THIS JUST IN: Tiny Qualio Iglesias

“Did you have any idea bebeh quails were so cute? I didn’t either,” says Sender-Inner Hilary K.

We had no idea either, Hilary. Thank you for the head’s up.




  1. Ah may be teeney-tineey, but Ah’m powerfully Qte……!!!! 😉

  2. Not only babies, but adult qualios are pretty darn cute too. They (mamas and babies) were running wild when I visited the Sonoran desert in AZ last year. I think it has something to do with that come hither feather on top of their little heads.

  3. When you’re this tiny you better be cute!

  4. EEEEEEEEEEK! *thud*

  5. THAT’s INSAAAAne *thuddity thud thuddd*

  6. Dan Quail is a feisty little guy, pecking away with his tiny but sharp beak. Be sure to check out his picture book, “An Inconvenient Egg Tooth.’

  7. kibblenibble says:

    There is a book about a baby quail raised by humans called “That Quail, Robert.” It is a true story, and darling. If it is still available, I recommend it to all you CO peeps.

  8. One thing’s for certain: He has no equail !

  9. COXCU on that hairdoo!

  10. I didn’t recall his being *this cute*

  11. NICE, Emmm!!

  12. I don’t know if it is still being printed or if people are selling second-hand copies however it’s definitely at least LISTED as avail at Amazon & elsewhere. Here are some of the deets about the book itself:

  13. feathery'smom says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t live in Texas or anywhere near Dick Cheney and his facebook friends.

  14. Those are California quails with the little head-feather. Back here we have bobwhite quails, which are just round.

  15. gahhh those penciled surprisebrows and that lil head tuft is killing me!

  16. It’s a leetle bebe fauxhawk! I’m imagining a teeny little mouse licked it and that’s why the feathers are standing up on end.

  17. I offishully want to read that book more than any other book right now! Owls in the Family was my fave as a kid. I stalked a quail’s nest near my house hoping Mrs. Quail would get used to me and come over to share my sammich, but no luck.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks, Fird! 🙂

  19. YAAAY! My submeesh!

  20. There’s birdies at the park near where I work. One of the enclosures has a quail who is super cute. Never saw a baby one 😦 .

    Though there were baby Silkie chickens this summer and they are quite cute, too. 🙂

  21. “I ate too moishe” round?

  22. Doan’ even git me started, on the Silkie chikkens.
    THEY look like cartoon characters!!!

  23. *winky winky*

    An Akshual Liberrianologist, wif papers & ever’thin’!!!

  24. w00t W00t, hilz !!!!

    And a very charming one ’tis !!!

  25. i saved a bevy once. mama quail had led her behbehs into the back yard and hopped onto the low wall to get over, but the chicks couldn’t hop. so she was pacing on top and peeping and not really making a lot of progress with them. i got a shoe box and (insert farcical scene of me chasing a dozen skittering giblets all over the yard here) and finally the last one hopped in the box and i plopped him down on the other side and mama mustered them up and continued on her way.

    now when i see quailios in the ‘hood i get to wonder if they’re the descendants of those’ns.

  26. from what i hear of their gun-handling skills, the woodland creatures have nothing to fear

  27. Kristen S. says:

    The topknot. I can’t stand it. (THUD)

  28. lisaLassie says:

    Applause foryour being a realio trulio liburian. Always did like ’em.

  29. lisaLassie says:


  30. lisaLassie says:

    Good for you for helping the little feathery family. And for making me laugh at the giblet chasing.

  31. Ditto.

  32. Yes, and they run pretty fast on teeny li’l feets.

  33. *pompoms waving for the Information Professionals*

  34. I have a bunch of blurry quail photos to attest to that.

  35. Re: First hovertext. Qu’est-ce que c’est “Quoo quoo! Quoo quoo!”?

  36. “Qualios in the ‘hood” sounds like a movie I’d like to see.

  37. Those cuties at the Sonoran Desert museum with the “top knots” are Gambel’s quails. I am crazy about them! My Tucson friend Brad and I call the babies “peanuts”. 🙂

  38. Did you know they have black skin?

  39. Well, Theresa, I did a Quick Quail Qweshtyun on the innernets.
    I have NO CONCEPT (unless there were college reports/ grades on the line)
    about why all this data was gathered, but here ’tis and mayhaps it can be useful???

  40. Great. For some reason I have the theme song from “The Partridge Family” stuck in my head now . . . . .

  41. I thought baby birds were supposed to be see-through and kind of gross. My perception of the world has changed FOREVER with this picture! It’s a revelation, an inspiration! It brings tears to my eyes and makes me squee. Oh thank you CO for making my Monday less blah with is adorable bebeh quailio.

  42. Being the keeper of various chicken breeds, I believe that short legs help you run faster than long ones if your a birdie.

  43. And meat and bones?

  44. That’s one super-duper qute quail!

  45. januaryfarmer says:

    Most excellent submeesh! You go girl!

  46. Baby birds which tend to be “kind of gross” are altricial, like robins. Baby birds which are cute and fuzzy tend to be precocial, like ducklings. The former don’t need to be as developed when they hatch, since the parents bring them food. The latter find food for themselves right away, and so need to walk and/or swim right away.

  47. Once again, CO is a learning experience! Thanks, Donna!

  48. that def works for me.

  49. januaryfarmer says:

    Kinda a 50’s hair look…maybe a comb over, but it’s so cute!

  50. I grew up in a rural community that was a bird sanctuary, and we had a population of quail. The funniest thing was when you’d be driving down the road, and a mama quail’s head would poke up out of the grass by the side of the road. Then you would know to stop and watch, while she popped up, ran across the road, turned around and chirped. Then a whole parade of chicks, single file, would scamper across the road, with daddy quail taking up the rear. They were tiny enough to hide behind a blade of grass. 🙂