Oh, Go Ahead, I Don’t Mind…

Feel free to sleep in my bed. The bed the Tall Dogs bought just for me, where I’ve slept since I was a puppy. Whose foam cushioning has molded to the exact contours of my body and retained my unique scent to comfort and reassure me. Where I often soar in nightly reverie, through bacon-scented clouds, over fields of kibble, aching with joy at visions of ineffable beauty until again I awaken, my spirit rejuvenated, to face the new day in all its promise.

Seriously, it means nothing to me.

Jessica J. says: “Hey guys! I just adore these photos of my mom’s dog and cat. Chloe is pleading for help to get her bed back, because she’s sure not messing with Felix! :)”



  1. oh, the nerve…!!!

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Please, you have the opposable thumbs. Can’t you help a gal out?

  3. I haz a sad. 😀

  4. awww pobre puppeleh….

    I have an old photo of Miss Schnozz reluctantly allowing her nephew to nap in her bed

  5. Moooooom, can’t you make him move?!

    Poor sweet bewildered puppulah. At least she knows better than to mess with Felix. 🙂

  6. Well, we know who rules the roost!

    I think this needs a “Cute or Sad?” tag. Poor Chloe.

  7. Catwhisperer says:

    Tall dogs – LOL!

    Seriously, NTMTOM – what’s it gonna take to get you to finish that coffee table book?

  8. I would be willing to contribute towards a bribe.

  9. Me too! NTMTOM is the Mark Twain of the web!

  10. Tall Dogs? Is that some sort of anthromorphized code for Gods? Spelled backwards?

  11. “… through bacon-scented clouds, over fields of kibble, aching with joy at visions of ineffable beauty until again I awaken, my spirit rejuvenated…”

    Such classic NTMTOM.

  12. agreed.

    My two favorite bits were “bacon-scented clouds” and “ineffable”

  13. That Tag could be useful. However imho? the Marc Ant(h)ony Experience is the one that would be most perceptive of them all.

  14. yep – count me in. should we sell magazines or candy bars for a bribe fundraiser?

  15. This fits the Cats rule Dogs drool posting

  16. NTMTOM wins the day. Again.

  17. Mine too. Bacon scented clouds…I sat here trying to imagine what wonderfulness that would be like.

  18. Not even a Butt Bed™ ???

  19. I want to reserve my copy of the coffee table book now.

  20. ALWAYS the cat! He’s looking off, “What?”

  21. Hey gang ! We could put on a show ! (in my best Mickey Rooney voice)

  22. Along those same lines – this dog manages to get the cat out by turning the bed upside down! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_VOw0c3sTM

  23. Nope. A Butt Out Bed™. Though the cat’s butt is certainly enjoying it. 😉

  24. comme c’est tr@gique, tracylee!! \
    Those two dogues look so forlorn and badly treated. 😦
    Esp. with that woven-brocade collar on Miss Schnozz.

  25. OMG, you reminded me of when my niece was two . . . we were in the car going somewhere, when all of a sudden, apropos of absolutely nothing, she piped up, “My bottom feels pretty good.” 😆

  26. Get in line!

  27. Me three. As for the famous, and as yet immaterialized coffee table book, we await NTMTOM’s Magnum opus, with bayed breath

  28. bated breath

  29. remember, emmberrann — it is ALWAYS the result of a conspiracy,
    by the Ebil Keyboard !!!!


  30. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    LOL! Kids call it like they see it!

  31. Yep, the kitty rules that house as do all other cats 😆 My sister gave me a bookmark with the saying “Cats RULE Dogs DROOL” with this grey tabby winking on it 😆

  32. Yeah, but I’m not sure what she saw. 😛

  33. Somehow, I just knew it was a cat who’d taken over the bed……


  34. My thoughts exactly!
    But why are dogs so scared of cats? It’s redonkulus. I believe God is actually a giant feline, and he is laughing, actually killing hisself, at all of us and the doggies.

  35. Oh, the humanity! (Dogmanity.) The look on the poor pup’s face!

  36. that’s hysterical, the ears would be on the ground if they could!!

  37. Chloe-

    Is this a job for Underdawg? (Here I come to save the day!!!)

    If he’s busy, Imma comin’ Chloe, I’mma comin!

    And you know she’s upset: she doin the “baldy” (like earless pup)…d’ohhhhhh!!!

  38. Man even the pup’s ears look sad.