I Love the Smell of Fail in the Morning

When a covert job requires ultimate stealth and skill, the kittens of Fail Team Six are there. No hiding place is beyond their reach, and their only enemy… is gravity.

Sender-inner Hilary K. says: “Ok admittedly, some of these kinda freaked me out (like the cat on the roof! OMG is he ok?!) but so many of them are just too funny to pass up!”



  1. I’m torn between laughing and cringing at some of the falls. I wish they would have kept filming a little longer to show the kitties were OK.

  2. I had a kitten fall and fracture his hip. 😦 He is fine now fortunately. So I am a bit sensitive about these….same with human fall vids. Falling and maybe getting hurt nowt funny to me. I guess I am a stick in the mud.

    My two cents. 🙂

  3. That’ll do, cats . Poor guys/gals; they could use a refresher course in navigation.

    Perhaps send them to Maru Camp for some Accuracy Exercises????

  4. I got this!

  5. If anyone needed “curiosity killed the cat” illustrated… hopefully these kittes are actually okay.

  6. Saffron, I’m right there with you. I’ll admit I found some of the “stunts” amusing but some of them must’ve been really painful. I don’t know how you could watch your kitteh do these things and not rush over to make sure they were okay.

  7. “hold me catnip and watch this! ” 😉

  8. The two falling off ladders made me hope they didn’t land on the bottom rung. I’m sure most of the other kitties were ok, and it was a good finale!

  9. Such klutzy kittehs! Although they were cute, it was an overload of stress watching them fall. I hope they all walked away unscathed.

  10. Jackie Rose says:

    I’m right there with you. Marco the Magnificat lost one of his back legs after falling off a bookcase and tearing the ACL in his knee. After two surgeries trying to repair his knee, he lost the use of his leg and it had to be amputated. So, yeah, I agree. I wanted to pick up all the kitties and make sure they were okay.

  11. Me too! Poor babies! I can imagine many of them limping away meowing ‘I’m ok! I’m ok!’ when really they’re not, and they’re hurting.

  12. kitteh running across the pink wall and itty bitty kitty climbing down the rope at the end were definitely not fails. I’m guessing they were added in to show the other kittehs how it is done

  13. I agree that not all cats land on their feet and these falls can result in death. I had a cat break its back and die after falling from the roof. But I must say, that last kitten going down the rope…that’s some talent! Get that cat on the X Factor!

  14. Marco the Magnificat! Great name! Poor wee chap; how is he getting along ok without his leg now?

  15. Poor kitties, but I actually cried with laughter at some od these.

  16. I agree… I could never film and just watch.. it’s obvious they will fall and some look like pretty evil falls. 😦 I couldn’t watch the rest.

  17. Catwhisperer says:

    Same here! Although trying not to disturb my office mate who was on the phone. Now I’m exhausted and must get more coffee & a donut.

  18. fleurdamour says:

    It’s like Jackass, with cats.

  19. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry about some of these O.o Just hope kittehs are OK.

  20. Spider-kitty and Rope-kitty FTW!

  21. I used to tell my cats, when they would fall or come close to falling, “Don’t fall. It’s uncatlike.”

    Then along came the internet. I don’t tell them that anymore.

  22. I was going to say the exact same thing. Those two are AWESOME!

  23. THing is, with cats. They don’t learn.

    The owners probably just filmed these because they HAVE seen their cats do this multiple times, and the cats most likely came out of it alright, and decided to try again.

    Our Chihuahua has done stupid careless things like this (Not to cat-like extremes, but still) constantly. At first, we worried. Now-a-days, we just roll our eyes and laugh at her. If she ever DOES get injured, we’ll say “Told ya so.” and whisk her to the vet.

