Send Us A Nosetacular Photo, Best 3 Win Cute Overload Calendars!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a ‘tock, you’ve seen the jumbo-sized Nosevember posts, right?

We’re gonna do One Last Nosevember Blast—and this time there’s something EEN EET for U!

1. Find your most nosetacular, schnozzle-riffic pet and snap a photo.
2. Send it to us! Make sure that photo is as huge as poss.
3. The top three submeeshes will be featured on Cute Overload on November 30th and get Obviously Fabulous 2013 Cute Overload Calendars!

Submission deadline is 10am PT on Thursday the 29th. So get to woik! Schnozzles UP!

Dumbo by Stephanie O, Henry from Christy B, Alba c/o Janne, Cailin via Vicki N, and Banjo from John B.


  1. Everything’s coming up noses.

  2. WINS

    Ethel Merman’s voice

  3. Henry just kills me! Between the nose and the ears, I’m a puddle of goo :)

  4. I think he’s my favorite, too. Was I the only one who read his hovertext in the voice of Hank from King of the Hill?

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Will previously-posted-noses be considered for the prize? :-)

  6. If there were elections for the Best Nose Ever, I would vote for Minnie :)

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Thank you, jerzowa! :-)

  8. Henry has the same grieved look as Clark Griswold (aka “The maple kind? Yeah?”)

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve seen this before but it never gets old!

  10. I’m with you. What a riot!

  11. I misquoted poor Clark. But GMTA indeed!

  12. Henry looks just like the dog in the Ultimate Dog Tease video (“the bacon kind, yeah”) so therefore he’s my favorite. But the competition is really stiff this year!

  13. I lurve the zonked-out husky!

  14. I can’t believe my dog Madison hasn’t made it into a Nosevember post yet…he is part Shar-pei which gives his shnozz at LEAST 10 extra Nosevember points!


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