Do You Like Me With My Ears Back?

They say eet ees all the rage wees zee pups of Pah-ree.

Christopher L. writes: “My wife Megan took this picture during our honeymoon in Hungary. We don’t know the dog’s name. He was hard to photograph because he was pretty wild and elusive.”



  1. “Does yore Dogue baht???” 😉

  2. Eet’s not mah dogue.

  3. “No, no, you guys just go ahead and enjoy your honeymoon. As you can see, I’ve got quite a back log to deal with here.”

  4. “…Well, on second thought, there’s only one, so I guess you could call it a mono-log.”

  5. 260Oakely, What planet of pun geniuses are you from?

  6. Oh, tracyleeeeeeeeee????

  7. Clearly she’s already been here and gnawed the darn things off.

  8. When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.
    So, handsome young CO viewer, why don’t you come up and see me sometime?

  9. Eeuw!

  10. You wood, Oak-ley! 😀

  11. Hope the shy little pup had a warm house to go to, he’s so cute and little.

    My own ResQte cat Boo is doing great, the other cats seem to be accepting him. He’s gained a pound and has made himself at home as you can see here:
    Boo's favourite perch

  12. YaY for Gigi and Boo!

  13. warrior rabbit says:

    Princess Di eyes!

  14. Hey guys, Skippy update: The blood tests showed that his pancreas isn’t functioning properly. The doctor prescribed enzyme powder that will make him better, but I can’t get it into him. It’s supposed to be mixed in his food, but he smells it and won’t eat it. I’ve tried other approaches, but nothing works. I am very frustrated and worried about him. I’ll consult with the doctor again tomorrow and see what other options we can pursue.

  15. He’s gorgeous. Is that you with the read hair and glasses?

  16. Good luck, skippymom! I hope you find some way to get the meds into Skippy.

  17. red, that is
    Man, I can’t type today.

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    Two things I love: name Boo for an all-black cat, and that you leave the table open all the time for him because he loves it.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    Wild and elusive, maybe, but also adorable and yummy!

  20. Classic Princess Di eyes.

  21. Skippymom, whenever I need to get meds into my guys and I know the smell will turn them off, I hide it in baby food. They freaking love the stuff! I buy the kind that’s only chicken and gravy or only turkey and gravy (no fillers or other ingredients) – maybe Beechn*t? Anyway, it might be worth a try for Mr. Skippy. I’ve tricked my guys more times than I can count. And I’ll keep kind thoughts for your baby boy.

  22. Thank you so much for the tip, Rachael! I will buy baby food tonight. I am so excited–if I can just get the stuff into him I will be doing a super happy dance and will give you a big smooch!

  23. Ceejoe and kittehs are sending warm positive thoughts too!

    And yes, chicken baby food! I’ve sometimes used a syringe to squirt it right into their mouths.

  24. you rang?

    there’s nothin to nom here 😦

  25. baby food is a great idea!

    snuffles and tail wags sent from Schnozz to Skips

  26. argh! I put a nice note about Mr. Skips from Miss Schnozz and included a combo of letters that led me straight to the mod lounge. Sorry, skmom…

  27. The doctor gave me a big syringe but when I tried that it mostly made a mess and then he threw up.

  28. We appreciate the thought, anyway.

  29. I agree with both of those! Boo is one handsome fellow. We also have a cat named Boo, but he is a brown tabby with white feet. His name refers to his attitude toward life–he’s quite the little scaredy cat.

  30. sk’mom….my hugs & prayers!!

    pancreas can be related to (dun dun DUN) ” the sugar” aka insulin levels etc and the Wilford Brimley word.

  31. ‘bribe foods’ i’ve used to get my cats to eat include: tuna fish juice, grated parmesan cheese, brewers yeast, plain yogurt… good luck to you!

  32. We’ve had Tocktober and are coming to the end of Nosevember—is this a preview of Decemb-ear?

  33. Argh! One of my pet peeves is inside-out doggy ears!! I have no idea why, but whenever I see a dog with inside-out ears (or even worse, ONE inside-out ear) I just HAVE to fix it! It’s making me crazy that I can’t fix his lil ears!

  34. Yes that’s me 🙂

  35. Works well for little doggies, too. When my Chi got sick and wouldn’t eat we gave him beef or chicken baby food and he would just lick it up off the plate.

  36. We used to turn our Chihuahua’s ears inside out and see how long it took him to shake ’em out. :p

  37. Hang in there skippymom, you’ll find a way.

  38. That’s funny, I always turn my dog’s ears inside out and giggle at her for as long as possible.

  39. Oh. reminds me of my sweet, departed Penny. Big glob of kitty the perfect size for snuggling and petting and cuddling and fur combing and hugging and…

  40. My weenie’s ears did this all the time. We called them “Quark ears.”

  41. Gotta love the Hungarian ear flip. And whatta a QUU-TEE. D’ahhh, hope the baby isn’t homeless. What are the fares to Budapest?

  42. restore to factory settings!

  43. RIP beloved Penny.

  44. the very definition of winsome.

  45. Thank you Fire Birfle.

  46. fleurdamour says:

    And Princess Leia ears!

  47. fleurdamour says:

    it’s the Log Lady!

  48. OMG! He looks like the Grinch’s little dog, Max!

  49. Hi Gigi, the dog definitely had a warm, loving home. He lived on a horse farm where his closest companions were two clever sheepdogs and an ancient mutt.

  50. Hi pupfanaticp,

    The dog was not homeless. See my comment above in reply to Gigi. Budapest can be reached from the East Coast of the USA for about $1200.