THIS JUST IN: Pup Adopts Noisemakers

According to The Telegraph, when a tiger mom in a Russian zoo rejected her three cubs, a white Swiss Shepherd dog named Tallim stepped in to nurse them. Now the screechy cubs have their bellies full — and are giving their new mom quite an ear full.



  1. Oh my! That is an amazingly loud screech for such a little morsel!

    I’ll have to remember to play this at home tonight to see how my big kittehs react. 🙂

  2. Oh my stinkin’ GOSH! “Blaaaaaah! blaaaah! bleeaaaahh!” 😆

  3. It just doesn’t get any better than this. What a dear, sweet mommy. ♥♥♥

  4. man, dogs are the best.

    also, those are my kind of kittens!

  5. Sounds like a Faux News broadcast.

  6. Love the feets at the :57 mark.

  7. A whole lotta screeching’ with no content? Yup.

  8. They sound like Jerry Lewis!

  9. oh my the cuteness is almost unbearable!

  10. Now I know what caterwauling really mean!!! 😆

  11. Lol, their ears haven’t popped yet, so they look like giant Scottish Folds.

  12. Fleurdamour says:

    I guess milk is milk.

  13. Truth be told, that’s what I sound like when the alarm goes off in the morning.

  14. good one!

  15. My Maine Coon regularly makes a loyd, screechy, raspy sound very similar to this — when he wants food very badly. I call it his “Eeeeeeeedhhhhhhk!” sound.


    (which is actually a bit appropos in these particular circumstances 😉 )

  17. Mom: “Now, dear, remember. Try to use your WORDS!!!!” 😉

  18. joools in PDX says:

    That’s a lot of bark for those with no bite (teeth, that is)… but insanely cute.

  19. rescue gal says:

    “Ehn- hard to fierce when my feets won’t co-operate”!

  20. Wow. Someone has a lot to say!

  21. One of mine was right in front of the speakers, and she did NOT like the sound. She seemed worried. I wonder why?

  22. Scream and LEAP, little Kzinti, scream and leap.
    You’ll show those monkeyboys, one day.

  23. lisaLassie says:


  24. hahahaa 🙂

  25. “Waitress! Waitress! The service at this establishment is terrible.”

  26. And get a name!

  27. They’re yelling to her “HEEYYY LAAADYY!”

  28. Kitteh Mouf says:

    And the award for crabbiest sound ever made by a living thing goes to…

  29. Thanks, CO- I needed a happy tiger story today. Pt. Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA lost another of their Sumatran tigers yesterday. Sigh…it’s been a bad couple of years for tigers at that zoo.

  30. Geez, so demanding, it’s like they’re king of the jungle or something.

  31. what? what? what?

  32. Lil bebbeh says “HEAR ME ROAR!!!!”

  33. Alice Shortcake says:

    Another Thing I Learned From Cute Overload: baby tigers sound like lambs!

  34. How ’bout “Speaker-to-Cameras”?

  35. OMG, I want a little tiger! I fits perfectly well in my handbag 😉

  36. DED


    Well, we know he/she is in Heaven now!!

  38. *snerk*

  39. I sure hope they don’t try to EAT mommy when they grow up!!!

  40. Yes, I was impressed with how imperious they sound! “And I mean NOW!”

  41. Wow. What a good doggie! Those bebehs are already trying to be ferocious beasts … I just saw “Life of Pi”… what a magnificent tiger in that movie!!

  42. 🙂

  43. GracieCat ran all the way upstairs to see what I had up here. Concern? Jealousy?

  44. They also sound just a little bit like the Aflac Duck!

  45. I just want to thank Cute Overload and the CO community for the comments here. Much better than what’s on the Youtube page.

  46. i have pretty much stopped reading comments anywhere else.

  47. An adult? Or one of the new non-sib cubs? I couldn’t find any news on their website.

    So sad about the tiger–they’re incredible.

  48. I wonder if they think they’re dogs right now.

  49. As cute as they are loud…

  50. Youtube comments are the worst, reading them will make you lose all faith in humanity. I’ve heard people say comments on sports sites are equally bad, but as tedious as all those “I’ve been saying this for weeks, so-and-so is a bum, he chokes at every opportunity, now this-other-guy here is a true winner, and a real class act…” comments are, they never make me yearn for zombie apocalypse.

  51. 4leafclover says:

    Here we go… Another “Tiger Mom” controversy!

  52. I googled it, and the news reports say that it died of lymphona and kidney disease, and that it was rather old. I think there was nothing they could do for the poor creature.

  53. They will not 😀 They will think of that mommy dog as their mommy, Cheryl Ann Tomlin 😀

  54. Well all three have the LUNGS for it 😀