C.O. Guide to Party Games

Liven up your holiday party with the latest craze, “Spin the Phone.” Around and around it goes, and whoever it points to when it stops has to drunk-dial an ex.



  1. I want to see the kitteh’s face!

  2. Same here, ceejoe 😀

  3. Tiny floofy kitteh ‘tocks! Where was this is ‘Tocktober?

  4. I think he just accidentally called Kathmandu there at the end.

  5. 1: Is obvy a gow-jhuss kitty.
    2: Kittens ALWAYS know the best party games. However whut if sumbuddy at the party is LACKING an ex ?? do you substitute in, perhaps with the professor who wuz the grumpiest?

  6. My brother’s phone once called China by itself and stayed connected for a whole weekend and he got a $700 bill.

  7. I love how Kitteh patiently waits for the spinning to stop. I was expecting him/her to pounce at some point. Must be a Zen-kitteh!

  8. aaaaaaand THIS clarifies a small aspect of Why Cellphones (or maybe just non-monitored Long Distance services) Are Evil.

    Also? Please ma’am to provide the denouement of the mise en scene.

    In other words: THEN wha’ ha’ happ’ ???? did somebody pay up?
    did the billing co. eat the charges? or is he still washing dirty dishes at the local diner, to pay off the $700???

  9. I said to him, “So what did you do?” and he said matter-of-factly “I paid it.” Actually I believe he straightened it out with the phone company.

  10. I just got my first cordless phone! Now I can play this with my cats on Saturday night. Chloe can call that big tomcat who was worrying her just before I took her in.

  11. Nano's mom says:

    This is Marshmallow from sweetfurr.blogspot.com! She’s a great kitty and there are lots of videos of her, her mama and their friends.

  12. Every time I see a tiny McFluffersons, I want to adopt a new baby….maybe a tiny boy we can name Alfie or Nigel.

  13. Lewis n' Clark says:

    something tells me NOMTOM has played this game before…

  14. Weren´t they curious who kitty was going to call in the end? 🙂

  15. Why don’t I ever get invited to fun parties like that? *pout*

  16. okeydoke 🙂

  17. she is going to be an epic fur ball when she grows up.

  18. That’s not a kitty; it’s a new-fangled Swiffer duster.

  19. 3. What if somebody playing the game isn’t drunk?
    4. #s 2 & 3 together?

  20. ka CHING

    Gina wins.

    (unless seventy nine CO peeps feel I’m entirely wrong).

  21. 5. If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there…. [etc].


    Existentialists *MIGHT BE* Us.

    — or not.