Stop Me Before I Kellogg’s

I can’t help it. I see a cereal box, and I start to quake, my mind snaps and pops and plays trix on me. I try to keep it in chex, but I’m a total fruit brute. I only do it for kix, but now I could get life.

A shameful part of this unbalanced breakfast.


  1. Very punny, NTMTOM. Very, very punny!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    He doesn’t even look very remorseful.

  3. He’s a not- particularly- remorseful morsel.

  4. YAY

    And there was *much rejoicing*

  5. Dog has been bran-ded a thief because he lacks moral fiber.

  6. But now he has lots and lots of soluble fiber…

  7. kibblenibble says:

    SO scawy…brrr… :lol:

  8. Not even a direct order from Cap’n Crunch can stop him! Cereal boxes Quake when they see him coming.

  9. I love the ballet pawses, and the delicate nibblings on the boxes – no wanton box destruction here, must have a cat friend.

  10. I also noticed the Posishun….Second Posishun izzit, mjzke4?

  11. I dunno…I just know I can’t look that, uh, graceful!

  12. If I remember my ballet classes correctly that third position because the heals are apart.

  13. In ballroom that would be first position because of the angel his feet are in.

  14. Joan Redzinski says:

    you notice there is not one piece of cereal left, not one piece showing on the floor LOL


    CRACKLING wit, everyone!

  16. He’s a serial cereal killer :lol:

  17. What pups will do for food. Speaking of which, check out this amazing video of Sloopy the Chihuahua salsa dancing for turkey.

  18. You’re all so cerialous: why not just take it with a grain of salt?

  19. *giggle*
    I did a basic phrase search of “salt” and “cereal”. What came up, makes no sense to me. So I’m posting it so we can all scratch our heds over it.

  20. lisaLassie says:

    Er…I was really focused on the “grain” part.

  21. Hahaha! I LOVE eet. Perfect for anyone with a semi morbid sence of humor :-) (yes, you might want to prepare the straight jacket and rubberized sell)

  22. SlaveToCat says:

    What’s his name??
    Must be Count Chocula with those fangs.

  23. Carol Downes says:

    The only way this could be better is if his name was Dexter………..

  24. I was going for Mikey.

    (You’ll get that ref if you saw commercials from the 70s for Life cereal…….)

  25. LOL! He likes it!

  26. hehe I was thinking the same thing!

  27. I love doxies. I also love puns so this is a post made in heaven for me.

  28. Best description everrrr!!

  29. What a flake…

  30. OMG! Call the FBI!!! Get the evidence technitian team!!! We’ve got his picture. Circulate it around the world before he strikes again!!!!


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