SF SPCA & Macy’s Unveil Holiday Windows!

What’s the ultimate stocking stuffer? Well, besides this. How about a Puppeh or Kitteh that needs a new home? Your home, perhaps?

Adoptable & Adorabuhl Furry Friends from the SF SPCA are showcased in the 26th Annual Holiday Windows at Macy’s on Union Square in San Francisco: “Last year’s event was the most successful ever; more than 325 animals found new homes and nearly $80,000 was raised for the SF SPCA.” If you’re in the Bay Area you can adopt them right on the spot! Not in the Bay Area? No problem, just click here, here, or here for a live webcam view.

Top Kitteh Photo by Jennifer Jamieson.



  1. The Ginger Kat’s hovertext is a true statement. I DO wanna take him/ her home.

    But no can do 😦

  2. Are those cut outs in the window the Rockettes ? My Macy’s parade wouldn’t be complete without them ! I love this first a parade on the street then the pet parade in the window !

  3. I call matchingks on ginger cat. His eyes are the exact same color as his fur.

  4. Orange cat sighs, “Getcha paws offa the glass, kid, now the hoomins hafta clean it …again.”

  5. As a long time rescuer/volunteer for various shelters, I am afraid I must nuff this. When people get pets over the holidays they tend to be impulsively bought, and too often leads to neglect or regret. Very sweet idea, I do love the raising of awareness, I just wish people would sooner realize that animals come with a lifelong responsibility. I can’t count how many of the poor dears came back or showed up at other shelters weeks later confused and stressed after their novelty wore off…

  6. phred's mom says:

    What a great idea; Macy’s gets a high five from me
    for teaming up with the SPCA to encourage adoptions.
    This should happen in all Macy’s, in whatever format
    works for the location, nationwide. A win for all. Yay!

  7. Victoria, Mom to 4 rats (and two orange kittehs) says:

    Me too. Maybe I can work out a trade instead. One obnoxious (but adorable) 6 month old long haired marmie kitten for that handsome adult kitty. I bet he/she is much more calm than my pain in the ‘tocks.

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    Yep, I’d be in BEEEG trouble if I lived in SF! I want all the kittehs and the smallish brown puppeh.

  9. Now this is the BEST window shopping there is . . . and ‘shopping’ rhymes with ‘adopting’. Make that a gold Macy’s star!

  10. minimoppel says:

    Wow, that’s weird.

  11. Clairdelune says:

    I want ALL the adorabuhl tabbies AND the masterful Ginger Kat.:-D

  12. Crystalrabbit7 says:

    I wish the NYC Macy’s did that – I’d be window-“shopping” there all day!

  13. DaChickenLady says:

    I was there last year. Couldn’t adopt but did leave a donation. Hung around for about half an hour. =D

  14. Hi everyone – We’re a rabbit rescue that is going to bring some cute bunnies to Bloomingdale’s just a couple of blocks to the south of Macy’s on December 1, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you want to get an extra fix of cute on December 1, come see the puppies and kitties at Macy’s, then walk over to Bloomie’s and visit the bunnies! Thanks, and happy holidays. 🙂

  15. They’ve been doing this for years, it started with the holiday windows at another department store, Gumps (now closed). People in SF know about it and I doubt most are impulse shoppers since you can’t take them home right then and there. Besides, I’m sure they’ve tracked the results and have determined there are many more successful adoptions than returns, so it’s worth it. Really, truly, worth it.

  16. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Like DaytimeDeb said, they can’t take the animals home at that time. They still have to fill out the standard paperwork and meet the qualifications for adoption first.

  17. I should clarify – they do have an “adoption center” inside Macy’s during the holidays. But you still have to go through the normal animal shelter adoption process, and you can also arrange to pick the new family member up later… it’s not like you can stick him in a Macy’s bag and continue on with your holiday shopping, LOL! 🙂

  18. HA! I used to manage restaurants, and we were forEVER cleaning the glass doors – it used to drive us crazy that people couldn’t use the darn door handles but had to put their stinkin feengers all over the glass! 🙂

  19. Same here if I lived in SF, Martha in Washington 😀 I would be there taking all of the kitties that I could afford to feed, etc. home with me 😀

  20. What a fantastic idea! Wish my Macy’s would do something like that. Would only be better if they made Godzilla-like scenes for the kitties to destroy.

  21. feathery'smom says:

    I totally agree, and of course, I want them all. In my heart, they are mine with love. Just having enough with my new ‘older’ one; she WILL sleep with me a full night, I swear!

  22. That would be fun to watch though.

  23. One more reason I need to do my shopping online. I DO NOT need to walk past a window of adorable animals needing forever homes.

  24. I wish you much success with your event! May you find homes for all of the bunnies. If I were in SF, I’d definitely stop by.

