El Mystico, The Psychic Pup!

… and now I’m getting a image, someone in this side of the audience is thinking about a supper dish… stainless steel with a name on the side, begins with “R” or “F”… Is that you, sir? Rex? Ralph, that’s what I meant… and I’m also seeing a leg, Ralph, wearing tan khakis or chinos… You’re very familiar with this leg, Ralph…

From the shrouded mists of the beyond (or maybe California), Carina M. writes: “This is our foster dog, Molly. She loves all people, but desires to slay all other animals, and she barks when she’s alone. Otherwise, the perfect pet, really! She has a very cute nosicle, which sometimes is covered in dirt from her adventures in the yard.”



  1. Molly the Mystic rats out Ralph.

  2. Quite the transcendental fellow, here !!

  3. Also: those are surely *not* eyebrow DOTS,
    but perhaps wisdom-filled grey eyebrows….

  4. I asked him to pick my Power Ball numbers 🙂

  5. Looks like a typical California sun worshiper to me. 😉

  6. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    The Pawer Ball?

  7. Very familiar with a leg, however. 😛

  8. oh sage Molly, with her very soft-looking earsies…

  9. Clothing optional? 😛

  10. Well he is only wearing a necklace and a fur coat 😉

  11. Molly looks so warm and blissful. Wish I felt that way right now in cold gray Ohio.

  12. What a perfect old pup, enjoying a sunbeam!

  13. mmmmm know that feeling well!!!

  14. Firdie..my girl’s eyebrow dots are now wisdom filled grey eyebrows 😉 but she still acts like a puppeh.

  15. Dear Molly’s foster Mom:

    Please adopt this talented psychic, wisdom-furred, doglet.
    Here’s why:
    1) look at that face.
    2) repeat.


    Happily failed foster Mom here.

  16. What pupfanatic said, especially since Molly appears to be an older girl and therefore more difficult to place in a forever home.She looks like such a sweetie pie.

  17. Coffee Cup wins!!! 😀

    This is an excellent Nosevember post!

  18. Canine Carnac?

  19. Molly’s foster mom here! I was a “failed” foster mom once– 6 wonderful years with a beautiful Fila Brasileiro that was originally meant to be a foster dog. Sadly, Molly’s foster dad is allergic to her. Nonetheless, she’s been here for over a year and has it pretty good if I do say so. But we still hope the right (non-allergic) household comes along– anyone in Northern California without other pets, who’s home a lot, please apply at PHS!

  20. pupfanatic says:

    Wow, Carina, over a year? Her Dad must be taking lots of Benadryl?! Regardless, THANK YOU for taking care of this AHHH-DOOR-ABUL baby!!! Puleeze give Miss Molly a smooch for me?:)

  21. pupfanatic says:

    Bwah ha, good one:)

  22. Molly is the only other chocolate I’ve seen who is as white as my old man dog. She’s lovely. They are so sweet at that age. They don’t seem to get cranky with old age like some dogs do.

  23. Four different allergy meds, the man’s a saint. Off to give Molly a smooch from you forthwith!