A’scuse Me, We Play Now?

I want to play now, thank you. A’scuse me, how about now, we play now? I like head scratches, thank you. A’scuse me, we play now? Why you play with clicky box? Clicky box not love you like I love you. A’scuse me, we play now? Thank you.



  1. Oh man, I am 100% a dog person but even I wouldn’t be able to refuse that little munchkin! There is nothing on that clicky box that’s worth turning away from that sweet face.

  2. Sweetie, put some pants on and just pull that kitty into your lap for some cuddling.

  3. OMG, I was thinking the same. I hope she was wearing some dainties!

  4. Most Dog People have never had a close relationship with a cat, because both of our cats do this ALL THE FREEKIN’ TIME. Gretchen was doing this while I was watching the video. She’s in my lap now, purring up a storm.

    Cats are extremely affectionate. The catch is that the cat has to have decided that you are *their* person. Most cats will chose one person who they love and adore beyond all rhyme reason and sanity. They have typical cat behavior towards everyone else. As such, if you want a relationship like that with a cat you have to work really hard to establish it early on. Play with the cat every day. Pet and snuggle the cat whenever they ask for it.

    And even then, it’s a little erratic. Our first cat has decided that my husband is his person, despite my husband never aspiring to the role. This is why we have two cats. I got lucky with our second cat, though, and Gretchen loves me best.

    Now you still might prefer Dogs, but please don’t think of cats as unaffectionate. They are just different. I’m a cat-person. I like my tiny predators.

  5. Aww…kitty! Of course i’ll pet and love you.

  6. If it were me, I would stop with the clickin’ pronto and that li’l fluffin would be gathered up and snorgled thoroughly…

  7. Come on, the lady is alone at home and probably wasn’t expecting to end up on youtube or CO. I think she looks very decent considering.

  8. Hope she’s wearing somethin’ below that T!

  9. haz two arms and only uses one

    then trains kitteh to get her attention

    this game could go on all night

  10. Aww, my first kitty (RIP) used to do this to me too! Except he only did it when I had food he wanted.

  11. Seconded….my big ol’ border collie mix does the same thing and his huge toes are not nearly as soft as kitty toes. We all just need more head scratches and cuddles!!!

  12. It looks so soft and cuddly! I just wanna gather it up in mah arms and snorgle it!

  13. My tiny Mimi used to do this, but in a more hard-boiled way. With her little paw, she would go POKE POKE. Such a funny little critter. *sigh*

  14. How could she not smile at that cute little face… everytime my furry baby nuzzles up for some cuddling it always makes me smile.. no matter how bad my day was…

  15. so THAT’s where facebook or whichever games company got that idea. Mebbe we can develop a copyright infringement lawsuit from which you could become a Kajillionaire, Theresa. I’ll be your typist !!!

    *hauls out a few lawbooks and the word-processing program*

    also? RIP Mimi 😦

  16. My Mogwai (half Scottish fold, half Ragdoll) does this. We call him the cat that pats you back.

  17. I lost my girl Sophie earlier this year, she used to do the same thing. She was a tiny tiny kitty too! And headbutts, always a soft little headbutt. Was a talker too, love talking kitties. We were blessed to have such little dears in our lives. *commiserating hug*

  18. bookmonstercats says:

    But…. but…. if she’s home alone, who’s got the camera pointing up … you know..? :<

  19. You can put cameras on a stand or table, silly be. The camera is too still to be held by someone.

  20. I think there a million kinds of cats. Some are scaredy types who don’t come out from under beds and others are talkative and purry.

    The end by Sharpy.

    Extra credit: Cats come in many different colors.

  21. awww what a cute wittle scottish fold…I want one. 🙂 lol

  22. I’m got a deju-vu thing going on. Was this vid posted on CO a while back? Or did I eat too much leftover turkey casserole and now I think EVERYTHING is a repeat?

  23. Well, you might have eaten too much turkey casserole also, but we have seen this before. I remember comments on the young lady’s “dishabille”…

  24. emmberrann says:

    The Late-&-Much-Beloved Mr. Picky used to wake me every morning at 5 AM by POKE-ing me 3 or 4 times. (Snf! Blows nose hard, and misses him.)

  25. twocityshibas says:

    I’ve experienced the nudge nudge, but never the tap tap. What a polite kitty.

