The Lives of the Saints

Obsessed by a heavenly vision at the banks of the River Blavin, St. Daphne left the sleepy hamlet of Bologna sur Blanc and tirelessly spread joy across the French countryside, until she became canonized as the Patron Saint of Chew Toys.

Coco H. says: “This is Maxine sitting on her favorite rock. She will be 12 on November 26. She does so much good in this world. I think someone up there notices.”



  1. d’awww…. that is so sweet! Happy birthday a day late to little Maxine!

  2. YAY Maxine and yay Coco!!

    to Mike: Bologna sur Blanc = BWA HA HA

    (esp. since there really is a Boulogna IN FRANCE as distinct, from a Bologne in Italy.
    See the following:

    Boulogne, France was originally named Gesoriacum in very early history. By the fourth century the city became known by the Romans as Bonania. [A significant]
    port there connected the Roman empire to Britain, and was used by Claudius as a base to invade Britain in 43 until 296 AD.

    The history of Boulogne continues during the Middle Ages; the French and British peoples fought over its “ownership”. In 1550 The Peace of Boulogne ended the war of England with Scotland and France. France then bought back the city. …etc)


  3. Joan of Bark

  4. fleurdamour says:

    Dog is Love.

  5. fleurdamour says:

    Lol! Bet she’s friends with Saint Bernard.

  6. bookmonstercats says:

    Heh. Golf claps to you both. And to Mike for his usual peerless prose.

  7. Bologna sur Blanc *snicker* (and one of my own personal favorites as a kid! 🙂

    Happy Birfday, sweet girl. I’m sure you bring more joy to the world than you could ever know.

  8. Clapping along.

  9. re: favorite as a kid – me too, with cheez whiz! (gag now when I think about it) 🙂

  10. Nah, go with the classic big bird yellow mustard.

  11. Oh, and happy belated birthday!

  12. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    And Saint Barktholomew.

  13. A little white dog named, Maxine, basking in a sunbeam. Does it get any better? I think not . . .

  14. woofy's ma says:

    The hamlet of Baloney on White (bread?). Love it! And what a leetle doll Maxine is.

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    Happy late Birthday, Maxine!

  16. More clapping.

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    So when is this St Daphne’s Day and can we have a party?

  18. This is just a really beautiful picture. What a sweet doggie.

  19. Did anyone else hear harps and angels singing when they first saw this picture?

  20. Ah, the River Blavin. Site of so many miracles.

  21. *gags*

    It’s nothing personal. One time when little trubblemaker me decided that the orange children’s aspirin were yummy (like tic tac candies nowadays) and swallowed a bunch of ’em, mi madre had one of the knucklehead brudders use
    mustard on my tongue in order to ….you know …..*erp*
    and so these days mustard is Officially Not a Good Thing.

    I did live through the overdose of children’s aspirin, as you can infer.
    Whether THAT is/ was a Good Thing, will be decided by the Fates.

    The End.

  22. I do hear and see them NOW !!!

    oh and rainbows, too. PASTEL, glitter-enmeshed rainbows.

  23. bob drummond says:

    …keep us posted Firdie -thank you !!!

  24. OMG I loved those orange aspirins. Also, the pink liquid baby aspirin, did you ever have that stuff? Delicious, I can still taste it in my mind. Ever try that? I used to chug it when my brother was sick and my mother was out of the room.

  25. Yes, where a nutty professor becomes a smarmy WOOMAN-IZAH! and vice versa? 🙄

  26. “Go forth, little doggie and piddle on the enemies of France!”

  27. Don’t beam her up quite yet, Scotty. Maxine’s got a lotta cute left to give.and snausages to eat. Happy birthday sweetie.

  28. oh wow sk’mom !!!
    I’m not alone in my addictions!!!

    *visualizing you feeding your drug addiction/ pink liquid, when your mom was down the hall*

  29. YAY Theresa!!

  30. I used to eat Baby Aspirin like they were SweetTarts.

  31. One April 1st a classic restaurant in San Francisco had bologna, velveta on Wonder bread with mayo $11.95. The lawyer/Judge/CEO types who lunched there actually ordered it.

    Comfort food, indeed!

  32. You must hate going to the ball park or watching the Nathan’s July 4th contest,.

  33. Avec Mayonnaise! *blecch*

  34. “She does so much good in this world” You know what, thank you for sharing that. That is just so sweet and it makes me love her more!

  35. Anybody remember when Ex-Lax came in the form of a chocolate bar? I bet I’m not the only kid who ate waaaaaay too much “chocolate” one day.

  36. I ” got into ” a bottle of baby asprin as a toddler and was told me mum grabbed me by my tocks and hung me upsidedownsy with one swat I emptied. They were delish. Did not feel any pain from the swat either.

  37. and god spelled backwards is……. just saying.

  38. I’m sure Maxine worships at “Holy Comforter” on Sundays

  39. Not blecch! Dee-lisheeus, I says! Just acause you’re not a mayo coinaisseur, does not mean the rest of the woild ain’t. BTW, do you prefer Miracle Whip (R)? *shudders*

  40. Oh no, let me make myself clear. Mayonnaise itself is lervly. It’s the combo of bologna, white bread and mayo that gives me the shudders.

  41. phred's mom says:

    Many moons ago, my neighbor had to run to the ER with
    3 yr old who was woozed out on St Joe’s, and threw her
    one year old to me to watch until she returned. She no sooner
    was out of sight than younger one showed all the signs of the
    same – I made him drink strong, sweet tea (already was made,
    thank G-d), and he heaved the whole works up. Very scary,
    especially when it’s someone else’s child! Keep all this stuff
    secure from kiddies, people.

  42. Y’all are so sweet! Thanks for appreciating Maxine, I am a musician and I am on the road a lot, and thankfully so is Maxine! I literally cannot imagine the last 10 years on the road without her there telling me jokes and, you know, wearing sunglasses when I asked her to. I wrote a blog about her the other day!

  43. My husband took one look at this photo and starting singing the beginning of this song: