Happy Tonguesgiving!

That Tryptophan Coma oughta be kickin’ in any min- wait, too late. Biggie, wake up!

The one & only Biggie Bigs, from Redscylla.



  1. That pup is catching some serious Zzzzzzzz….

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’ll bet Biggie is missing a coupla teeth, too!

  3. now THAT is some SERIOUS Blorp AND tongue ackshon. 😯

  4. He should’ve thought twice before eating after gorge said “the Turkey is foul “

  5. The food coma hit sooner than her thought.

  6. SoCtatesX53 says:

    Thath awethome!

  7. Aww, what a big, ugly, sweet dog!

  8. that’s somewhat painful to watch

  9. AWWWWW! Lookit the boxer! 🙂 Velvety soft ears for nomming…and noooo Tracylee in sight 🙂

  10. Get your all new Boxer v2.0! Now with advanced deflation technology for easy storage!

  11. O he has a velvet tongue… I wanna pet it. :/

  12. Biggggie Bigs!!

  13. This doggie is ded from cute too?

  14. Ha! I ❤ you, Biggie!!

  15. Biggie! She is the best. Along with her little sister, who isn’t quite as tongue-hanced.