Kiss Attack!

Somebody really loves their Mama. And Mama says, “You want me to supersize that for ya?”

Mama Bonnie and baby Turner have matching pink nose splotches, Julianna P.!


  1. YAY

    Y’all read my mind!!! I wuz JIST a little while ago, a-wand’rin into the “Horses” Tag ‘cuz I wuz jonesin’ fer a coupla Equus ferus …. :)

  2. Oh now that’s just too cute! I wanna nuzzle a horse nosey.

  3. Two lovely examples for Nose-vember!

  4. “No, you’re not romping out on your own no matter how many sweet kisses you give me.” Awww…I’ve got fields you can romp in….and carrots….and … can bring your Mama too if you like.

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Hurray for horses! I’m not on over-fan of horses but have been watching “Animal Cops: Houston” and so have been seeing more horses than usual and yesterday was thinking, “yes, they really are gorgeous, aren’t they”. And now here they are! yay

  6. Turner and Smooch

  7. Anybody else willing to admit that at first you read the tag as “Hookers”?

  8. Maybe yes, maybe no. :)

  9. Hi, Racheal! Thanks for recommending baby food. He won’t eat it from the dish, but I’ve been mixing the meds with it and using a syringe (thanks, ceejoe) and managing to get some of it in him and some all over his face. I think he is getting better.

  10. phred's mom says:

    Do you swaddle him in a nice soft towel
    before giving the meds? This does a couple
    of good things: makes him feel secure, and
    immobilizes him long enough to pop in those
    meds. Worked for Ben-him nicely.

  11. Damn, I messed up your name again. I swear, Rachael, that is not like me.

  12. Don’t you dare worry about the spelling – that is so not important. What is important is that your little guy is getting some of his meds in him. Yay for the skippy monster!

  13. Good to hear – glad he’s doing better – we will continue the warm fuzzy thoughts!

  14. Hooray for Skippy getting better!!!

  15. OMG!H0RS1ES!!1!

  16. Looks like the OMGPONY!!!11!11!11!! is telling Mom for Christmas he wants a bale of hay, 93 carrots and a WiiPonii.

  17. “wii ponii” — I see what U did there

  18. love love LOVE

  19. lisaLassie says:

    What a beautifoal pair.

  20. Good one!!

  21. PONIES! PONIES! PONIES!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeee Squeeeeeee Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *dies *

  22. OMG! I can’t believe my babies made it to “Cute Overload”! Mama Bonnie is 15 years old and I’ve had her her whole life. This is her one and only baby, Turner, born this spring. He has a forever home as well :-) Love them soooo much! Thanks for posting their pictures and thanks to everyone for your kind comments :-)

  23. Yay for your babies, Julie! Your horse is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad the OMGPONY!!11 found a forever home. :)

  24. High horseshoe! :-D

  25. Mom has “not while people are here, honey!” look on her face.


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