    These photos make me happy to give money to Macy’s, though I am glad for the reassurances above that people still have to pass the adoption checks. Still, anything that helps raise awareness of homeless pets gets kudos from me.

  25. I appreciate the effort to sooth me, but according to the website all they need to do is go upstairs, and adoption processes are not very rigorous, and certainly cannot weed out people who are impulse buying.

    Honestly, I think anyone buying a pet from Macy’s is impulse buying. How could it not be? If it was a long-term thought out decision, it would not be something they stumbled upon while Christmas shopping. Perhaps I am too jaded by my experiences. I wish I had your optimism. 🙂 I will try to believe all those pets adopted while Christmas shopping will have good, permanent homes.

  26. I adopted my sweet girl, Morag, from Gumps. She was a mature, grey, plus-sized kitteh. I didn’t have her very long, she was about 9 when I adopted her, but we had a lovely time together for the next six years.

    A lot of SF residents don’t have cars so having a down-town, walking distance adoption center is a great convenience.

  27. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I don’t see it that way. Sure, there are people who are probably out shopping and see the adorable pups and cats but it’s also just as likely that people plan on going to this event just like they would for any of the adoption days at PetSmart. I also think the event raises more awareness and brings a little joy to the street. I also think their adoption process is more rigorous than they let on at the website. I read this: http://www.sfspca.org/adoptions/adoption-process and it seems to me that the goal is to make sure people come with the frame of mind that they want to work toward getting a pet and providing a loving home for a pet. They aren’t looking to be graded, judged, or deemed worthy. One of the things I find off putting about some adoption agencies is how they attempt to weed out the impulse shoppers up front, by being overly direct and dismissive. I prefer agencies work on being welcoming so they can help and convince people who don’t realize it’s so much work to adopt. I think people who are brushed off right away aren’t given the opportunity to change their mindset and many of them might end up buying a pet instead. It’s better to convince an impulse adopter that the investment is worth it and to change them into a long term adopter.

  28. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Isn’t there a Cute-Porter somewhere to go take photos and report back on the bunnies?

  29. FYI, I walked past the Macy’s windows tonight, and the “adopted” count is at 50. 🙂


  31. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    That last cat kind of looks like Catherine Tate. Just saying.

  32. re: offputting of some adoption agencies. I had the experience once, when my cat of 17 years passed away, I wanted to adopt an adult cat and the lady in charge gave me an incredibly hard time, “judging” my fitness as an animal care giver. I had to get three references as to my character and she came over for an inspection of my apartment, and then refused me the cat because I refused to put screens on all of my windows (I never open my windows). End result, Tut went back into the shelter. It is hard for adult cats to get adopted, kittens are more popular, so that’s one cat unadopted. I ended up adopting a couple of kittens from a friend, and 15 years later am still enjoying their company. Unfit for animal care though I was deemed.

  33. 50! applause, applause, applause. (or is that a-paws, a-paws, a-paws?)

  34. Thanks for the update, Monica!

  35. lol, it looks nothing like Catherine Tate, you strange, strange coffee cup, you!

  36. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    What’s amazing about your story is that you would think a lot of agencies would understand the difference between deal breakers and normal issues that just aren’t a big deal. It makes shelters seem unfriendly and ungrateful, while holding out their hands and saying they need more money or more people to adopt.

  37. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I’ve volunteered with the SF/SPCA for years, including Macy’s windows. They DO have an adoption center within Macy’s, and the cats are rotated in and out of the windows at regular intervals so they don’t stress out. Regular SPCA staff are on hand to do the adoptions.

  38. I live in SF and it’s SO hard to not adopt one. I already have two cats but it’s really tempting. Last year I almost got one, but I showed up too late to do the adoption paperwork and then lost my job a week later. I supposed that was fate.

  39. I had a similar experience with a rescue group – I had to show them what type of food I would feed the cat, the litter I used, and they inspected my apartment. I was allowed to take the cat though – she’d been there for months and months (since she was a kitten) and hadn’t been adopted and they were a no-kill

  40. Chris Goes says:

    Macy’s is one of my fav stores and now, after knowing about this….it’s my #1 fav !!!
    I hope more stores could do the same and help to increase the adoptions !

  41. Laurel Bullock says:

    I went to this event two years ago, I think and it was the best!!! They sold these great chocolates as a fundraiser too. The whole event a great idea

  42. My parents found their kitty in this Macy’s a couple years back. His name is Orange Fizz and won their hearts by cavorting with other cats in a display that looked like a miniature house, complete with beds and tables. When my mom picked him up, in the bustle of the Macy’s store, and he snuggled closer and started to purr, she knew she’d picked the right cat!

    In addition to finding animals new homes, there are also people collecting donations outside the Macy’s windows to help run SF SPCA. And the fun doesn’t stop there. The SF SPCA is a very fun place to visit with fanciful rooms for the cats and dogs to play in.