THIS JUST IN: Santa Rates CO 2013 Calendar As “Best In Class”

Get your Cute Overload Page-a-Day or Wall Calendar Today!

People are raving about the 2013 Cute Overload Calendars

Just look at these comments from

“I normally get several of these calendars every year – for me and for Christmas gifts, since everyone loves them. Last year, however, I ordered another page a day calendar and was very disappointed. The photos weren’t as adorable, and the back of the photos were jokes or puzzles. This was terrible, as I use the back of the page as a grocery list. I swore I would never get that other calendar again.”

Another page a day calendar? Paula, Paula, Paula…

“I love this calendar. Have ordered it for last 3 years. Also makes a great gift. One is never enough!”
-Melinda P

See? One isn’t enough. They come in two formats, so get….a dozen of each.

This is the 3rd year I’ve bought this calendar. It is so cute and fun to see a new photo every day!
-Lisa D.

Cute nevah goes outta style. Evah.

Get your Cute Overload Page-a-Day or Wall Calendar Today!



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    I also used the back for grocery lists and the like! Double exposure to cute!!

  2. I went looking for the wall calendar at Chapters the big book store here in Montreal and couldn’t find it so I ordered it from Amazon yesterday, can’t wait until it arrives.

  3. I love the cute overload calendar I have now .but I’ve been seeing Christmas commercials since about a week into October, so I’m kinda sick of Christmas for the next year or two.

  4. I just bought one of these for a work friend for Christmas. I must admit my reasoning was a little seflish; I am going to visit her just to see the new picture every day.

  5. When will it be sold in the United Kingdom and Europe?! Please please make it available on!

  6. Nice! Incidentally, I’d LOVE a CO calendar in a “pocket planner” format. Perhaps you could think about making on in a future edition? I rely heavily on a daily planner in my purse but it could be SO much cuter.

  7. I finally was able to buy the box calendar of “CuteOverload” on November 22, 2012 from a Calendar Stall at the Brentwood Town Centre Mall, Burnaby, BC 😀

  8. Thank you!