Tonguesgiving, Red Panda Style

Via Meerkat Mania.



  1. Thanksgiving’s in the air… and it tastes good.

  2. Well! Of all the nerve!

  3. I’m thankful for red panda tongues, toe beans, earsies, whiskers, eyebrow dots, floooflieness, schnoozles, feathers, pawsies….. and much more that causes me to overload on Qte. Oh yeah, and I’m thankful for all the CO hooomins!

  4. Razberries to all of us hoomans.

  5. … and the clown makeup, the downward tuft that makes their ears look funny, the giant woolly bear tail…

  6. Did anyone watch the video that followed of the red pandas cavorting in the snow? I want to live in the house that has that backyard!

  7. His tongue – it wiggles at me so.