This Is an Outrage!

Dear Sirs: While I find the accommodations in your facility to be generally agreeable, I must register my displeasure with certain members of your staff who carelessly barge into the day room without so much as knocking…

Such intrusions play havoc with my delicate and sensitive nature…


Toss this complaint in the circular file, Natasha F.



  1. Haha! I lof eet 😀

  2. Gee, I have that problem, too …

  3. Poor little baby just completely LOSES EET! I backed it up and re-played it four times and laughed until I cried.

    I am a terrible, terrible person.

  4. Stressfactor says:

    That is not the sound I expected a Red Panda to make…. It is funny though.

  5. Somebody’s a bit of a nervous nellie. What a riot!!!

  6. Little sweetie needs a string of pearl to clutch!!!

  7. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I was waiting for this video to be posted! I think I’ve watched it about 20 times. The look on his little face and his flailing is hilarious!

    I know this may stir up some commentroversy though… *warms up thanksgiving leftovers*

  8. i suppose if i were attempting to nom him that’d make me think twice about my diet.

    well played, evolution. well played.

  9. Panda + Tantrum = Pantrum

  10. He’s so scared! 😦

  11. lisaLassie says:

    Ditto here for re-watching, laughing, and being a terrible person. Now excuse me, I must watch eet again.

  12. *slow clap*….nice one Oak.

  13. I must join your club as well…because I laughed for a good while.

  14. I just want to pick him up and tell him everything will be okay… But I’d be afraid of scaring him more! 😦

  15. I bet with ominous music, this would make a great horror trailer, especially ending with that closed door:

    Who knows what happens when the heavy boots swings the door closed…

  16. I love how mama comes over to reassure him. Or maybe that’s his big brother telling him to get a grip.

  17. I have a couple cats that are former/semi feral, and sometimes, for who-knows-what-reason, they’ll freak out at something I do, and I feel like you do – I want to pick them and hug them, but I know that would freak them out even more…

  18. Don’t mind me, I just came back to watch it about six more times.

    I got to wondering whether this is typical red panda behavior or if this individual is just prone to spazzing out. I guess the latter, since the one on the right is all, “Dude, get it together, you’re making us all look bad.”

  19. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The other day my roommate’s cat was in the room with me while I trimmed my fingernails. Every time I clipped, she jumped. Every. Time.

  20. Is this the cat that takes your stomach hairs with it? 😉

  21. “clik” JUMP “click” JUMP “clik” JUMP

    Did you trim all ten fingernails, bfb??

  22. 🙂

  23. Anybody else out there have a family who uses the term “worrywart”???
    Mine did/ do .

  24. I love the hover text on the last photo! That’s exactly what the other red panda looks like he’s thinking. 🙂

  25. I actually said “meanie bucket” out loud when that guy deliberately stomped infront of them. ::hugs startled baby::

  26. I still use that word myself. Why, is it considered old-fashioned and un-cool?

    Both Old-Fashioned AND Un-Cool

  27. My Francesco literally jumps if I cough or make any sudden movement, no matter how small. I call Mr. Skittishpants.

  28. Dear BFB, use the search here and fine “Snookey and his metronome” and watch the cat jump, It’s an oldie but a goodie.

  29. BFB, check out “Snooky and his Metronome” on the search site here and watch another jumpy cat. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

  30. call him, that would be
    Actually, it reads kind of cute, as though there’s a service called Mr. Skittishpants that one can phone up to deal with a nervous cat. “Cat having a breakdown? Call Mr. Skittishpants!”

  31. “Fussbudget” here.

  32. Ok. So did that dude stamp like that on purpose? That’s just mean not cute!

  33. The name Snookey is great.

  34. I don’t think it was deliberate. It looks to me like he was stepping down from something–watch the angle he comes in at–and lands a bit more heavily than he would otherwise. Baby panda (Aka-chan, if I’m reading right, which I might not be since my Japanese is incredibly rusty) simply wasn’t expecting him, and thus the freakout.

  35. Dante has a hair-trigger for poofing and sudden vertical sproings. He is a pretty big, hefty cat, too, so it’s quite a sight to see. 😯 I say that sudden shocks cause him to relax his anti-jump muscles. 😛

  36. No. Look at the first few frames. You’ll see his boots on top of some rocks at the side. He was stepping down from them, which made him land more heavily than otherwise.

  37. “poofing”? Does that mean what I think it means? 😯

  38. Dear Sirs, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the depiction of red pandas on this website. Red pandas are noble beasts who held the line at Dunkirk, jumped out of airplanes with the 82d Airborne, charged with the Light Brigade, and stormed the beach at Normandy. Faithfully yours, His Holiness, Viscount Bernard Raccoon-Shnellwell, KBE, FRSA, SJ, DDS.

