Maximum Max Relax

Max relaxes better than anyone else. Note the pokey Stubbular Pawz and the Left and Right Ears that go ZOINK in each direction, like they’re pullin’ in DirecTV or sumfin’.  #Givemeabreakwillyouplease.

Kathleen S. sent in thees photo (that’s actually Teddy but they’re all MAX to us.)



  1. He’s in a full burn!!!

  2. HOLY SMOKES those ears! I could nom for days. days I tell you.

  3. Good thing the CO Police have put you in restraints 🙂
    Rehab’s no fun, tl 😦

  4. He’s sliding into first! Safe!

  5. Look at those juicy lil jelly-toe-beans!!

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    Should I nom the earsies, kees the forehead spot or boop the nosicle first? Decisions, decisions….

  7. I know! Can’t decide whether I want cotton candy flavored or black licorice.

  8. Can nobody see the blubulent tummeh? It’s what slays me!

  9. Oh goody, I have that fat puppeh belleh all to myself!

  10. I keep tellin y’all, ear-nomming is not something to go to ‘hab for!

    so Ah say noo, noo, no.
    *sticks tongue out*

  11. Clairdelune says:

    must have been a long hard slide, ’cause he’s napping now…

  12. pupfanatic says:

    Go ahead and nom nom, just leave a leetle bit for the rest of us?!

  13. His ears are ready to drive.