Stocking Stuffer

It’s Black Friday, and Cute Overload reminds you that stocking stuffers come in all sizes.

When are services at the Temple Of Cute Animuhls?



  1. Wow, am I really the first in line here? I know those TV’s are a great deal, but look at this fella! Anyone know what the limit per person is?

    *Gets in line and takes ticket to get one.*

    Hope for you other food-engorged sleepyheads that they give out rain checks! 😀

  2. LCD, LED, Wii…did you get a load o’ his wee leetle hat?!!

  3. *DED* At 7 in the A.M., yet.

  4. I don’t gots dust hedgies … dang cheap carpeting!

  5. Do not sit on this mall Santa’s lap. He can be a bit of a prick.

  6. I forgot, on what day of Christmas is my true love is supposed giving me a heggie in a red cap?

  7. Aah geegled.

  8. This stocking stuffer comes in size “ouch”. 🙂

  9. Beg your pardon, Gigi? Isn’t it, true “lof” and the Twelve Days of “Cutemas”? Is your spellchecker not working? 🙂

  10. Someone is very pleased with herself for finding that perfect Chapeau at Bloomingdale’s. And, it was on SALE and in her size. Doing a happy Black Friday war dance.

  11. I do believe this is your best yet! As always, you amaze me with your punnery. 😀

  12. I’m very displeased with myself for having to look up what a Chapeau was. The things you learn at CO. “Come for the qte, stay fer the learnin’!” TM

  13. Why in the world do they even make little santa hats in those sizes? Who has hatched this insidious plan to don mini-hats on hedgies or hamsters or spherical birds across the globe?

  14. So sorry, I translated from French to English but forgot to translate again from English to Cute speak.

    I will now put myself in the corner. 😦

  15. Hey look. If you have prickles you don’t need hairclips for your Santa hat.

  16. WINS

  17. I can only assume that there aren’t a million comments on this because everyone is in A&E with heart failure from squeeeing too badly?