  39. It means all his fur poofing up, particularly his tail. What? 😛

  40. Dang it, you made me choke with laughter!

    You can see the the panda is already startled when the guy starts talking, but then the stomp downward produces ‘drama queen (king?)’ and ‘here’s my Oscar clip submission’ moment.

  41. Oh. Never mind.

  42. *and they ran bravely*

    (btw Th., I ackshually have a living uncle who WUZ on beach @ Normandy France and had a very un-fun assignment around lots of recently ex-humans.
    He’s a big tuff gruff guy but the menshon of N. causes him to shrivel.
    I’m not “outraged/ cf title of this post” but when possible, you might choose *OLDER* things to cite, like mebbe the establishment of the Magna Carta, the Crusades, etc. …
    I don’t intend any scuffles or conflict.)

  43. I am not aware of its “fashion” or “coolness” ratio. Frequently I find that things which did or do happen en ma famille ….turn out to be ….NOT de rigeur to other folks …..8-O

  44. Theresa, you COULDN”T be MORE correct. I had briefly forgotten about that term but you’re so correct; that term was in frequent flight, across the various Hutt and Thomas kitchens of my “yout” !!!!

  45. If it were my big brother, he’d have punched me on the shoulder and told me not to be such a woos.

  46. NormallyLurksOnly says:


  47. Martha in Washington says:

    Imagining clutched chests and calls of “Elizabeth, I’m coming!”

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    I might be startled and disgruntled and so on too, if some huge giant with rubber boots suddenly jumped down into my living room! Yikes!!

  49. Dear Diary: today I learned the red panda can quack like a duck. My day’s work is done. 12:20 pm PST.

  50. I’m glad this video was posted. I saw gif that was made out of it and it mesmerized me for a while.

  51. seems like a worthwhile day’s activities to me.

  52. like THEES??? 🙂

  53. Yeah, I’m in the club, too. [presses play for the nth time…]

  54. Or tantra, but this is a family show.

  55. i think Scuffles is the name of the panda. or should be. where’s the vote box?

  56. Looking for my membership card for the terrible person club while wiping the laugh tears off my face.

  57. steph moore says:

    Oh yes. I’m right there with you. I cry with laughter every time I watch this. Still.

  58. I thought so too! But not using such pleasant words. I shall re-watch the foot fall to see if I agree with Katie because right now I think that guy was doing it for the reaction and that gets my mama-bear protective back up!

  59. Ok, just watched again and I totally see Katie’s point. It even sounds like he talks to him first which accounts for the first bit of nervousness before the boots come down. And now I don’t think he’s scared, I think he was terribly startled lol. I can here “You jerk! What’d you do that for?” in the quacking 🙂

  60. woofy's ma says:

    Right, Kar, that would make a great horror movie trailer. What happens behind closed doors? Hmmmm? And, gotta say I love the little guy on the right who keeps eating through everything. He knows what’s important.

  61. Martha in Washington says:

    Exactly like thees!!!
    (Wish I was smart enough to do that.)

  62. Yeah I saw this on the news last week! Now I can watch it over and over.

  63. Oh yeah. I’ve been watching this one repeatedly. I can’t stop. It’s too cute!

  64. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yet another great band name – Sudden Vertical Sproings!

  65. you and I must have the SAME BROTHERS, gizmo!!! THREE of ’em.

  66. Excuse me mam but he did knock 2 times and also hollered bathroom check both times. After your fur filled ears did not here him he cracked the door and preceded to call again bathroom check.

  67. it just takes familiarity with “which types of items” are generally avail, then memorizing a few steps ….but I’ll agree it took me several tries before I got those steps right. YAY for whoever orig. POSTED some of the clips we use here, at the Youtube site (Young Frahnkensteen clips, Airplane, Monty Python, etc). 🙂

  68. He could have sat on the edge of the rocks and stepped down gently.

  69. Reminds me of this…

    Something inherently funny about cute wee beasties going “EEK!” and becoming an unco-ordinated ball of limbs.

  70. The hovertext on the second fave frame made me laugh even harder. Dude, it’s just Carl with lunch. I still have tears. That poor baby! I wuv his little white pawsies, though.

  71. I have never seen that before! Oh body language, how I love thee!!

  72. Days later, I am still replaying it and laughing, and sharing it with my friends who also laugh.

    I am the worst. person. ever.