  24. I guess my kitteh is not as big a klutz as I thought – compared to some of these guys.

  25. Poor Marco the Magnificat. Is he OK????
    Please let us know….

  26. Same here. I find this somewhat disturbing. It also makes you think why their owners didn’t prevent them from trying some of these stunts but were filming instead…

  27. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Wow! And I thought my Chimay was a master at this type of thing…at least she just jumps on the tops of doors and the shower stall. 🙂

  28. Jackie Rose says:

    Marco the Magnificat is wonderful and the light of my life. The incident happened 11 years ago, and he still takes every step I do. He’s a hale and hearty senior putty-tat who’ll be 18 in January.

  29. kitty running across not one but two walls…bravo

  30. My parrot will intentionally “fall” off a perch when he wants attention and then calls for help from the bottom of his cage. He’ll even hold out a wing as if he’s truly hurt. Took me a long time (and a few rushed trips to the vet) to learn the difference. We had an epic parrot fail in the house last night when he took off and flew into a dark room and then had to execute a landing using IFR (instrument flight rules) instead of VFR (visual flight rules). Fear not: all was well, but the landing was a classic.

  31. bookmonstercats says:

    I’d love to have seen your epic fail parrot!!

  32. Also, the terminal velocity of a cat is less than the velocity required to do fatal damage. When cats injure themselves falling the problem lies with what they fell on, any obstructions they met on the way down, and the age of the cat. (Older cats are more likely to break something.) Most of these cats look fairly young, even if they do lack depth perception. The ones I was the most worried about were the ones that we see running away at the end, so I’m sure all of them are just fine.

  33. I cringed at a lot of these, but I have to say my fave part was the last kitteh that climbed down the rope. That was sweet. The one I had to really laugh at though was the one that fell in the fish tank. My cat used to do that. We couldn’t keep him out of the room where it was because of the house design, but after a few dips he finally learned to stay off it!

  34. I spent the entire vid exclaiming, over and over, “Oh, KITTY!” Good thing I’m alone at the moment.

  35. I do hate this type of video, but I must admit that when my own 18-lb burly hunk of a cat jumps up on the bathroom counter and misses every now and then, I do snicker. But I also reassure him that “I didn’t see that, don’t worry, You’ll get it next time.”

  36. Yay Marco!!! ❤ ❤

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    The one I was most sympathetic to was the hefty one trying to do pull-ups on the bunk bed. I would totally have jumped over to grab him when he fell off and was hanging! Loved the kitteh at the end on the rope, too. I assumed all kittehs were ok, that owners didn’t film more because they rushed to check on kitteh and wouldn’t have posted on the interwebs if their kitteh had been hurt. I hope.

  38. *sigh* Kitties who often act before they think through….

  39. Birdcage, I’d pay to see that. What a riot! Talk about a dramatic parrot. 🙂

  40. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I give them the benefit of a doubt there. Most owners know their pets pretty well and sometimes, if you have tried to stop them from, say, climbing on shelves for years and it still doesn’t work, you just learn to accept that it’s how they’ll be and while you’re at it, you might as well upload a video to YouTube.

  41. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I really liked that one because the cat likely had a fluffy bed to land on and it really looked like he slowly realized he wasn’t going to pull himself up and he just let resigned himself to hanging off and slowly melting.

  42. It isn’t like theses kittehs were showing off, this is what it means to be a cat and they act this way whether someone is filming or not.

  43. cat at 1:34 must be persian

  44. File this video under the Heading “Hey Guys!!! Watch THIS!!!” 🙂

  45. I could watch the baby tuxie that just barely reaches and falls ALL DAY LONG! I also assumed that if the kitties were seriously hurt, their owners wouldn’t want to put the videos up (that would be evil!), so in my mind everybody was ok and just needed some pride band-aids 🙂 And, as a cat owner and cat lover, I laugh everytime my Moose falls, they just look so embarrassed!