  26. rescue gal says:

    This is a repeat. I have clear memories of the pants/no pants commentroversy. And yet, the kitty is still insanely cute.

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    I agree with Diane (above) but also believe that cats fulfill your expectation. If you think they won’t be affectionate, they won’t be. If you think they will, and pet and snorgle accordingly, they will be. I’ve always have very sweet, affectionate cats but that’s because I treat them as if I assume they will be. They never let me down. (Former neighbor came over one day to call me the “cat whisperer” once after watching me stand in my back yard calling cats’ names.. across several wooded back yards.. and seeing all 3 come running. No treats involved, just a snuggle when they got to me. He was floored.)

  28. I bet she was logged onto one of “those” video chat services and the kitteh keeps trying to tell her that she is being recorded and that she is going to be sorry when her “chat” session is posted on line for her Grandpa to see.

  29. I agree with Sharpy. They are all different! It depends alot on their background too, which often goes unknown, since they can’t tell us. Most of mine came to me as foster adults, so I just accept and love them as they are, with all their little oddities.

  30. My late, beloved Eldin would do this too. He was really a loving kitty and always wanted to be where I was; would follow me everywhere I went and sit on the edge of the tub while I took a bath. He lived, healthy to the end, for 19 years and died in my arms on New Year’s Eve 4 years ago. I miss him every single day. I really need to have another cat. Seriously, really!

  31. AWW 😥 I am so sorry about the loss of your dear sweet kitty, Sophie, Ermine 😥 I hope that real soon another kitty will come into your life.

  32. It’s not that I don’t like cats, just that I prefer dogs. However, my future plans do include at least one kitteh, for sure. And I will love them and cherish them and snorgle the heck out of them, just as I do my puppers.

  33. AWW 😥 I am so sorry about the loss of your dear sweet kitty, Mr. Picky, emmberran 😥 I hope that real soon another kitty will come into your life.

  34. Home alone just hangin’ on the computer… wearing false eyelashes. I know I do that all the time. Srsly cute video, though! Both kitteh and her friend! 😀

  35. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear sweet kitty, Eldin, arv9y 😥 I am sure that the local SPCA has a kitty or two or more who you can take home with you and give them a loving forever home.

  36. AWW 😥 I am so sorry about the loss of your dear sweet kitty, Mimi, Theresa 😥 I hope that real soon a kitty will come into your life.

  37. Same here, Iva 😀

  38. I used to think my younger cat was not very affectionate, he never asked for pets or talked to anyone in the family. Actually, he spent most of the time hiding under a couch or in the coffee table. Then I moved out with him and he became very sweet, loud, and needy, much to my surprise. (My theory is that the older cat had oppressed him too much when they lived together.) I guess one cat can be very different depending on the situation 😛

  39. Ermine, I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby girl. We all know how it feels to lose a beloved pet and the hole they leave in your heart and in your life will always be there to some degree – but I hope you’ll find another little sweetie to love. I bet Sophie would want it that way. *hugs*

  40. I think as long as you take an anipal and give it a forever home…cat, dog, hammie, spidey…it is all good! 🙂

  41. Reminds me of the strangely funny “indifferent cats in amateur…” tumblr.

    Also says why cat videos are so dominant. Given the choice, we’re going to notice the cat chasing moths and falling off the coffee table in the background.

  42. 🙂 If you put something on a camera, expecting it not to get out seems unrealistic in these times…
    I am such an old p**p and would put coverage on with a camera pointing at me.

    But I’m no Britney I guess… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  43. Hallucinogenic turkey casserole. We’ve all done that. 😛

  44. Arv9y, I also send my RIP wishes to you, for/ re. Eldin. 😦


  45. RIP re. Mr. Picky to you emmberrann.

    He will be waiting for you to arrive in Rainbowland.

  46. YAY for ceejoe’s “parfait” use of the term deshabille, from Outrageux Frawnsche!!!

  47. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

    Tries to imagine this as a Good Thing.

