retitled the post in a way that made fun of my own error.

  42. I still say it was creativity, not an error. ;)

  43. Besides, “Three Pug Night” sounds like a riff on “Three Dog Night,” whereas “Three Frenchy Night” doesn’t sound like a riff on anything.

  44. Surprised no one has stolen his passy. The night is young.

  45. Holy crap that’s cute.

  46. bob drummond says:

    : – ) ; – ) :- }


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