Look Deeply into My Eyes

Closer… Closer!

You are under my power now…

Hypno “Kitty” has you where she wants you, Jen V.! Did you name her Kitty because it’s a nice, safe name?


  1. “So nice to see you again, Dave. All grown up.”

  2. frankenaidan says:



  4. Authoritative kitteh, very much like Sam the Eagle. http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Sam_the_Eagle

  5. That was an apt and awesome catch, there. Indeed she’s channeling Sam.

  6. Kitteh is APPALLED!

  7. THANK YOU, I was just staring at this picture trying to think of what bird he looks like, and that’s exactly what I was picturing without knowing it!

  8. truthiness is here.

  9. Only she can save America. Even if she has to destroy us with her cuteness to do it.

  10. Yes! I was just coming in here to post that!

  11. err, the Sam the Eagle comment.

  12. *leery eyes* People (and cats) in masks cannot be trusted.

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    But everyone will be wearing them in the future.

  14. Perhaps. I did hear that they’re terribly comfortable.

  15. *giggles*

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    I love that cat’s markings!!

  17. This is the most frightening thing I have ever seen.

  18. Evil kitty is eeeee-vihl.

  19. You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and your cat is staring at you, waiting for breakfast? Waking up to this particular cat would scare the living daylights out of me…and I loves me some kitties.

  20. Perhaps “Kitty” should have been named “Mephistopheles”, or “Saruman”,… Just sayin’….

  21. That’s Sauron for sure

  22. I’m Batman!

  23. The Original Jane says:

    I was thinking “Holy Batmask!” Pow! Zap! Kabooie!

  24. I can’t believe anybody DIDN’T see Batman immediately. :)

  25. I did! I did! Pick me! Pick me!

  26. I saw the resemblance right away :D

  27. That’s exactly what I thought!!

  28. I bet I know what happened to Robin…

  29. WIN! :D

  30. Seconded.

  31. :lol:

  32. That was my first reaction too.

  33. rescue gal says:

    How did she not name Kitty Batcat? Perfect Batman mask!

  34. me: “Cluck, cluck, cluck”.

    (see Hovertext)

  35. It’s Volde-kitty!

  36. Alice Shortcake says:

    I wouldn’t dare come between that cat and her tuna.

  37. I love her old man ear hair. :mrgreen:

  38. 1, 2, 3…

    Bauk-bauk ba-bauk-bauk, cluck, cluck.

  39. Bok bok bok! – Mick Jagger chicken strut –

  40. SlaveToCat says:

    I think I would lay an egg if I woke up to find that kitty sitting on my chest staring at me trying to will me to open a new can of tuna in my sleep.

    Cock a doodle do!! Cock a doodle do!!!

  41. woulda named kitteh Bruce Wayne.

    but, uh, kitteh is a little scary… *shudder* this is why I don’t have them, they kinda all look like this to me… :/

  42. Catwhisperer says:

    Bruce Wayne = best pet name ever! I must immediately get another critter just so I can name it Bruce Wayne. :D

  43. fleurdamour says:

    I am not at all sure that this is a cat. I think it might be a Dr. Seuss character.

  44. I had to laugh at this–reminds me of my cat Jenna. She has a very expressive face and can look just as EVIL!

  45. I swear I’ve seen this character on Gatchaman.

  46. Same here… I’ve been trying to find an of that guy image all day!!!

  47. My Mia looks evil and she thinks she the queen of the world but I love her. :lol:

  48. Ohmergerd… Awesomest cat ever!

  49. She is so square and symetrical! It is kinda eerie…

  50. Sulu wonders HOW Kirk gets him into these situations….

  51. Yes, I will brush your magnificent mane until it’s soft as a cloud. Then I will pet you until my wrists and fingers go numb.

  52. stephanie trudeau says:

    She’s a beautiful Batwoman of a cat. So lovely.

  53. Methinks Maleficent mastered her transformation into a cat ;) What a gorgeous cat, though! I want to bury my face and fingers in her fur and pet her until I fall asleep.

  54. It looks like she took the photo herself!

  55. Honest, Mother Superior, I’m sorry I messed the mewsic tones at vespers. I’ll do any penance, just please stop looking at me like that. *bowing slowly out of the room*

  56. This is such a great picture and equally awesome comments. I can’t really add anything more to the conversation.

  57. The sky is falling! The sky is falling ! (running around like my head was cut off)

  58. Was that cat built in Minecraft?

  59. Great defense against Creepers!

  60. Astonishing creature. Catman…WOW

  61. WOW! That is one kitty that I would definitely obey :D I so want to snorgle and cuddle your kitty, Kitty, Jen V :D

  62. This cat has the same look that my dad would give me,when I was still living at home!He would just stare at me until I would love and apply for jobs.

  63. Batcat is thinking.

  64. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  65. *shivers* Yes, Mistress, right away !!! *opens a Big can of Tuna and places it on a gold-encrusted china plate*

  66. *pours cat milk into gold-encrusted china bowl and places besides tuna filled gold-encrusted china plate*

  67. I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BAT CAT!

  68. Space Ghost. For sure.


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