    *bravely runs away*

  48. I’ve noticed that about cats, too! Dogs are very communicative and social, but cats are … well, complicated.

  49. Aww1

  50. I have one kitty who does this and one who kind of throws herself onto me. It makes me laugh every time she does it.

  51. That cat has that human very well trained!

  52. ❤ Fird 🙂

  53. I just adopted a kitteh a few months ago and she is starting to get attached to me so it is fun to see her little behaviors emerging. One of them is when she wakes up in the morning (at 5:30!) and wants a cuddle so she taps my face like that. Then she starts drooling on me. It is hard to get grumpy at a furkid who just wants to cuddle but if I could get her to sleep in just 30 minutes longer…

  54. We have one cat who will be loving and affectionate with anyone who cares to pet him, but he definitely has his preferences over whom he will choose first. He prefers my wife over anyone, and generally prefers women over men, but will still choose our male roommate over a female stranger. But he will settle for any human available. Our other cat chose me for reasons unknown. She loves me, but is pretty indifferent toward anyone else, although she accepts pets and cuddles and picking up from anyone without complaint. Just not with enthusiasm.

  55. My friend’s very floofy white kitteh Caspar does this. He knows I’m allergic and can’t snorgle him, so he just comes over, gently taps my arm to say hi then will nestle in next to me. It’s very sweet (I still sneeze and have itchy eyes, but it’s well worth the cute)

  56. she drools on you?! that has got to look a lot funnier than it feels.

  57. Haven’t we seen this one before? And by that I mean, we seen TOO MUCH. *cough*

  58. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I would definitely adopt Spider-Man. He could dust the chandelier and clean the gutters.

  59. warrior rabbit says:

    Yes, should be labeled ‘encore’ — even the general sentiments regarding her lack of clothing are a rerun. 😉

  60. Exactly like my Sherry. If I’m working on the computer, Her Majesty paws at me until I have to give up. Same thing in the a..m. when I don’t get out of bed fast enough to serve her breakfast.

  61. My girlkitty is both a scaredy type and a snugglepurrer. My dad is her person normally but if he’s not around and I am (I don’t live there) she likes me. If I’m sitting at the computer desk in the kitchen she’ll come up and tap me on the shoulder just like in the video. Once I acknowledge her she’ll walk away…but she usually comes back once or twice. Sometimes she’ll get up in my lap and purr. And when I housesit and I settle in on the couch she will rub all over me (and my computer, for some reason) and demand pettings. But she is also the scaredyest scaredycat I ever met…every little noise or sudden move will send her running. (Oddly, she’s also the one most likely to catch a mouse.)

  62. How can that girl keep from scooping up that kitty and sniffing him and cuddling him. What a cutie!

  63. Oh goodness, glad I wasn’t the only one!

  64. Of course the comments have to devolve into criticizing the girl instead of just focusing on the cute kitty. D: Just focus on the cat; no need to get into anything else! What she’s doing is her business and no one else’s to judge.

  65. My two were my parents cats. After my dad passed away last year, and my mom had to be placed in assisted living, the cats came to me! One warmed up to me immediately (Fancy, the tuxedo cat), but the other (Misty, the gray tabby) hid under the bed for 3 months before deciding I was OK for her to like. Now both demand my attention.. on their terms, of course 🙂

  66. Bless your heart for taking them in!

  67. What a sweet, missed kitty.

  68. My kitty is also a “tapper”. I think they quickly learn what will get your attention. So smart, the kitties. Andso easily trained, the humans. 😉

  69. phred's mom says:

    moi, aussi, fersure.

  70. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give a kitty a loving forever home, Lauriee 😀 She is drooling on you because she thinks of you as her new mom 😀 Kittens do that 😀 How old is your dear sweet kitty and what does she look like? 😀

  71. Teresa in NC says:

    Both my kitties have realized that I have a severe hearing loss, and may not wake up when they meow at me to get up and get their breakfast, but that a tap on the nose is guaranteed to wake me up every time.

    I love my furbabies.

  72. I’m sure one of the shelters would have one for me as well, but right now I just can’t afford any more vet bills. Just keeping myself and my hubby healthy and up to date on our prescriptions and the 2 small doggies healthy as well, eats up any and all “discretionary income” we might find laying around the house. Won’t have another pet of any kind until I can really afford the health care, of course. We are in our 70s and on limited income which seems to be more limited all the time. But I so much miss having a cat around. Had at least one or two in my life from the time I was born. Ellie was a great cat but he may have been the last of the line for us. Dogs are great too and we love our Maggie and Cassidy to pieces but as we all know, times are tough. (Sorry to sound all self-righteous but I’m preaching to myself more than any one else. No, Arvy, you really don’t HAVE to have a cat! )