  46. So cat people are relaxed housekeepers?

  47. Oh, Poor Marco the Magnificat (great name, BTW)! One of my four fur babies, Topik, broke his hind leg when jumping from the kitchen table to the floor. Go figure. And it was Sunday afternoon. I spent two nervous hours calling all vets in the city before I found one that was willing to see Topik. Fortunatelly, it all ended well. And now I know the most reliable vet in the city 🙂

  48. I kept waiting for at least one of them to shout “Medic!”. xD.

  49. Love the wall walker, the Plinko guy and the cutie at the end!

  50. sabrina rose says:

    Well…this video bothered me a lot. Many of the stunts were too dangerous to be funny, and I disliked hearing laughter while people filmed an animal attempting something which could cause it to break a leg, a back, some teeth. But possibly I am being over-sensitive, and maybe “no animals were harmed while making this movie.”

  51. kibblenibble says:

    I must add a “Me, too!” to all the concerned folks above. A few of these made me giggle, but most made me scream, “Oh, no!” I’m overprotective of Minnie and George, and have cat-proofed my home as much as possible, even removing my shower doors after Minnie had a close call with them. Some cats are crazy little dare-devils, all right, but I would not have been just standing there filming most of these.

  52. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    They aren’t stunts though. They’re cats being cats. They’re animals. They don’t know better sometimes and they get into a lot of trouble. I don’t think there being cruel by putting up the video. These are animals doing stupid things. The videos are funny because they’re not people.

  53. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:


    Stupid phone.

  54. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I’m not sure whether some of you are over sensitive or I’m being under sensitive ( is that a thing?). I laughed at all of these because 1) they’re animals doing stupid things and 2) there’s no point in worrying or being upset because the deed is done. This is all past tense. I refuse to think “that cat might have broken a leg!” when there’s no evidence of that. And I refuse to think the people behind the camera are in some way awful people for doing what millions of other people are doing. A man in DC killed a puppy with a slab of cement. THAT is something I am upset about. This, not so much. He’s going to jail, by the way, but not for long enough.

  55. Indeed. I think I’d freak out if I saw a cat do that. It’s a bit freaky.

  56. I agree. I had to turn it off, it hurt so bad to think they were hurt.

  57. smallthunder says:

    I see the video is called “Cat Special Forces” — at least in English. I wonder if the Russian actually says, “Ground Forces,” because that’s where all these kitties end up.

  58. *snicker* 😉

  59. And not to forget, cats DO have 9 lives. But I hear you all, I do understand everybody´s concern!

  60. Who ever said that cats are elegant is just full of sh*t… *snicker* 😉

    The reality is that about 75% of the time they are really very, very clumsy!

  61. Same here 😀

  62. You, too! Believe me, Ranyit, I would be the first one rushing to see if the kitty is okay in each and every video.

  63. Nope. It’s “Special Forces”. These cats ARE special, aren’t they?:)

  64. I too was concerned for some of them… but I gots to believe that if your cat had broken its leg doing something stupid you would probably not post the leg-breaking incident online in the form of a stupid home video… right?!

    So I’m guessing all of these cats were fine, else their owners would not have shared the cat’s humiliation with us.

  65. My cat Sam tried to execute a flying leap from the sink onto the refrigerator (an old-fashioned model with a rounded top). He missed, couldn’t pull himself up on the slick surface, and slid all the way down the side of the fridge into the open trash can. After he got the potato peels off his back, he was just fine. This was before YouTube, so there’s no video. LOL!

  66. I have a cat who somehow manages to get on top of the refrigerator from time to time (we’re not really sure how, it’s too high for a single jump and there’s not really anything of intermediate height nearby). The trouble is, once she gets up there, she doesn’t really know how to get down, so she just mews pathetically until someone comes and rescues her. I just hope she doesn’t get stuck up there while no one’s home!

  67. I don’t think of the “what ifs” either. My older kitties are clumsy as all get out and it’s harder for them to get up on the bed. But they can still do it. On a rare occasion, they will slip off the side and I have to run and help them. They’re usually so embarrassed that they leave the room. Once they get too old to make it, I’ll put stairs up for them, but I figure they can use the exercise for now. I love silly, daredevil kitties.