The Truth Is Out There and So Am I

Dedicated scientists from the Institute for Extra-Sawdustestrial Research use powerful satellite dishes to scan for signs of intelligent life in outer space.

Judith K. Says: “Ben-Aviv is hard to photograph because he’s in love with the camera and keeps chasing it around. But I managed to catch this camera-mugging pose last night.”



  1. bob drummond says:

    I think we should try to find intelligent down here first, then try to locate it in far away places . maybe that’s anking too much !!! 🙂

  2. bob drummond says:

    …. sorry folks , I meant to say ‘asking too much ‘ !!! LOL

  3. YAY for Judith, the camera and Ben-Aviv !!!

  4. I would work at Extra-Sawdustestrial Research if I got to be surrounded by these cute fuzzy faces all day!

  5. NOMTOM is absolutely ON!

    (I am officially giving up my search.)

  6. i have this image in my head of Ben-Aviv with his own little camera.
    ‘The world famous photographer Ben-Aviv has had his work published in all the top magazines. His photo’s have garnered many awards. Yet, he remains the humble sweet little Ben-Aviv , well, except when he spots a camera being held in anothers hand. But then with his great talent it’s understandable that he feels that everyone would benifit from his advice.’
    I’ve been hanging out at too much perhaps. LOL

  7. The little hands!

  8. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    Beware, the Cigarette Smoking Ham.

  9. NTMTOM, you are en mucho fuego today!

  10. fleurdamour says:

    I don’t know about Extra-Sawdustestrial life, but there is definitely Extra-Terrarium existence.

  11. He looks like he’s about to tahnk us for all the fish.

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Ben-Aviv looks as if he is wearing a tiny tutu made of fur.

  13. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ben-Aviv totally rocks the tutu. 🙂

    If I had Ben-Aviv, I would spend countless hour just smooching that tiny face and nosicle. His expression just melts me.

  14. Well, when the Aliens return to Area 51 with a spaceship full of seeds and grapes, we will know who told them to bring that!

  15. Ben-Aviv looks like he is waiting for a bigger flying saucer wheel. BTW Flying saucer wheel is what they are called fer real.